Chapter 3273 - Chapter 347 - Legendary Flying Mount

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Chapter 3273 - Chapter 347 - Legendary Flying Mount

Chapter 347 – Legendary Flying Mount

Red Players = players who have killed other players or committed minor crimes(in the eyes of NPCs?).

Black Players = players who have killed many players(according to the main story) or committed severe crimes.

Dark Players = players operating in the dark side of God’s Domain.

Ancient River Kingdom, Gazing Moon City, Gazing Moon Hotel:

“Brother Black Flame, based on my Advanced Detection Magic, more than ten parties are spying on us, and these parties have over thirty Tier 5 experts in total. These parties are formed by either experts from Dark Guilds or independent experts. By the looks of things, they seem intent on taking action in the city,” Midsummer said while marking the locations of the Tier 5 experts she detected nearby on the map on the table. “If they attack us together, I’m afraid not even the city’s main street will be safe…”

“Have these people lost their minds? They can’t even determine if we are behind the Ancient River Secret Land’s collapse, yet they’re planning on attacking us in the city? Are they not worried we’ll take revenge on them in the future?” Wu Xiaoxiao said as she looked at the map.

It hadn’t been more than 20 minutes since the Ancient River Secret Land’s collapse. Yet, when their party of three used to return to the Gazing Moon Hotel, a total of 14 parties and 33 Tier 5 experts had already gathered to hunt them. These Tier 5 experts ranged between Level 160 and Level 180, many of whom were well-known Black Players even she knew about.

Black Players were players who had committed great sins in the Greater God’s Domain, and their names would be colored black.

Most Black Players in the Greater God’s Domain tended to be titled experts. Meanwhile, players killed by these Black Players would have their death drop doubled or tripled.

However, being a Black Player came with huge risks. So long as a Black Player got caught by NPCs or captured by players and handed over to NPCs, they’d either have to start a new account or wait for someone to rescue them. Hence, Black Players normally wouldn’t take action inside a city without a good reason.

Yet, now, there were three Tier 5 Black Players and thirty Tier 5 experts surrounding the Gazing Moon Hotel. Such a line-up was already enough to kill even the executives of hegemonic powers.

While the Greater God’s Domain’s hegemonic powers might have quite a few Tier 6 experts under their command, these Tier 6 experts typically wouldn’t operate within the borders of kingdoms and empires. Instead, they’d be exploring uncharted locations. Moreover, because of the unspoken rules of the various kingdoms and empires, Tier 6 players were prohibited from casually taking action. Because of this, Tier 5 players were regarded as apex combatants in the various kingdoms and empires.

“You’re overly underestimating these people, Xiaoxiao. If we are talking about the Ancient River Kingdom’s normal powers and players, they naturally won’t dare to provoke us. Rather than provoking us, they are eagerly looking for opportunities to curry favor with Brother Black Flame. After all, their roots are in the kingdom. It’d be tough for them to move to other places to develop,” Midsummer said.

“But the people outside the hotel aren’t normal players. They’re people who have taken the lives of many. It is especially true for those three Dark Players. If they can’t survive in the Ancient River Kingdom, they can simply head over to another kingdom or empire. They can even head to other Realms. So, they aren’t worried about us taking revenge on them.”

“Also, it’s not exactly a mistake for them to target us,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked out the window. “You can even say that they’ve made a very good decision. After all, setting aside the secret land’s collapse, our party has collected all of the Mutated Heroic Spirit’s loot in full view of everyone.”

“How are you still in the mood to laugh, Brother Black Flame? We can’t even step out into the city’s main street right now,” Midsummer said, feeling a little exasperated over Shi Feng’s behavior.

Their party might have the strength to fight against Tier 5 players right now, but it didn’t change the fact that all three of them were still at Tier 4. It wouldn’t be easy for them to get an edge over Red and Black Players who would often engage in PvP. Not to mention, they were also heavily outnumbered right now.

“We don’t have to worry about those people for now. Our priority should be to sort through our harvest,” Shi Feng said with a smile.

The harvest he gained through the Chapter of Time far exceeded his imagination, so much so that he even thought that the God of Time’s curse was insignificant in comparison.

After the Chapter of Time merged with the Seven Luminaries Codex, not only did it let the Codex recover a significant amount of Eternal Energy, but it also granted it a heaven-defying Skill.

[Seven Luminaries Codex] (Legendary Rank [Current])

One of the Godly Relics birthed along with God’s Domain. The Seven Luminaries Codex carries seven powers of creation. Currently, the Codex has been deprived of all seven of these powers and only retains a small trace of Eternal Energy. Only by collecting all seven powers can the Codex’s power be restored.

The Eternal Energy in the Codex will dissipate over time. (Currently, there are 744 days remaining until the Codex’s energy dissipates completely.)

Additional Active Skill 1-

Omni-Refinement: Refine all elements and substances unconditionally. No Cooldown.

Additional Active Skill 2-

Elemental Search: Reveal all mineral veins within a 300,000-yard radius.

Additional Active Skill 3-

Time Crystal: Absorb one level from the user to create one Time Crystal. Time Crystals can be used to upgrade weapons, equipment, and tools. The higher the target item’s quality, the more Time Crystals will be needed to upgrade it.

(There are currently 11 Time Crystals stored. A maximum of 30 Time Crystals can be stored. Time Crystals will automatically dissipate if they are left outside their storage space for more than five minutes.)

Additional Passive Skill-

Seven Luminaries Guidance: Automatically detects fragments of the Seven Luminaries Codex within a 5,000,000-yard radius.

Shi Feng had never heard of anything similar to the Time Crystal Skill. Although he had to sacrifice his levels on top of suffering from a 90% experience gain reduction to use this Skill, no player could resist the Skill’s heaven-defying effect. After all, the acquisition of powerful items was significantly more challenging than acquiring EXP.

However, Shi Feng had no plans of sharing the Time Crystal Skill’s secrets with anybody. After all, the Seven Luminaries Codex was a priceless treasure. If news of it got out, even the Greater God’s Domain’s apex powers would do everything they could to acquire it, let alone the Greater World’s conglomerates.

Meanwhile, after hearing Shi Feng’s words, Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao excitedly took out the items they looted from the Mutated Heroic Spirit from their bags and began inspecting their harvest.

A Tier 4 Mutated Heroic Spirit’s loot was equivalent to a Tier 5 Legendary World Boss’s loot in the Greater God’s Domain. Meanwhile, Legendary World Bosses were incredibly rare, even in the Greater God’s Domain. Every one of these World Bosses was a target of contention for the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers. To ensure their monopoly, the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers would even station numerous Tier 6 powerhouses to keep watch over the World Bosses’ spawn locations.

So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Tier 4 Mutated Heroic Spirit’s loot was outside the reach of even ordinary hegemonic powers, let alone fourth-floor experts like them.

Around ten minutes after Shi Feng and the others started sorting through their haul, Shi Feng held up a dark-purple pendant with a dazed expression on his face.

“A Legendary Flying Mount!”