Chapter 1670: Equivalent Exchange

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Chapter 1670: Equivalent Exchange

The Chief Justice replied, “No, not unless a Semi-Progenitor destroys the door, but that would destroy everything behind it as well.”

Lu Yin was growing increasingly anxious, and he tried pushing against the door again. Out of frustration, he even punched the door, but nothing happened.

“I should have taken some blood from Bai Shaohong,” he said in exasperation.

Suddenly, he thought of something and pulled out Bai Shaohong’s token from his cosmic ring.

Could this be helpful?

Lu Yin had used the token to escape from the sourcebox array that had surrounded Dragon Mountain, which meant that it might be able to help him get past this door!

He pressed the token against the door.

Lu Yin waited nervously.

Moments later, the copper door started glowing. Lu Yin was thrilled, and he disappeared as he was pulled through the door.

The Chief Justice was shocked as he stared at where Lu Yin had just vanished from. Even though the Chief Justice had seen many things throughout his life, he was still astonished by this. Just how had Lu Yin gone in? What had he just done? This boy always had strange items and rare inheritances, but the Chief Justice could not understand how Lu Yin had managed to acquire all these things.

Lu Yin had thought that he would enter a treasury filled with star crystals, but he actually entered an empty room that only had a few glowing items floating in the air.

He turned around and saw Bai Shui storing something in her cosmic ring. He immediately appeared in front of her.

Bai Shui had been focused on happily storing the treasure that she had found when Lu Yin popped up in front of her. She was astonished, and her face turned red. She demanded in disbelief, “How- how did you get in here?”

Both Bai Shui and the Chief Justice were both equally confused. This was the Celestial Frost Sect’s treasury, and only members of the Bai family’s main bloodline were able to enter this place; nobody, not even the Chief Justice, could enter through brute force. So how had Lu Yin managed to enter?

Lu Yin smiled. “I walked in.”

Bai Shui gaped at Lu Yin, not having a clue as to how to respond.

Lu Yin glanced at Bai Shui’s cosmic ring with open curiosity. “Miss Bai Shui, what did you get?”

Bai Shui’s face twitched. She had not been able to get rid of Lu Yin after jumping into the Celestial Frost Pond, and he had even managed to follow her into the treasury itself; could he be her nemesis?

“Nothing much, just a few power vessels. They’re useless to you, Alliance Leader Lu, as they aren’t even suitable for Envoys,” she said in a helpless manner.

Lu Yin nodded. He would feel bad if he forced her to show him everything in her cosmic ring. Besides, Bai Shui had only been in the treasury for less than a minute before he entered, and she most likely had not managed to pick up much in that amount of time, especially since she had assumed no one would be able to enter the treasury besides her.

Lu Yin glanced around and looked up the floating items, among which was some fatesand.

He was surprised that the Celestial Frost Sect had possessed so much fatesand.

Fatesand was incredibly rare, and not many people possessed any of it in the entire Fifth Mainland. Lu Yin was unsure how many of the Ten Arbiters possessed fatesand, but he would bet that less than half of them had it. Besides, there were also people who chose not to use fatesand.

Why would the Celestial Frost Sect have been collecting fatesand?

“Miss Bai Shui, should we gather everything so that we can take a closer look at them?” Lu Yin asked. He did not even wait for an answer and immediately started using his star energy to gather the glowing items.

Bai Shui helplessly watched on, as she no longer had any choice in the matter.

The glowing items approached Lu Yin, and he immediately took the fourteen bits of fatesand.

“Miss Bai Shui, you probably don’t need fatesand, right? In that case, I’ll help myself.” Lu Yin smiled.

Bai Shui stayed silent, as there was nothing she could say.

“Wow, this power vessel is quite strong! It seems to be used for trapping people. Miss Bai Shui, this doesn’t suit your strength, so I’ll keep it for myself, haha.

“Oh, this is another power vessel. Miss Bai Shui, who do you think is more suited for this power vessel? Me? In that case, I’ll gladly take it. Oh right, Miss Bai Shui, I have something good for you. Your daughter, Bai Xiadie is going to start cultivating soon right? You can have this six-stage formcast model for her.”

Bai Shui gratefully accepted the formcast model. Formcast models were the Fifth Mainland’s unique cultivation method, and a six stage formcast model was extremely valuable. “This- is this for me?”

Lu Yin dismissively waved a hand. “It’s for Xiaodie. I really like that kid.”

Bai Shui glanced at Lu Yin. Was trading the Celestial Frost Sect’s power vessels for a six-stage formcast model worth it? She was not sure. The items that her ancestors had left behind were all quite powerful, and the power vessels that Lu Yin had taken were powerful enough to deal with the average Envoy. However, there was no way for her to get those items back from Lu Yin.

A six-stage formcast model was indeed extremely useful for Xiaodie. “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu.”

Lu Yin felt quite satisfied; how many people in the entire Fifth Mainland had a six-stage formcast model? It was definitely more useful for Bai Shui than the power vessels. He had actually tried his best to give her something that she needed.

“What is this?” Lu Yin asked as he stared at a piece of jade in his hand.

Bai Shui was perplexed. “Can I take a look?”

Lu Yin passed it over.

