Chapter 1666: Please Help Us, Ancestor

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Chapter 1666: Please Help Us, Ancestor

“What do you want to tell me?” Lu Yin asked.

Silver opened his eyes. “Captain, you’re the future king of the Specter Clan, so we’re completely loyal to you.”

Lu Yin stared at Silver and smiled. “Loyal to me? Alright, tell me where Aeternus Nation currently is and eliminate the Seven Skygods. Then, I’ll let you follow me.”

Silver replied, “You don’t believe me, Captain? It looks like you don’t understand the power of the God of Death.”

He drew out a star chart in the air. “There’s something you need here, so go take a look when you have the chance.”

Lu Yin stared at the star chart. It indicated an unknown place in the Astral Wilderness.

Liu Ye and Fei Hua had also managed to escape the ruins. If not for the Chief Justice’s bell, they would have suffered the same fate as Nightking Dijiang.

Lu Yin memorized the location indicated by the star chart that Silver had drawn. “Is that all you wanted to say?”

Silver shrugged. “Of course not. I actually didn’t want to come here alone, and my goal wasn’t even you. You just coincidentally fell into my spacecraft. It’s fate.”

“What’s your target?” Lu Yin asked.

Silver turned to stare at the hole leading to the ruins, and Lu Yin turned around just in time to see the Second Nightking rush out of the ruins.

The gray figures were unable to leave the ruins, so they turned back after the Second Nightking escaped.

Lu Yin’s expression changed the moment he saw the Second Nightking leave the ruins.

“Captain, don’t worry. Someone will deal with the Second Nightking for you,” Silver stated with a smile.

At the Celestial Frost Sect ruins’ exit, the Second Nightking was breathing heavily while a terrible wound on his back quickly recovered. There was also a noticeable bruise on his right shoulder. Even with his immense strength, he had still struggled terribly to escape the ruins. There were just too many powerhouses among the gray figures.

The Second Nightking glanced around and then slowly declared, “All who tried to destroy the Daynight clan must die!”

His terrifying aura swept through space and covered all of Daynight Flowzone.

Instantly, everyone felt as though the sky was crashing down on them. They stared at the Second Nightking in despair and fear.

Liu Qianjue and many others had also arrived as they were also interested in the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins.

The appearance of the Second Nightking shocked Liu Qianjue, Mountain God, Ling Qiu, and a few other top Innerverse powerhouses. They could not believe that they were completely unable to resist. How could the Daynight clan still have such a powerhouse?

With the presence of such a powerhouse, the Daynight clan could have entered the Neoverse long ago.

Countless stars throughout Daynight Flowzone exploded as the sky collapsed. The Phoenix clan, the Frostmoon Sect, and other major forces were all left terrified as soon as they sensed the Second Nightking’s power.

Elder Jiu Shen felt helpless. If he was in peak condition, he was confident in defeating the Second Nightking. However, that was impossible at the moment given the elder’s extensive injuries.

In the Daynight clan’s ancestral grounds near Nightking Planet, Nightqueen Yanqing and the other members of the Daynight clan grew excited, and one of them exclaimed, “It’s the Second Nightking! The Second Nightking.”

“It’s the Second Nightking! Our ancestor, the Second Nightking!”

“It’s the Second Nightking!”

Even the colossal giants were terrified to see the Second Nightking. Despite their love for fighting, they were still intelligent creatures and could easily realize the Second Nightking’s overwhelming strength.

Chen Huang clenched his fists as he said, “Do your best to escape if he attacks.”

He was speaking to Ku Wei. Not all of the colossal giants were present, as some had remained in Blazing Mist Flowzone. The deaths of all these colossal giants was not a problem, but Ku Wei had to stay alive, as he was the source of their improved bloodline.

Ku Wei’s lips went dry; how could such a powerful cultivator be in this place? An ancient powerhouse with this sort of strength belonged in the Neoverse instead.

The Second Nightking’s appearance had changed the entire situation, as he was one of the top powerhouses in the entire Fifth Mainland, second only to the Semi-Progenitors.

Lu Yin’s finger twitched. There was no one nearby who could deal with the Second Nightking, However, given Silver’s presence, the Neohuman Alliance would definitely show up as well, and then Lu Yin would no longer need to worry about the Second Nightking.

The Second Nightking’s power shook the universe. Despite his aggressive actions, the water from the Celestial Frost Pond was something that could preserve stellular energy, which meant that the Second Nightking was not detectable to the true universe right now.

The entire universe was forced to surrender to the powerhouse.

At this moment, the Second Nightking was invincible.

The members of the Daynight clan were thrilled; they were saved!

“Hahaha, Great Eastern Alliance, you’re all dead! Nobody can save you now!”

“Ancestor, please kill Lu Yin and take revenge for the Daynight clan.”

“Please kill Lu Yin, Ancestor.”

“Please help us, Ancestor.”

The Second Nightking heard the cries of the members of the Daynight clan. “Who is Lu Yin?”

His voice rang through space and destroyed multiple planets.

From Nightking Planet, Nightking Yuanjing shouted, “Ancestor, Lu Yin is our enemy who destroyed the Daynight clan. He destroyed Daynight Flowzone and shattered our statue of the First Nightking. He also stepped upon the top of the Night Watch Pagoda and killed our clan’s most talented descendant. He stole one of our inheritance stones, released the Dayking clan, and tore down the ancestral grounds’ stone tablet. He’s even trying to enslave the Daynight clan now!

