Chapter 1355

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Chapter 1355: I just like it.

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Qiao yanze had to keep taking deep breaths and keep reminding himself that this woman was pregnant to restrain his urge to strangle her.

“””There won’t be such a day.”” He had suppressed all the anger in his chest, so his voice sounded very calm. However, it was precisely this calmness that made these words seem particularly powerful. ”

“Startled, li Yinian raised her head and met his dark eyes. ”

“The living room was very bright, and more than half of the man’s exquisite and three-dimensional facial features were exposed under the sun. He was so good looking that it was almost unreal. ”

“She couldn’t help but reach out to touch his jaw, but the man raised his hand and caught it. ”

“””Do you still think that I’m unwilling to let go because I never had it?”” Qiao yanze said in a low voice, “” so, you think I’ll regret it? “” ”

Li Yinian bit her lip and did not refute.

“””You don’t believe in eternal life, but I don’t believe it either.”” Qiao yanze raised his eyebrows. you’re not the only one surprised. Actually, I’m surprised too. Why do I have to hang myself on this Crooked Tree? “” ”

“””You’re the Crooked Tree!”” Li Yinian was furious. ”

“The man chuckled. I don’t know if I’ll regret it in the future. But at least for now, I know what I want. This is a lawful society. If you don’t want me anymore one day, you will have the freedom to leave.”” ”

“””Why are you so nice all of a sudden?”” li Yinian was a little surprised. ”

“””At the very least, I’ll get my status first.”” He rolled his eyes. if I don’t give you this promise, I’m afraid you’ll continue to refuse. ”

“Li Yinian coughed. I’m just used to thinking about the worst case scenario. If I can accept the worst case scenario, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. ”

“Qiao yanze stroked her long hair and nodded in agreement. “”That makes sense. However, you should have some confidence in me and yourself. Maybe we’ll grow old together.”” ”

“Li Yinian was stunned for a moment before she suddenly laughed.””Alright, let’s try. It’s just that I don’t know how to be a good wife.”” ”

“””You just have to be yourself.”” The man smiled. ”

“””Oh, really? I think I’m more suited to be a flirtatious woman.”” She blinked her eyes. ”

“Qiao yanze’s Adam’s apple rolled, his eyes darkening. “”Perfect, I like flirtatious women.”” ”

“Seeing that he seemed to have the intention to get closer, li Yinian was afraid that he would touch her wound, so she took the initiative to kiss him. ”

Qiao yanze was very satisfied.

“After the kiss, the man’s breathing was heavy. It was obvious that he was deeply moved. He wanted to continue kissing her but li Yinian stopped him. ”

“you’d better take it easy. Since you can’t do anything, don’t get yourself into trouble. She advised him kindly. ”

Qiao yanze snorted softly and bit her finger hard.

Li Yinian quickly pulled her hand back and glared at him.

“””I’m not going to play with you anymore. It’s not convenient for you to go up and down these few days. I’ll clean up the guest room on the first floor first. We’ll stay in the guest room for the time being.”” ”

“””You can make the decision.”” Qiao yanze was very satisfied that she had said ‘we’. don’t worry about the trivial matters. There’s an hourly worker and a chef will come over to cook on time. ”

“””I know,”” Li Yinian stood up as she spoke, her steps light and quick. ”

“Qiao yanze looked at her back, the smile in his eyes deepening. ”

He was suddenly filled with infinite expectations for his future.

“The next day, li Yinian was taken to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register her marriage with a certain someone. ”