Chapter 1350

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Chapter 1350: Consoling her

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“After Xu Chuchu left, li Yinian closed the door of the ward. She then walked to the table by the window with the paper bag and took out her dinner from the bag.”

“From the beginning to the end, he didn’t even look at a certain someone.”

“Qiao yanze pursed his lips tightly, his eyes fixed on her, looking completely stunned.”

“Even though Xu Chuchu had left for a while, he still felt like he was in a dream.”

Yi Nian’s body was not convenient now.

“Also, find a father for the child.”

It was a specially-ordered meal for pregnant women.

“He couldn’t urge all of them to work together to deceive him, right? So, this was true?”

Was he really going to be a father?

“He tried his best to calm himself down and called out in a hoarse voice, “” “”Yi Nian.”””

“Li Yinian had just finished placing the dishes on the table and picked up her chopsticks. She looked up at him and snorted.””It’s useless to be greedy. This is mine.”””

“After that, she picked up a piece of pineapple and put it in her mouth. She narrowed her eyes in satisfaction.”

“Qiao yanze could not hold it in anymore. He could not care less about his wounds, as he lifted the blanket and tried to get up, intending to get out of bed. Li Yinian caught a glimpse of this from the corner of her eye and was so frightened that she threw her chopsticks aside and rushed over.”

“””You don’t want to live anymore!”” She angrily pressed him back onto the bed. who allowed you to move around? What if the wound opens?”””

“Qiao yanze took the opportunity to hold her waist tightly, coughing as he said aggrievedly, “” “”Who asked you to ignore me?”””

“””Who asked you to be so stupid? you’re so stupid!”” Li Yinian heard his cough and quickly lifted his collar to check. She only heaved a sigh of relief when she was sure that the wound had not opened.”

“She lay on top of him, but she didn’t put her weight on him. She just held his shoulder to avoid pressing on his wound.”

“I didn’t think of it, I didn’t think of it at all, ran ran. Qiao yanze’s hand was on her waist, trembling slightly. is it true? “””

His eyes were shockingly bright.

“Li Yinian’s heart softened and she agreed softly. “”It’s not just you who didn’t think of it, I didn’t think of it at all, Yingluo. But don’t be too happy too soon, my Foundation isn’t good after all. The doctor said that I have to be especially careful in the first three months. Otherwise, it’s hard to guarantee that you won’t regret it. “””

“Qiao yanze suddenly laughed softly. He held her face and kissed her without saying anything, stopping her from continuing. His hands were still trembling slightly. The huge surprise made his blood surge wildly, making him want to do something. Unfortunately, he was injured and this woman was pregnant, so he could only restrain himself from sucking her lips. After a while, he let go of her and said hoarsely,””I know, so don’t feel pressured. Even if this child can’t keep Yingluo.”””

“””Shush, don’t say anything inauspicious!”” She widened her eyes.”

“””Alright, I won’t say anything.”” Qiao yanze stared into her eyes and said almost ruthlessly, “” our child will definitely be blessed. It will definitely be born smoothly!”

“Back then, it was his incompetence that he couldn’t keep the child, so this time, he would not allow any accidents to happen.”

Li Yinian suddenly felt a lump in her throat.

“She thought that since fate had played so many jokes on her, it was time for her to be lenient this time.”

“””I will,”” She said softly.”

“Qiao yanze did not say anything and kissed her lips again. The man could not vent his excitement and joy, so he could only comfort her in this way.”