Chapter 1668: Prison

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The Second Nightking was very powerful, but his attack quickly dissipated into nothingness. He was unable to do a single thing, not with spiritual force attacks, battle techniques, or even battle force.

Countless people gasped in astonishment, as they had just experienced for themselves the Second Nightking’s strength, and yet he was completely powerless against the Chief Justice.

Lu Yin was similarly astounded, though this actually proved that his previous guess was correct; the gap between the Chief Justice and Elder Jiu Shen was massive, as it had to have been for Mister Mu to accept the Chief Justice as a disciple. The difference was so wide that it caused Elder Jiu Shen and the others to doubt themselves.

The Second Nightking vomited blood and collapsed to the ground. Stellular energy streamed out of his body and was quickly detected by the true universe, resulting in the man’s stellular energy being forcefully extracted from his body by the true universe.

This was the first time Lu Yin ever witnessed someone’s stellular energy being removed by the true universe. No, he had actually seen it once before, but that was after someone had failed their tribulation. This was the first time Lu Yin had seen such a thing happen during a battle.

The members of the Daynight clan fell into despair, and Nightking Yuanjing’s face turned ashen. Why is this happening? Why is the Chief Justice helping Lu Yin? Why? Are all my hopes of restoring the Daynight clan gone forever?

Everyone from the Daynight clan looked on in desperation.

The stellular energy in the Second Nightking was forcefully removed, and Lu Yin could see that the man’s rune lines were quickly decreasing. Once all of the powerhouse’s stellular energy was gone, his strength was only at around a power level of 700,000. While this was still quite impressive, it was a massive drop when compared to the man’s previous power level of a million.

The Second Nightking’s breath was ragged, and he looked much older as he collapsed upon the scales in a pitiful manner.

“Judgment has ended. You will be imprisoned in Gaia’s Swap for 10,000 years,” the Chief Justice’s cold voice rang out, like a knife that stabbed into the Second Nightking’s heart.

The Second Nightking’s eyes showed that he felt forsaken; being locked up for 10,000 years was more than enough for his clan to disappear. “I refuse! I refuse!”

Nobody dared to speak up for the man, and nobody even had the right to speak with the presence of the Chief Justice’s pressure. This would not change even if the three Judicial Commissioners were present, as nobody was able to overturn the Chief Justice’s judgment.

Liu Ye and Fei Hua were utterly astounded. They had never seen such a powerful person before, not even in the Perennial World. Typically, a powerhouse on this level would have to form an inner world, which was the mark of a Semi-Progenitor, to reach such a level of power. However, the Chief Justice had no inner world, and he actually had not used anything other than his innate gift to defeat both the Second Nightking and Mr. Feng.

The Chief Justice would definitely be the strongest person beneath the Semi-Progenitor realm, even in the Perennial World.

They had never expected to encounter someone this powerful in the Forsaken Land.

Liu Qianjue, Mountain God, Ling Qiu, and everyone else who was present bowed.

Without exception, everyone bowed to the Chief Justice while waiting for his next judgment.

“The Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins belong to the Human Domain. Everyone will be free to explore them.” Next, the Chief Justice declared that the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins were property of the entire Human Domain.

Lu Yin wanted to say something, but he wisely kept his mouth shut.

He wanted to object and claim that the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins had belonged to the Daynight clan, and since Lu Yin had conquered the Daynight clan, the ruins should rightfully belong to him.

However, after seeing the Chief Justice’s level of power, Lu Yin decided to hold his tongue. There was absolutely no way he would be able to withstand those scales. Even though he and the Chief Justice shared the same master, the Chief Justice was still the Chief Justice, and Lu Yin had not forgotten the time when the Chief Justice had said that he would have eliminated Lu Yin without hesitation if he had been transformed by the Neohuman Alliance.

As far as the Chief Justice was concerned, proper judgment was clearly more important than Lu Yin’s wellbeing.

After speaking those words, the Chief Justice disappeared. The man had most likely entered the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins himself.

After the Chief Justice vanished, the remaining people also entered the ruins.

The Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins had returned to normal, and everyone had already received the Chief Justice’s approval to enter. Thus, they naturally all immediately went in to explore.

By this point in time, almost everyone had learned about the figures formed from remnant spiritual force, and much fewer accidents occurred.

Lu Yin ordered his own people to recapture the members of the Daynight clan and send them to Blazing Mist Flowzone.

The Second Nightking was most likely being held captive by the Chief Justice and would later be taken away when the Chief Justice left. The man’s fate was to be imprisoned for 10,000 years in Gaia’s Swamp, which was a terrible fate.

The Second Nightking had quite terrible luck, as he had been imprisoned almost as soon as he left the ruins. He had only spoken a few words to Mr. Feng, but he had previously upset too many major forces in the Neoverse, particularly the Hall of Honor. Thus, surviving was already a pretty good outcome for the man.

“You’re lucky you weren’t given judgment,” Lu Yin told Silver.

Silver rubbed his chest and stood up. “I’m negligible. The Chief Justice wouldn’t even notice me. But Captain, what do you think will happen to you when the Chief Justice finds out about you? Death? Or Gaia’s Swamp?”

Lu Yin turned to face Silver. “I didn’t do anything and have never betrayed humanity. Why would I be judged?”

Silver smiled. “Think about how you’d explain Mr. Feng’s actions.” Then, he waved as he said, “Remember to go take a look at that place, Captain. The Specter Clan will always support you.”

After speaking this, Silver turned around and left.

Lu Yin’s expression fell. After showing up, Mr. Feng had tried to protect Lu Yin twice. Even though Mr. Feng had claimed that he had done so because Lu Yin possessed the God of Death’s power, would the Chief Justice believe that?

