Chapter 1669: The Bottom Of The Celestial Frost Pond

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Chapter 1669: The Bottom Of The Celestial Frost Pond

After a few more moments, Lu Yin left the pond and fell into an open space. He nearly crashed into the ground, and when he looked up, the pond was floating in the sky above him.

He glanced around, and the first thing that attracted his gaze was a broken tree root, as well as Bai Shui, who was emanating chilly air from where she sat next to the tree.

“It’s the Celestial Frost Fruit Tree,” the Chief Justice commented as he appeared next to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was astonished. “The Celestial Frost Fruit Tree? Is it broken?”

The Chief Justice approached the tree. “It’s been broken for a very long time. This is also why the Celestial Frost Pond was left here—the most valuable aspect of the pond aside from its water is its ability to nurture the Celestial Frost Fruit Tree. The Celestial Frost Sect took almost the entire Celestial Frost Pond away, only leaving this small bit behind. They also cut down the Celestial Frost Fruit Tree, not allowing it to be left behind in the Fifth Mainland.”

Lu Yin turned around. The place where they were standing was dim, and next to them was a palace covered with dust. The only clean area was where Bai Shui was sitting, which was probably the same place where the Second Nightking had cultivated.

The fatesand within Lu Yin’s chest trembled vigorously as it was pulled by an unknown force. Lu Yin looked into the depths of the palace—that was where the force seemed to originate from.

At this moment, Bai Shui opened her eyes to see Lu Yin and the Chief Justice.

She was startled, and her face grew pale as she stared at Lu Yin in shock. She had not expected Lu Yin to arrive in this place.

Bai Shui stood up, the cold air still radiating from her. She had only managed to arrive at the bottom of the pond by using a power vessel and one of her family’s inherited techniques. Even then, she had been chilled by the pond water and been forced to spend the time until now recovering.

She had believed herself to be the only person present and naturally had not expected to see Lu Yin as soon as she opened her eyes.

She had only spent a short amount of time to recover after reaching the bottom of the pond, and yet Lu Yin had already appeared. She did not know why he kept showing up nearby.

The strangest thing was that the person accompanying Lu Yin had changed. He was no longer accompanied by a young man, but by a mysterious black shadow.

“Alliance Leader Lu, why are you here?” Bai Shui asked.

Lu Yin smiled. “Why are you here?”

Bai Shui’s eyes flickered as she considered her answer.

Lu Yin did not push. “This place belonged to the Bai family, so there are naturally some things here that only you are aware of. I won’t make things difficult for you, so just tell me whatever you want. However, you should remember that you would have never been able to find this place for the rest of your life if I hadn’t dealt with the Daynight clan, so you should probably give me something for that.

“Also, I once saved you in the past.”

Bai Shui hesitated before saying, “This is the location of the Celestial Frost Sect’s treasury.”

Lu Yin gasped. “The Celestial Frost Sect’s treasury?”

The Chief Justice showed no reaction, but since he was just a black shadow, nobody would notice even if the man was completely shocked.

“That’s right. The Celestial Frost Sect’s treasury is at the bottom of the Celestial Frost Pond. I’m here to search for the inheritance that my ancestors left for us,” Bai Shui explained.

Lu Yin smirked. “It looks like your ancestors didn’t think things through. If not for me, you wouldn’t have ever been able to get to the inheritance.

Bai Shui bowed. “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu. As thanks, I’m willing to share the treasury with you, and I definitely won’t refuse if there’s anything you need.”

Lu Yin remained unfazed. After all, Bai Shui had no choice but to share the treasury with him.

If the Bai family’s ancestors really had left something behind for their descendants, then Lu Yin had no guilt taking it away. This was how cultivators conducted themselves, and nothing truly belonged to a single person forever. Lu Yin knew the character of the Bai family in the Perennial World, and if possible, he would love to rob the Celestial Frost Sect in the Perennial World.

Faced with Lu Yin, Bai Shui had no choice at all.

“Where is it?” Lu Yin asked.

“The treasury is further inside. Please follow me, Alliance Leader Lu.” Bai Shui bowed and started walking towards the palace.

The Chief Justice never said anything at all. He seemed very mysterious, and Bai Shui was actually concerned about the man.

“Did you realize that you wouldn’t be able to escape if the Second Nightking killed us and came back?” Lu Yin asked when they entered the dusty palace.

Bai Shui hesitated for a moment. “As long as there is any possibility of success at all, I won’t give up. The Bai family will only be able to regain our glory if I can find our ancestors’ inheritance.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed as he quietly followed Bai Shui. He had already realized that Bai Shui was headed in the same direction that his fatesand was being pulled in. Clearly, the thing acting on his fatesand was in the Celestial Frost Sect’s treasury.

The palace was enormous, and they slowly made their way forwards since they were concerned about running into more gray figures.

Fortunately, they never encountered any remnant spiritual force here, which caused Lu Yin to sigh in relief.

They were in one of the most important places in the entire Celestial Frost Sect, which meant that any remnant spiritual force that appeared would be extremely powerful. Any one of them would have to at least be comparable to the Chief Justice, or possibly even a Semi-Progenitor.