Bai Shui took a look, but she hesitated as soon as she saw it.

Lu Yin knew that she was worried, but she did not seem capable of hiding her emotions. “What is it?”

Bai Shui solemnly replied, “The Wind God Battle Technique.’

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. “The Celestial Frost Sect’s Wind God Battle Technique?’

Bai Shui nodded and passed the jade back to Lu Yin.

The Wind God Battle Technique was one of the Celestial Frost Sect’s primary battle techniques, and it was comparable to the Wang family’s Four Arts. It was very powerful, and Lu Yin certainly had not expected to find it in this place.

This battle technique would likely be incredibly tempting to most people, as it could entirely transform them. However, Lu Yin did not need the technique, as he already had countless battle techniques. He had not even perfected the Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation yet, so there was no way for him to start learning another, new battle technique.

On top of that, Lu Yin had no interest in the Wind God battle technique. Since Bai Shaohong had not used it during his battle with Lu Yin, it likely meant the technique was useless once it hit a certain level.

Lu Yin passed the jade back to Bai Shui. “You probably need this.”

Bai Shui was truly shocked. “Don’t you want it?”

Lu Yin answered seriously, “This is something your ancestors left behind. I can’t take it.”

Bai Shui opened her mouth but could not find anything to say. She wanted to taunt Lu Yin but could not force the words out of her mouth as she stared at the piece of jade in her hand.

She really could not understand Lu Yin at all. The Celestial Frost Sect’s battle technique was powerful enough to establish a major power, and yet he did not want it.

There were not many glowing items left when Lu Yin solemnly looked at a bottle in his hand, as it contained stellular liquid.

He had not expected the Celestial Frost Sect’s ancestors to be so generous and to actually leave some stellular liquid in the Fifth Mainland. This also meant that the Celestial Frost Sect had been extracting stellular liquid from the Mother Tree even when they had still been in the Fifth Mainland. This also proved that the Mother Tree had once been in the Fifth Mainland and that it had been separated from the Fifth Mainland by the Lu family and the four ruling powers.

Lu Yin had not become an Envoy yet, so he had no way of determining if he was holding a large or small amount of stellular liquid. However, when he thought back to the stellular liquid that he had found near the Mother Tree, this bottle contained quite a lot in comparison!

He immediately stored the bottle away and picked up another glowing item. This one was a piece of metal, but he could not determine what it was.

“Miss Bai Shui, what is this?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Shui was still thrilled about obtaining the Wind God battle technique, so she turned around upon hearing Lu Yin’s question. “That’s innate ore.”

“Innate ore?” Lu Yin was confused, but it sounded quite rare.

Bai Shui explained, “Innate Ore is a rare ancient metal that’s suitable for making weapons. My ancestors left it here for us to craft weapons that we might need.”

“How do you know that?”

“Our records mention that our ancestors left a piece of innate ore behind.”

Lu Yin looked down at the piece of metal in his hand. Innate ore? Since it could be used to craft weapons, he wondered if he could use it to repair his damaged bodysuit armor.

After storing the innate ore away, there were only two items remaining. One was something that resembled tree bark while the other was a sourcebox array that contained Void Rip.

Lu Yin immediately picked up the array, which was exactly the same as the one that he had taken from Bai Shaohong. This acquisition delighted Lu Yin, and he wondered how powerful this one would be.

He turned to Bai Shui and exclaimed, “The Celestial Frost Sect was quite generous to you descendants!”

He was genuinely astounded. If Bai Shui had taken all of these items, she would have been able to cultivate even faster than the Ten Arbiters, and she could have even used the stellular liquid after becoming an Envoy.

These items were literally priceless.

There were numerous power vessels, and even Void Rip, which was suited for battle.

Bai Shui stayed silent. She was aware of the value of the items, but there was no point in her thinking about that.

The final thing was the tree bark, and when Lu Yin tried to tear it apart, nothing happened at all.

“What’s this?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Shui shook her head. “I don’t know. That wasn’t mentioned in our records.”

She quickly continued, “Alliance Leader, I really don’t know. There’s no reason for me to lie since you’ll take it anyway.”

Lu Yin felt bad after hearing that. He cleared his throat and took out five natural treasures that had reached the level of being able to sense danger, some pills, and flashbombs from his cosmic ring and handed everything over to Bai Shui.

Bai Shui took them in confusion.

“Don’t underestimate these things. They can help keep you safe and can also help with your cultivation,” Lu Yin said. Everything that he had given her was indeed very effective. In fact, he had even used the flashbombs against both Bai Shaohong and Long Tian when fighting them.

No matter what Bai Shui felt, she was only able to accept the items in exchange for the items that Lu Yin had taken from the treasury.

“Bring Xiaodie to Blazing Mist Flowzone and just say that you’re part of the Great Eastern Alliance. If anything happens, I’ll do my best to help if I can,” Lu Yin promised.

Bai Shui bowed low. “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu.”

The cultivation world was cruel, and other people might have killed her to take what she had already stored in her cosmic ring. She was clearly aware that even more would have given her nothing in exchange. After all, she had seen many acts of evil while exploring the universe.

Comparatively, Lu Yin had truly been quite kind to Bai Shui.

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