Chapter 3274 - Chapter 348 - Frostflame Phantom Dragon

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Chapter 3274 - Chapter 348 - Frostflame Phantom Dragon

Chapter 348 – Frostflame Phantom Dragon

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s surprised exclamation, Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao turned away from the loot they were sorting to look at Shi Feng simultaneously, the expressions on their faces looking like they had just heard the most unbelievable thing in this world.

“A Legendary Flying Mount? Are you trying to trick us, Brother Black Flame?” Midsummer asked as she dubiously looked at the dark-purple pendant in Shi Feng’s hand. “There are less than 100 Legendary Flying Mounts recorded in the entire Starlight Realm. How can a Mythic ranked Mutated Heroic Spirit possibly drop such a Flying Mount?”

Wu Xiaoxiao also silently nodded in agreement, thinking that Shi Feng was joking with them.

While Flying Mounts could be categorized into four ranks, namely Common, Extraordinary, Legendary, and Mythic, it was widely known that the highest-ranking Mounts most players could ever see were Extraordinary Flying Mounts.

Indeed! Extraordinary Flying Mounts!

The reason for this was because of the ridiculous rarity of Legendary Flying Mounts. They were rarer than even Legendary Weapons. They were so rare that there did not exist a single Legendary Flying Mount in the entire Ancient River Kingdom. Even the Guild Leaders of the kingdom’s six ruling hegemonic powers were only using Extraordinary Flying Mounts.

Of course, it should be noted that apart from the four major ranks, each of the four major ranks of Flying Mounts could be further categorized into three minor ranks: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Meanwhile, the Guild Leaders of the six ruling hegemonic powers’ Flying Mounts were at the Advanced Extraordinary rank, and most Tier 6 experts could only dream of owning such a Flying Mount.

Although Flying Mounts weren’t as rare in the Greater God’s Domain as in the average God’s Domain, they were still luxury items. Even the most inferior Common Flying Mount was out of reach for many Tier 5 players, let alone Tier 4 players. Rarely would one see a Tier 4 player with a Flying Mount, even if said Tier 4 player was a genius nurtured by a hegemonic power.

There were a few reasons for this situation.

Firstly, Flying Mounts were in short supply.

Secondly, Flying Mounts were extremely expensive to cultivate, and players who weren’t core executives of a power couldn’t afford to cultivate even a Common Flying Mount.

Flying Mounts differed from Land Mounts in that their tiers could be raised. Only, the chances of successfully upgrading a Flying Mount’s tier would change depending on its rank. If players wished to cultivate Flying Mounts, the first hurdle they needed to face would be the food they fed to their Flying Mounts.

Common food would not be enough to let a Flying Mount grow properly. Normally, Rare-grade fruits would be needed to properly cultivate a Common Flying Mount. Meanwhile, Rare-grade fruits were priced in Magic Crystals, and it was normal for a Flying Mount to consume several dozen kilos of fruit every day.

As for the cultivation of Extraordinary Mounts, Epic-grade fruits would be needed. The cost of feeding an Extraordinary Mount alone was enough to bankrupt even Tier 5 experts belonging to a power.

Of course, while cultivating Extraordinary Flying Mounts might be expensive, it was also worth the money.

This was because Extraordinary Flying Mounts had the potential of getting promoted to the Tier 5 Legendary rank. Moreover, they would be much stronger than the average Tier 5 Legendary monster, rivaling Tier 5 Archaic Species of the same level. They could also traverse between Realms, allowing players to save on the exorbitant cost of traveling between Realms.

As for Legendary Flying Mounts, even the most inferior Basic Legendary Flying Mount had the possibility of getting promoted to Tier 6. Meanwhile, so long as players could cultivate a Legendary Flying Mount to Tier 6, it’d be equivalent to gaining a Tier 6 powerhouse as a helper. Tier 6 players without Legendary Weapons would have to either run away or fight as a group if they were to go up against a Tier 6 Legendary Flying Mount.

Of course, cultivating a Legendary Flying Mount to Tier 6 was an incredibly challenging task. Even ordinary hegemonic powers couldn’t necessarily accomplish such a feat.