“We’re here,” Bai Shui excitedly exclaimed as she stood in front of a huge copper door. They were at the Celestial Frost Sect’s treasury.

The copper door was a thousand meters tall, and there were various patterns etched into it. Lu Yin did not care about any of these details, as what surprised him the most was the fact that there were nine clumps of fatesand fixed into the door. The attraction was very strong now, and it probably came from these nine spots of fatesand.

Why was fatesand fixed to a copper door in the Celestial Frost Sect? Actually, the fatesand did not look as though they had originally been a part of the door, but rather as if they had been added on later on.

The Chief Justice slowly approached the copper door and silently observed it.

Bai Shui softly asked Lu Yin, “Who is he?”

“The Chief Justice of the Interstellar Supreme Court.”

Bai Shui was startled. “The Chief Justice?’

Lu Yin nodded. He told the truth in order to insure that this woman would not attempt anything funny. Even though she looked fragile, it was all just an act.

When Elder Jiu Shen and Lu Yin had been chased by the Second Nightking, Bai Shui had leaped straight into the pond without any sign of hesitation. This meant that she had clearly been confident in being able to deal with the Second Nightking. Lu Yin did not believe what Bai Shui had said about wanting to find the inheritance even if she was discovered by the Second Nightking. If that had happened, the inheritance that she was seeking would have just become a gift for the Second Nightking.

She definitely had some means of dealing with the Second Nightking, and that secret was hidden behind the copper door.

Bai Shui stared at the dark shadow in awe. She had heard of the Interstellar Supreme Court’s Chief Justice before, and his presence felt like that of someone who had existed since the beginning of time.

She had never expected Lu Yin to be with the Chief Justice.

“Do you know if the Celestial Frost Sect collected fatesand?” Lu Yin suddenly asked as he stared at the nine spots of fatesand on the door.

Bai Shui shook her head. “I don’t know. There aren’t very many records regarding fatesand.”

Lu Yin walked past Bai Shui to move closer to the copper door and then placed a hand on it. It was as cold as the water in the Celestial Frost Pond, but also extremely hard.

He then stretched his hand out and used his star energy to surround the nine spots of fatesands in an attempt to pull them off of the door.

He was surprised to discover that the clumps of fatesand was easily removed.

However, the pulling force did not disappear after that, which meant that there was something else past the door that was pulling at his fatesand.

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“Are you gathering fatesand?” the Chief Justice asked coldly. His voice made Bai Shui shiver.

Lu Yin answered, “It’s just a coincidence. I’m not intentionally trying to get more.”

The Chief Justice asked no further questions.

Lu Yin stored the fatesand away and pushed against the copper door. “How do you open it? The Second Nightking wouldn’t have taken everything away already, right?”

Bai Shui stepped forward. “Probably not. The door can only open with the blood of someone from the Bai family, so the Second Nightking wouldn’t have been able to open the door.”

She made a small cut on her finger and caused her blood to float up and closer to the copper door. The blood then merged into the door, and the entire thing started to glow as the strands of blood fused with the door.

Bai Shui excitedly stepped closer and raised a hand to push the door open.

Lu Yin carefully watched Bai Shui and got ready to follow her in.

However, Bai Shui disappeared the moment she touched the copper door.

Lu Yin was stunned, and he immediately pushed against the door with his own hand. However, he remained where he was while the door returned to its original color.

Lu Yin blinked; he had just been tricked. He immediately turned to look at the Chief Justice. The dark shadow had not moved at all, and the Chief Justice calmly stated, “Protecting an important place by restricting it to a specific bloodline was a common method of the ancient sects. We won’t be able to enter.”

“It was no wonder why she wasn’t worried about the Second Nightking returning. She already knew that the Second Nightking wouldn’t be able to get past the door. We’ve been tricked,” Lu Yin complained.

The Chief Justice continued, “Not really. Just wait a while. She’ll find a way to open the door for us.”

Lu Yin understood that Bai Shui would absolutely open the door for them. She would never even dream of defeating the Chief Justice, even if she did receive some inheritance from her ancestors. However, by the time Lu Yin managed to enter, she would have already taken everything useful.

Since she had not been scared of the Second Nightking, it meant that whatever inheritance was inside was quite powerful and also not something that could be taken away after someone acquired it. Thus, even if Lu Yin and the Chief Justice managed to enter, they still would not be able to take this inheritance away from Bai Shui.

Still, this restriction only applied to Lu Yin and the Chief Justice. If the Second Nightking were in their place, he would have just killed Bai Shui if he had been unable to take the inheritance. For Bai Shui to be this confident, there had to be something within the treasury that could have helped her defeat the Second Nightking. Or maybe there was an alternative escape route.

Lu Yin desperately wanted to know what was inside the treasury, but he was locked outside.

Lu Yin could not imagine leaving this place empty handed. Back in the Dominion Realm, he had used a great deal of money to stop Long Xi from escaping from Zenith Mountain. After that, he had taken Wen Diyi and a few others away in an effort to recoup his costs. There was no way that Lu Yin would do something that did not benefit him.

“Sir Chief Justice, is there really no way for us to open this copper door?” Lu Yin asked anxiously.

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