Liu Ye and Fei Hua found Lu Yin and returned the Chief Justice’s bell to him. Neither of them wanted to enter the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins again since they had both been injured and needed time to recuperate.

Lu Yin found Elder Jiu Shen and earnestly thanked the elder for saving his life.

Elder Jiu Shen calmly answered, “Don’t thank me—you should thank the Cosmic Sect. Remember your promise: you’ll always be a disciple of the Cosmic Sect.”

Lu Yin solemnly replied, “I understand.”

Elder Jiu Shen nodded. He had been badly injured, and he would need at least eighty years to recover. It was all this child’s fault! What a troublemaker.

Lu Yin glanced at Elder Jiu Shen. Even though the man had a youthful appearance and had saved Lu Yin’s life, the elder was actually quite cunning. He had actually used his secret technique to mark a person from the Daynight clan before they had ever entered the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins; if he had not done so, he would have never been able to escape with Star Transference. This man was proof that people who had cultivated for a long time also had more battle experience.

Lu Yin also entered the ruins, as he had not forgotten seeing Bai Shui jump into the Celestial Frost Pond right before he left the ruins.

Given her status as a descendant of the Bai family, she definitely knew something.

Apart from the place where the battle had been fought and parts of the mountains, nothing else had been destroyed in the ruins. The gray figures of remnant spiritual force continued to repeat their usual tasks.

Lu Yin’s attention was immediately drawn to the Chief Justice. The man was at Mount Punishment, which was obvious due to how dark the sky above the mountain had become. It looked like the Chief Justice was just about to step onto the mountain.

Lu Yin immediately cautioned the Chief Justice that he might be attacked by remnants with the strength of Progenitors if he stepped onto the mountain.

No matter how strong the Chief Justice might be, he was still only a slightly larger ant to Progenitors. Even Semi-Progenitors were ants to Progenitors, which showed the difference between the two realms.

As Lu Yin’s voice reached the darkness, the sky grew brighter once again as the cloud of darkness disappeared.

Many people looked up and let out sighs of relief; the Chief Justice had left.

Lu Yin looked at Mount Punishment; Did the Chief Justice really leave? Why didn’t he say goodbye? Hold up—he wouldn’t have gone on and visited Mount Punishment, would he?

“You went there before?” a cold voice spoke from behind Lu Yin, startling him. He turned around and saw a cloud of darkness in the shape of a human.

“Brother, could you please make a bit of noise before speaking?” Lu Yin asked in a helpless manner. He had been completely caught off guard, as the Chief Justice had even hidden his runes. Powerhouses like Elder Jiu Shen and Mister Feng were capable of hiding their runes whenever they wanted.

“You’ve been to Mount Punishment before?” the Chief Justice repeated.

Lu Yin nodded. “I went to the peak, but the scene up there is one of a battle between Progenitors, and I almost died. Fortunately, Elder Jiu Shen saved my life. However, he also ended up badly injured, as otherwise, he wouldn’t have lost to the Second Nightking.”

The Chief Justice was nothing but a cloud of darkness, so Lu Yin was never able to determine where the man was facing or looking.

“Brother, can you not hide yourself inside a cloud of darkness?” Lu Yin asked tentatively.

“Call me Sir Chief Justice,” the Chief Justice said.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes. “Sir Chief Justice, can’t you show me your real face? I’m your junior brother. You wouldn’t use this form when you meet Master, right?”

“I do,” the Chief Justice said.

Lu Yin was taken aback. “You meet Master like this?”

The Chief Justice moved some distance away. “Was my answer unclear?”

Lu Yin went after the man. “Erm, Sir Chief Justice, why are you here? Weren’t you training?”

“I’ve finished training.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Do I need to explain myself to you?”

“Cough cough. Sir Chief Justice, are you going to explore the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins?”

The Chief Justice suddenly stopped. “There are times when we need to share a blessing we’ve received instead of keeping it to ourselves.”

Lu Yin blinked. “I wasn’t planning on keeping it to myself.”

“Where are you headed?” the Chief Justice asked.

“The Celestial Frost Pond.”

Lu Yin was confused. “Sir Chief Justice, are you interested in the Celestial Frost Pond? Oh, by the way, have you been to the Perennial World before?”

The Chief Justice said nothing in reply and simply headed towards the pond.

Lu Yin felt like he was talking to a wall. However, it was still good to have the Chief Justice with him, as Lu Yin would no longer need to worry about his own safety anymore. It would not matter even if all of the gray figures within the ruins were disturbed again, as the Chief Justice could definitely keep Lu Yin safe.

On top of that, given his status, the Chief Justice would not fight with Lu Yin for anything they found.

Lu Yin immediately picked up his speed and headed straight for the Celestial Frost Pond. If he was not quick enough, anything good would be taken by Bai Shui. That woman was quite smart, and she was most likely fine since she had jumped into the pond after the gray figures had all been disturbed.

They soon arrived at the pond.

While gazing at the water, Lu Yin recalled that the Second Nightking had hidden himself at the bottom of the pond. Neither Lu Yin nor Jiu Shen had discovered the Nightking, which indicated that this pond water was not as simple as it appeared.

“Sir Chief Justice, let’s jump in,” Lu Yin said.

The Chief Justice did not move.

Lu Yin showed no hesitation and leaped straight into the cold pond.

Given Bai Shui’s level of strength, she should have been frozen as soon as she jumped in. Lu Yin made his way towards the bottom of the pond.

The water in this pond was even able to freeze stellular energy, which made it very difficult to determine how deep the pond was from the outside.

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