“Don’t believe me?” Seeing that the two girls thought he was joking, Shi Feng smiled and shared the dark-purple pendant’s stats with them. “If you don’t believe me, you can see it yourself.”

When Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao saw the pendant’s data, their eyes widened as if they had just seen a ghost.

Can be used to summon a Legendary-rank Frostflame Phantom Dragon as a partner to fly and fight freely in the sky. If the Frostflame Phantom Dragon dies, it will need 25 natural days to return to life.

“Is that Mutated Heroic Spirit really just a Tier 4 Mutant?”

After seeing the pendant’s stats, Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but feel that Shi Feng had heaven-defying luck.

According to records made in the Starlight Realm, out of all the known Legendary Flying Mounts, over 80% of them were acquired through killing Tier 6 Gods, while the rest were acquired as a reward for completing Legendary World Quests.

If it was made known that a Tier 4 Mutated Heroic Spirit had dropped a Legendary Flying Mount…no, even if the Mutated Heroic Spirit only dropped an Extraordinary Flying Mount, the news would probably cause the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers to go on a hunt for Mutated Heroic Spirits. They might even go for ordinary Heroic Spirits to try their luck.

“But it’s a pity that the Frostflame Phantom Dragon is only a Basic Legendary Flying Mount. Its chances of getting promoted to Tier 6 are less than 5%,” Shi Feng said, feeling a little disappointed as he looked at the Ancient Oath.

The Frostflame Phantom Dragon might be called a dragon, but it wasn’t a real dragon. Instead, it was a dragon-shaped ancient beast. It only had the appearance of a dragon. In terms of Life ratings, it was only slightly stronger than the average Archaic Species. It couldn’t even compete against four-winged valkyries, let alone true dragons.

As a Basic Legendary Flying Mount, the Frostflame Phantom Dragon started at the Tier 4 Peak standard. Although it was much better off than Extraordinary Flying Mounts, which started at Tier 3, it only had a 25% success rate of getting promoted to Tier 5 and a 5% success rate of getting promoted to Tier 6. While there wasn’t a limit to how many times he could try to promote the Phantom Dragon, the cost of each promotion attempt was incredibly expensive, even if it was only the Tier 5 promotion.

He was someone fated to reach Tier 6 in the future. So, the Frostflame Phantom Dragon was still a little too weak for him.

When Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao saw the disappointed look on Shi Feng’s face, they suddenly had the urge to snatch the Frostflame Phantom Dragon from him. Although they eventually suppressed their urges, they still couldn’t help but cast a contemptuous look at Shi Feng to express their thoughts.

Wait a minute…After staring at the dark-purple pendant in his hand for a moment, Shi Feng suddenly thought of a possibility.This thing is considered a tool in God’s Domain. The Time Crystals should work on it if it’s a tool, right?

Although the Ancient Oath’s item description didn’t clearly state that it was a tool, God’s Domain was very loose in identifying tools. Apart from food and beverages, most man-made items that weren’t weapons or equipment would be recognized as tools.

The Ancient Oath might not be labeled as a summoning flute, but it was, without a doubt, a man-made item.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng took out a Time Crystal from the Seven Luminaries Codex and chose to merge it with the Ancient Oath.

The instant the Time Crystal touched the Ancient Oath, the sound of a system notification immediately entered Shi Feng’s ears.

System: Upgrading the Ancient Oath will require 10 Time Crystals. Current number of Time Crystals used – 1. Please provide more Time Crystals if you wish to upgrade the Ancient Oath.

It actually works!Shi Feng became a lot more spirited when he saw the system notification.Ten Time Crystals, is it? That’s not a lot. I have 11 accumulated right now, just enough to upgrade it once.

Immediately, Shi Feng took out nine more Time Crystals from the Seven Luminaries Codex and chose to upgrade the Ancient Oath. As soon as he did so, the dark-purple pendant suddenly released a scorching red glow that caused the surrounding temperature to skyrocket, giving Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao a scare.

System: Ancient Oath successfully upgraded. The next upgrade will cost 50 Time Crystals.

When the system notification appeared, white flames appeared around the dark-purple pendant, shrouding it. Now, it looked as if the pendant had a life of its own, and it was completely different from before.