Chapter 1351

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Chapter 1351: Are you listening to him or me?

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“He only let go of her when li Yinian pushed him away, panting. ”

“””By the way, you haven’t eaten yet.”” At the thought of this, he suddenly felt a little regretful. If he wanted to be intimate with her, he should have waited for her to finish eating. the food might not be hot anymore. I’ll get the nurse to heat it up first. ”

He leaned forward to press the bell but was stopped by li Yinian.

“””It’s not that exaggerated,”” She found it funny. just lie down obediently and don’t move. ”

Qiao yanze had no choice but to let go.

“At this moment, he hated himself for being an injured patient and had no idea how long he would have to lie in bed. Previously, he had wanted to lie in bed for at least two months and let her take care of him. But now, he couldn’t wait to be discharged from the hospital. ”

“At the thought that moving around might result in the wound healing slower, he could only try his best to hold back. ”

“He stared at the woman’s figure without blinking. He watched as she walked to the dining table and sat down. She picked up her chopsticks again and could not help but ask, “” “”Is your pregnancy reaction serious? Do you feel uncomfortable?”” ”

He was terrified when he thought of ye Shengge’s weak performance after she got pregnant.

“””It’s alright.”” Li Yinian picked up another piece of pineapple and put it into her mouth. Her taste had changed recently and she was particularly fond of sweet and sour food. other than getting tired easily, there are no adverse effects. ”

“She was indeed glad about this, but it was also possible that she had not been pregnant for long and her pregnancy reaction had not yet come. ”

“Qiao yanze struggled internally for a while before he finally made up his mind. “”You’re not allowed to stay in the hospital. Go home immediately and go back to Jade spring Palace first. I’ll get Qincheng to pick you up. He’ll arrange for another maid to take care of you.”” ”

“””Then what about you?”” She blinked her eyes. ”

“””It’s fine as long as there’s a nurse. I’ll be discharged in three days.”” Qiao yanze thought of the first time he woke up and the scene of this woman sleeping in front of the hospital bed, and his heart clenched even more. this is a hospital. How can you, a pregnant woman, stay in the hospital 24 hours a day? So many germs! This is nonsense! Go back after you’re done!”” ”

“The more Qiao yanze spoke, the more worried he became. He was so angry that he clenched his right hand into a fist and hit the blanket hard. ”

He should have thought of this earlier!

“””You’re exaggerating,”” li Yinian laughed helplessly. This was a high-class Ward, and there were very few patients. The critically ill patients were not here. I specifically asked Hongyu, and he said I can stay here as long as I don’t get tired.”” ”

“””What Hongyu?”” Qiao yanze almost exploded when he heard this name. do you listen to him or me? “” ”

“””Of course I’ll listen to him.”” Li Yinian glared at him. he’s the doctor. ”

“””He’s just a lousy surgeon, what the hell does he know!”” Qiao yanze was furious. ”

“””That’s not it. He’s been studying in the OB/GYN Department recently.”” Li Yinian nodded. I’m not worried about leaving him and my child in his care. ”

Qiao yanze rolled his eyes in anger.

He hated himself for being injured!

“He could only slow down his tone and say,””but it’s hard for you to take care of me here.”” If she didn’t want to be alone in the Jade spring Palace … Why don’t we go to qianfan villa? Sister Xiu had experience in taking care of pregnant women. I’ll pick you up after I’m discharged.”” ”

“””I don’t want to. Shengge is preparing for the wedding and is very busy. How can I add to the trouble?”” Li Yinian refused. ”

Qiao yanze was speechless.

“If he had not known what Mrs. Qiao had done, he would have definitely entrusted li Yinian to her. However, he rejected that option without hesitation. However, other than Mrs. Qiao, he could not think of any other female family member or friend that he could entrust li Yinian to. ”