“Lu Yin is the greatest enemy of the Daynight clan.”

The Second Nightking looked around with a vicious glare. “Who is Lu Yin?’

Lu Yin remained calm within the spacecraft, and Silver turned towards him. “Aren’t you scared, Captain?”

Lu Yin just smiled. “Who did the Neohuman Alliance send? Which of the Seven Skygods?”

Silver answered, “During the war in the Cosmic Sea, Shaman God sent powerhouses to attack everyone, but those efforts ended up helping you instead. If I’m guessing correctly, you’re playing with fire.”

Nightking Yuanjing raised a hand and drew out a picture of Lu Yin in the air. He then pushed the image away, causing the picture of a young man to appear above the planet.

Nightking Yuanjing had even managed to capture the inherent arrogance in Lu Yin’s eyes.

The Second Nightking became even more furious after seeing Lu Yin’s image. “He’s Lu Yin?’

“Yes, this is Lu Yin, our clan’s greatest enemy. Ancestor, please kill him!” Nightking Yuanjing shouted.

The other members of the Daynight clan were all shouting as well, but the giants and the Lu Elite Troops did not dare to make any moves due to the presence of the Second Nightking.

The Second Nightking was outraged, as he had finally realized that Lu Yin had completely lied to him. Everything that the youth had said about being in love with Nightqueen Yanqing, receiving the approval of the Nightking clan, and being allowed to learn Daynight Praises had been made up.

The Second Nightking’s reaction would not have been so strong if Lu Yin had merely lied, but the youth was also the very person responsible for the destruction of the Daynight clan. The Second Nightking would never allow the youth to escape.

The Second Nightking suddenly turned towards the spacecraft that held Lu Yin. The spacecraft suddenly shattered, exposing Lu Yin and Silver.

The Second Nightking swept Silver away, causing the youth’s face to pale even further.

Lu Yin quietly stood in place.

Elder Jiu Shen silently cursed off in the distance.

“I’ll skin you alive so that I can hang you over the Daynight clan’s ancestral grounds for 10,000 years!” the Second Nightking coldly stated. He raised a hand while all of the members of the Daynight clan watched on in excitement.

Nightqueen Yanqing, Nightking Gu, Nightking Yanjing, and many others watched in delight.

Zhuo Daynight’s face grew pale, but her eyes revealed determination. She immediately used Night’s End, Daybreak in an attempt to stop the Second Nightking, even if it only managed to slow him for a single second.

The Second Nightking turned towards Nightking Planet in utter shock to look at Zhuo Daynight. “Night’s End, Daybreak? That’s the Dayking’s battle technique! You’re his descendant.”

Nightking Yuanjing shouted, “Ancestor, the Dayking’s descendants betrayed the Nightkings and cooperated with Lu Yin to destroy our clan and kill all of the Nightkings.”

The Second Nightking’s eyes narrowed. “How dare you betray our clan! Kneel!”

The bellow swept over Nightking Planet.

Zhuo Daynight vomited blood and crumpled to the ground.

Lu Yin leaped into outer space. “I’m the one who wants to destroy the Nightkings! You blind old man, you’re targeting the wrong person!”

The Second Nightking sneered and tried to seize Lu Yin. The expert could not even be bothered to speak to the youth.

At this moment, a voice echoed from elsewhere, and it was accompanied by a horrifying number of rune lines. To Lu Yin’s eyes, this new arrival was just as powerful as the Second Nightking.

“Congratulations on returning to the world, Second Nightking,” a gentle voice called out.

The Second Nightking paused before turning around. He saw an average looking, middle-aged man. “Who are you?”

The man smiled. “You can call me Mr. Feng. I’m from Aeternus Nation.”

The Second Nightking was startled. “The Neohuman Alliance?’

Mr. Feng clasped his hands behind his back. “That’s right. Do you have any interest in joining the Neohuman Alliance?”

The Second Nightking’s gaze grew sharp. “The law of the entire universe is to slaughter anyone from the Neohuman Alliance.”

He pointed a finger ahead and froze everything; it was the Nightking Advent Immortal Finger.

Mr. Feng remained unfazed despite the attack, and did not even bother moving to dodge. “Kill me? Then what about the First Nightking?”

The Second Nightking instantly froze and stared at Mr. Feng with great intensity.

Mr. Feng smirked. “Have you already forgotten how the First Nightking died? Why was the Daynight clan forced to remain in the Innerverse? At your clan’s peak, you had countless powerhouses, including the First Nightking, the Second Nightking, the Dayking, and the Third Nightking, so why were you unable to enter the Neoverse? However, after the death of the Dayking, your powerhouses started dying off, even the First Nightking. Not to mention the Third Nightkind, who disappeared.

“Have you forgotten everything? Do you really believe that the Neoverse will let you off given the fact that you know the truth? Is there any difference between you and the Neohuman Alliance?’

The Second Nightking’s eyes flickered.

Nobody was able to hear the conversation between Mr. Feng and the Second Nightking, and all they could see was the two powerhouses standing across from each other in space.

However, Elder Jiu Shen was able to hear the conversation, and he started to grow anxious, as both the Second Nightking and the Neohuman Alliance were his enemies. If these two joined forces, then nobody present would be able to survive unless a Semi-Progenitor suddenly appeared.

However, how could a Semi-Progenitor randomly appear? Besides, the Neohuman Alliance had been able to stand up against the entire Human Domain all this time.

The Second Nightking’s strength would make him a huge ally to the Neohuman Alliance if he joined them.

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