Chapter 1665: A Huge Shock

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Chapter 1665: A Huge Shock

“Boy, tell me: how did you learn Daynight Praises?” the Second Nightking bellowed as he glared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin glanced at both the Nightking and Elder Jiu Shen before letting out a long breath. “I learned it at the ancestral ground.”

“How dare you! You don’t belong to my clan, so how could you have possibly entered our ancestral grounds?” the Second Nightking yelled in fury.

Lu Yin bitterly explained, “Actually, I fell in love with a girl from the Nightking clan and received the patriarch’s permission to enter the ancestral ground after enduring many difficulties. Then, I managed to arrive at the end of the inheritance corridor and learned the clan’s most elite battle technique: Daynight Praises.”

The Second Nightking carefully observed Lu Yin, but he could not determine whether or not the youth was lying. Still, the Daynight clan had never allowed their members to marry outside the clan, so why would this boy be an exception?

“Women of my Daynight clan are forbidden to marry anyone outside of the clan,” the Second Nightking coldly stated.

Lu Yin excitedly declared, “I really love Nightqueen Yanqing, and no one can stop me!”

“Nightqueen Yanqing?” The Second Nightking glanced towards the exit to the ruins and out towards the shattered remains of the clan’s ancestral ground. There, he saw giants holding members of the Daynight clan captive. While the Nightking was distracted, both Lu Yin and Elder Jiu Shen disappeared with a Teleportation Formation.

The Second Nightking spun back around and waved a hand. “How dare you lie to me! Ten Prison Formation.”

The clouds of spiritual force once again tried to surround the two men.

Elder Jiu Shen fled with Lu Yin while doing his best to evade the Ten Prison Formation. However, it was difficult for them to remain free since the Second Nightking was much more powerful than either of the two.

Lu Yin unleashed his domain, and it spread out in all directions.

The Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins occupied a massive area, but they still could not compare to Dragon Mountain back in the Perennial World. A part of the sect’s grounds had to have been taken to the Perennial World when the Celestial Frost Sect had left the Fifth Mainland.

Lu Yin’s domain enveloped Mount Shaoyou, Mount Taihe, and the other nearby mountains, and doing so naturally disturbed all the figures formed from remnant spiritual force.

The ruins instantly descended into utter chaos as the gray figures were upset, and all of them started attacking the cultivators who were exploring the ruins.

The atmosphere in the ruins experienced a sudden transformation.

The Second Nightking furiously shouted, “Boy, I’m going to kill you!”

There were many other cultivators aside from the Second Nightking who were also cursing Lu Yin at this moment. The situation felt like every cultivator within the Celestial Frost Sect had been awakened, and they all started attacking the cultivators within the ruins.

The various cultivators had essentially invaded an ancient sect.

The most unfortunate people were Nightking Dijiang, Liu Ye, and Fei Hua; when Lu Yin’s domain swept past, they were still standing in the great hall of the ruins, which was where the Celestial Frost Sect’s most powerful experts had once gathered.

When the figures formed from remnant spiritual force were disturbed, they immediately attacked Nightking Dijiang, Liu Ye, and Fei Hua.

Instantly, all three Envoys were injured. These figures were the Celestial Frost Sect’s powerhouses, and each one of them had a power level of at least a million while half of them were even more powerful than that. The three Envoys were completely unable to fight back.

Liu Ye reacted the fastest, and he immediately rang the Chief Justice’s bell. The sound of the bell spread throughout the entire area.

Everyone suddenly felt as though a huge hand had covered the sky.

Even though they were within the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins, the Chief Justice was still considered extremely powerful.

While Lu Yin was stunned by the strength of the Chief Justice, his only thought was that the remnant power of the Progenitors on Mount Punishment would hopefully not be disturbed with this move, as no one would be able to escape alive if that happened.

Liu Ye successfully managed to stun everybody, including even the gray figures, with the Chief Justice’s bell. Although Liu Ye was also stunned by the bell, since he was the user, he was also the first to regain consciousness.

The moment he regained consciousness, Liu Ye fled with Fei Hua. Nightking Dijiang was not as lucky, as he only managed to regain consciousness at the same time as the gray figures.

The powerhouse who had been sitting at the head of the table pointed a finger at Nightking Dijiang’s forehead, and the Nightking’s head exploded.

He had been the patriarch of the Daynight clan, and he had even fought alongside the First Nightking. At the end, he had reached a power level of more than 800,000, being one of the top powerhouses in the entire Innerverse, and yet he was killed so easily.

Nightking Dijiang never even knew that he was actually responsible for his own death.

If he had not exposed the existence of the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins and tried to go after the Second Nightking in order to protect the Daynight clan, then the Second Nightking would have never chased after Lu Yin, which meant that Lu Yin would have never disturbed the figures formed from remnant spiritual force, and thus, Nightking Dijiang would have never been killed.

However, Lu Yin was also in a difficult situation right now. The gray figures were attacking everyone, including Wen Sansi and Unseen Light. Many people had started cursing Lu Yin for being selfish.

However, Lu Yin had no other choice. He still had no idea if he could even escape from the ruins alive. This place had been home to the Celestial Frost Sect, and even if there were no Semi-Progenitors among the gray figures, any remnant with a power level of more than a million could easily kill them. The scariest thing was that these gray figures had no consciousness, so Lu Yin could not even try talking to them.

