Chapter 1667: Judgment

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Chapter 1667: Judgment

“Will you really remain loyal to the Human Domain? Haven’t you already developed the intention to betray them?” Mr. Feng pressed.

The Second Nightking frowned.

Lu Yin suddenly piped up from behind the two powerhouses, “This is pretty interesting—it’s an idiot trying to scam another idiot.”

Both Mr. Feng and the Second Nightking became enraged as soon as they heard Lu Yin’s words.

The Second Nightking had never expected Lu Yin to be so fearless. “Boy, I’m going to kill you.”

Lu Yin scornfully said, “Do you really think that you’ll still be human after joining those monsters? I’ve been to Aeternus Nation before and the humans there are essentially zombies. You’ll suffer the same fate if you join them. Even though you’re quite powerful, you can’t compare to the Seven Skygods at all, dumbass.”

“How dare you!” The Second Nightking tried to grab Lu Yin. Mr. Feng was also quite annoyed, as he had wanted to kill Lu Yin for a very long time, especially after seeing just how talented Lu Yin was during ZENITH. If possible, Mr. Feng would love to watch as the Second Nightking killed the youth.

However, Shaman God and even the mysterious Whiteless God had ordered Mr. Feng to protect Lu Yin. The custodian of Aeternus Nation knew just how vicious the Seven Skygods could be, and he would definitely be destroyed if Lu Yin was killed by the Second Nightking.

The Second Nightking tried to grab ahold of Lu Yin, but had no intention of killing the youth. The Nightking fully intended to flay Lu Yin alive to use him as a warning to the other enemies of the Daynight clan.

Just when the Second Nightking was about to reach Lu Yin, Mr. Feng did something to stop the other man. The Second Nightking warily turned to face Mr. Feng. “Mr. Feng, is there something you want?”

Mr. Feng answered, “This boy is incredibly talented, and he’s a prime candidate to be converted into a corpse king. He can’t be allowed to die.”

“No, he’s done too much to harm my Daynight clan. He must die!” the Second Nightking shouted.

Mr. Feng coldly stated, “I just told you that he can’t die. Do you want to become an enemy of the Neohuman Alliance?”

The Second Nightking sneered. “What a joke. Am I less important than this boy?”

“Definitely,” Mr. Feng answered immediately.

The Second Nightking glared at Mr. Feng as the man continued, “This child holds the power of the God of Death. I need to capture him.”

The Second Nightking was astonished. “What did you say? The power of the God of Death?”

He spun to look at Lu Yin with eyes filled with both disbelief and excitement.

Lu Yin frowned. The Second Nightking did not seem to doubt such a possibility at all, but was instead acting as though he had just discovered a rare treasure that he desperately desired. What was going on? Did he actually believe Mr. Feng? Was he that certain that the God of Death had truly existed? Did the Nightking actually believe that Lu Yin possessed the power of the God of Death? Why would he believe such a thing? Most people did not believe that the God of Death had ever lived, including people from the Hall of Honor.

“You truly possess the power of the God of Death?” the Second Nightking excitedly asked. “Show me! If you truly wield that power, I won’t hold anything against you.”

Lu Yin arched a brow. “Why do I need to show you?”

The Second Nightking bellowed, “Show me!”

He then used a surge of stellular energy to force Lu Yin.

Mr. Feng grew increasingly annoyed that he was being forced to protect Lu Yin, and even worse, Lu Yin was insulting him.

The crisp ringing of a bell was heard, and it gave everyone present chills, including the Second Nightking, Mr. Feng, and Elder Jiu Shen.

However, this time nobody had the sensation of a hand covering the sky above them. There was nothing aside from the ringing of a bell.

Lu Yin instantly whirled around to glare at Liu Ye; how dare he interfere? Lu Yin had left the Chief Justice’s bell with Liu Ye, which meant that he was the only person who could produce this sound.

However, Lu Yin saw that Liu Ye was not moving.

Both Mr. Feng and the Second Nightking glanced over to a distant location that was shrouded with darkness.

Outer space was already dark to begin with, but this darkness covered absolutely everything. Nothing at all could be seen within the darkness aside from an even darker silhouette.

Lu Yin looked over and his eyes lit up; this was Brother Chief Justice!

Everyone gaped as the silhouette approached. They felt like the God of Death himself was descending upon them.

There was no pressure, nor was there any sort of impressive imagery. In fact, there was nothing aside from a dark shadow. Despite that, this moment was etched into everyone’s minds, and they were all terrified.

This person was the Chief Justice of the Interstellar Supreme Court; a powerhouse whom even Elder Jiu Shen was wary of. He was a mysterious person nobody knew much about.

The Chief Justice was not quite a Semi-Progenitor, but nobody could say for sure that he was not as strong as one.

It was possible that, out of the entire Fifth Mainland, only the seven Semi-Progenitors were capable of clearly seeing the Chief Justice.

Mr. Feng grew solemn. Apart from the seven Semi-Progenitors, the only person he felt threatened by in the entire Human Domain was this Chief Justice, as no one knew the man’s true abilities. Mr. Feng was even confident that he could defeat the Cosmic Sect’s Elder Jiu Shen, Eversky Island’s Highsage Wudi, and even the Seven Courts’ hidden powerhouse, but he was not confident in being able to defeat the Chief Justice.

The Seven Skygods had even cautioned Mr. Feng to retreat if he ever encountered the Chief Justice.

The Second Nightking carefully observed the approaching figure, and he even instinctively used his spiritual force to probe the figure, but the spiritual force simply disappeared. The darkness was actually an abyss that swallowed everything, and to the Second Nightking, it felt like the darkness could devour him. The irony was that this darkness was from someone from the Hall of Honor, which represented light.