The Second Nightking was targeted by a gray figure that he could not defeat even with his impressive strength. This meant that the figure could compare to Elder Jiu Shen at his peak.

Elder Jiu Shen and Lu Yin had also been surrounded by a few of the gray figures, and they were unable to escape. Elder Jiu Shen grabbed Lu Yin. “Boy, you’ll have to keep yourself alive now.”

The elder spat out a mouthful of blood as he manifested tens of thousands of stars to form a Cosmic Palm that struck Lu Yin’s back. The stars protected him while also shoving him towards the exit.

Lu Yin had not expected Elder Jiu Shen to act so selflessly. The elder had risked being injured yet again in order to try to send Lu Yin out to safety. Lu Yin was touched by the man’s actions.

However, Lu Yin saw Elder Jiu Shen disappear just moments later, and a Daynight clan member appeared where the elder had been standing before being instantly shattered. Elder Jiu Shen had used Star Transference.

Lu Yin had no time to think about anything at all, and he charged towards the exit. Before him, a gray figure lifted its hand and used a secret technique: Cloudfall.

The stars around Lu Yin froze, but he gritted his teeth and summoned an astral chessboard to appear beneath his feet.

Fortunately, the stars managed to delay the attack, which allowed Lu Yin to finish using the Ce Secret Art. He instantly appeared right at the exit, and the stars from the Cosmic Palm pushed him out. When he turned around, he saw the Second Nightking for a moment before his vision suddenly changed, as the Ce Secret Art had disrupted the space surrounding Lu Yin; he saw Bai Shui leap into the Celestial Frost Pond.

Lu Yin was launched straight out of the ruins, and he shot towards a small planet near Nightking Planet until he crashed straight into a huge spacecraft.

Lu Yin shifted his body. He was in agony. Where was Elder Jiu Shen?

He was about to move out of the ruins of the vessel when he heard a voice say, “Captain, it’s been a very long time.”

Lu Yin turned around to see an annoying face with a disturbing smile plastered on it.

“Silver?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Silver smiled as he approached Lu Yin. “You truly are my captain—you’re not injured even after all this! I salute you.”

Lu Yin stepped forward and grabbed hold of Silver’s neck. The man did not fight back at all as he was lifted by Lu Yin.

“Cap- Captain, there’s no need to get so excited,” Silver said smilingly, despite being only a step away from death. Corpse Beast stood behind him, but although the corpse king was able to undergo a third transformation, it was no longer any threat to Lu Yin. He could easily defeat it given his current strength.

Lu Yin hefted Silver into the air and threw him far away. He used the Overlaying Stacks Path to force Silver into the ground, where he vomited blood and looked completely miserable.

Lu Yin glanced at Silver before glancing back at the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins with a solemn expression. He finally let out a sigh of relief when he realized that none of the gray figures were leaving the ruins.

Chen Huang came over, Ku Wei still on the giant’s shoulder. “Master, are you ok?”

“I’m fine. You can go back,” Lu Yin said calmly.

Ku Wei wanted to look inside the spacecraft, but Lu Yin ordered, “Make sure no one from the Daynight clan escapes.”

Ku Wei helplessly replied, “Yes, Master.”

Lu Yin turned his attention back to Silver.

Silver was still on the ground, and he looked up at Lu Yin with the same eerie smile on his face as ever. However, the blood at the corner of his lips gave him a pitiful appearance.

“It’s really been a long time, and yet your smile is still as annoying as ever.” Lu Yin looked down at Silver.

Silver wiped the blood off of his lips and slowly rose to his feet. “That was incredibly painful, Captain. You’re much stronger than during ZENITH. You can easily beat someone with a power level of more than 500,000 now, right?”

Lu Yin answered, “Since you already know the answer, then why did you still show yourself to me?”

Silver shrugged. “I need to demonstrate my loyalty.”

Lu Yin frowned and quietly watched Silver.

Silver continued, “Captain, ever since you used the power of the God of Death during ZENITH, you are the master of all death energy. Have you ever considered revitalizing the Specter Clan? In the entire universe, only the Specter Clan has the same power as you.”

Lu Yin instantly understood what Silver was suggesting. The Specter Clan was similar to the Perennial World’s Specter Abyss, as both powers used death energy, and they might have even come from the same origins. Back in the Perennial World, someone from Specter Abyss had died to save Lu Yin’s life, and he had even said that Lu Yin was the leader of the Specter Abyss. Crown Prince Gui Qian had told Lu Yin him that anyone who used death energy was a descendant of the God of Death and that Lu Yin was the God of Death’s heir, and therefore the master of death energy.

Silver’s words were almost exactly the same as Crown Prince Gui Qian’s.

However, would Lu Yin believe Silver? Nobody would be able to accept the sudden appearance of a master without any warning, let alone people like Silver and Crown Prince Gui Qian.

The Specter Clan had allied themselves with the Neohuman Alliance in order to survive, and just like the sylvan dragons, the Specter Clan had no principles. Thus, Lu Yin definitely would not believe their pledge of loyalty without proper cause.

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