Where there was light, there would also be darkness. Everyone had the impression that the Hall of Honor represented light while the Neohuman Alliance represented darkness, but if a comparison were actually to be made, the Neohuman Alliance’s darkness did not seem to be as pure as the Chief Justice’s.

At least, that was how the Second Nightking felt.

Everyone fell silent at the Chief Justice’s appearance and quietly stared at him.

The black silhouette drew closer, and it was not long before it covered the Daynight clan’s ancestral grounds, Nightking planet, and even the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins.

It felt as though all sound had disappeared from this region.

“I’ve heard about you for a long time, Chief Justice of the Interstellar Supreme Court,” Mr. Feng spoke calmly, though his eyes revealed great wariness.

There was no light to be seen within the darkness. At that moment, Mr. Feng felt the Chief Justice’s eyes land on him, and Mr. Feng felt chills as he was overcome with uncontrollable fear and desperation. Nobody had ever given him such a feeling aside from the Seven Skygods themselves; just how powerful was the Chief Justice?

“Mr. Feng of the Aeternus Nation, receive judgment,” an emotionless voice rang out from within the darkness. A set of scales emerged from the darkness and stopped once they were beneath Mr. Feng’s feet. Mr. Feng was startled, and he immediately tried to flee. However, he found that he could not escape the scales, not even by entering the true universe. The scales chased after him until he was eventually trapped atop one side of the scales.

“Rule of judgment: power. If a person is stronger than me, they will survive. If they are weaker, they will die,” the Chief Justice slowly declared. The scales started tipping, and Mr. Feng was continually lifted higher. The man looked more and more uncomfortable as he rose higher on his side of the scales. After the scales rose by a meter, blood trickled from Mr. Feng’s lips. Once it rose to two meters, the man’s limbs broke. He never stopped struggling. “You’ll never kill me! We’ll meet again, Chief Justice.”

He then took out one of Shaman God’s dolls from his cosmic ring.

Ripples spread throughout space as everyone’s senses were disrupted and mixed up. The power of a Semi-Progenitor filled the entire region.

Once everyone managed to recover, they saw that Mr. Feng had disappeared. All that remained where he had once stood was a destroyed Shaman God’s doll.

Mr. Feng had used Shaman God’s doll to avoid certain death.

Lu Yin was amazed. He had just seen the Chief Justice’s innate gift, but it was extremely creepy. Mr. Feng was an elite powerhouse second only to the Semi-Progenitors, which meant that he should have been comparable to Elder Jiu Shen and the Second Nightking. However, even such a powerhouse had not been able to resist or retaliate and had only been able to escape after using a Semi-Progenitor’s power vessel. Even then, Mr. Feng had been badly injured.

On the other hand, the Chief Justice had not even revealed his face.

The gap between the two was too much, but how was that possible? Lu Yin could not be sure.

He suddenly remembered the benchmark that Mister Mu used for accepting disciples: a person had to surprise Mister Mu in order to become a disciple. Lu Yin acknowledged that he had received many unique opportunities, and yet even he had barely passed Mister Mu’s benchmark. The Chief Justice was another one of Mister Mu’s disciples, and he had been accepted long before Lu Yin. Thus, the man’s talent had to at least be comparable to Lu Yin’s.

Lu Yin suddenly felt chills. He thought about the gap between him and Enlighters like Wen Sansi. The gap between the Chief Justice and Elder Jiu Shen or Mr. Feng was comparable, which meant that the Chief Justice was extraordinarily powerful. Lu Yin could not even begin to fathom just how powerful the Chief Justice was. Could the man be comparable to the seven Semi-Progenitors?

Mr. Feng’s fate shocked the Second Nightking, and he stared at the Chief Justice in disbelief.

The Second Nightking had seen the Chief Justice before, back when the First Nightking had still been alive. Thus, the Second Nightking was well aware that the Chief Justice was extremely powerful. Still, this level of strength was truly unexpected. Cultivating within the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins had helped the Second Nightking compensate for the difference in strength between himself and Elder Jiu Shen, but the Nightking felt that he still could not come close to measuring up to the Chief Justice.

In fact, the Second Nightking felt the exact same way as he had all those years ago when he had first encountered the Chief Justice.

The Second Nightking was terrified.

“Second Nightking, receive judgment.” The cold voice rang out again.

The Second Nightking immediately protested, “Wait a moment! Sir Chief Justice, why are you judging me? I am innocent.”

The scales emerged from the darkness and moved beneath the Second Nightking. The man did not even bother trying to hide or flee, as he knew that was impossible. He stared into the darkness. “I’m innocent! I have remained within the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins this entire time, and I have done nothing wrong. I even helped invade the Astral Beast Domain with the First and Third Nightkings long ago! I have worked towards the benefit of the Human Domain, so how can you judge me?”

The members of the Daynight clan watched on in fear, but nobody dared speak.

“Rule of judgment: betrayal. You spoke to Mr. Feng with the intention of joining Aeternus Nation, which is equivalent to betraying the Human Domain,” the Chief Justice’s voice rang out.

The Second Nightking screamed, “I never joined the Neohuman Alliance! How can you judge me?! This is unfair!”

The Chief Justice did not respond.

The scales started tipping, and the Second Nightking was lifted up.

Everyone had seen the same scene just a moment ago, but it was still astounding.

The Second Nightking roared and used the Nightking Advent Immortal Finger to attack the darkness.

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