Chapter 3155 Absolute Confidence

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Chapter 3155 Absolute Confidence

When Long Chen took out the rainbow feather, countless people were shocked. They had never seen any rainbow cranes, let alone their original true feather.

The rainbow cranes were auspicious beasts of heaven and earth, said to be the heirs of the world. There were no lifeforms that dared to make things hard on them.

They had no struggles with the rest of the world. If someone saw them, they would be blessed through several generations. Legend had it that just seeing them would make a person be infected by the world’s karmic luck, allowing their cultivation to go even more smoothly.

However, it was said that they only lived in very special places. The High Firmament Academy was one of them.

Other than the High Firmament Academy, the places that the rainbow cranes lived in were famous holy lands. No one dared to provoke them.

The High Firmament Academy might have declined, but the rainbow cranes continued to live there. That meant that it was still an auspicious land. No matter how it declined, as long as the rainbow cranes continued to live there, it meant that the academy could rise once more.

However, just how many generations of the High Firmament Academy’s disciples never even got to glimpse the rainbow cranes? Those weren’t existences that they could see just because they wanted to.

These experts had never seen a rainbow crane before, but hearing Enpuda’s words, they were shocked. Just who was Long Chen to possess an original true feather from the rainbow crane race?

Enpuda suddenly extended a hand toward Gui Yun, but Long Chen seemed to expect that, and he already waved the feather in front of him.

Rainbow light fell, separating Gui Yun from Enpuda. After that, Enpuda’s hand struck the wall of light and sizzled. His hand vanished.

Long Chen didn’t know much about the rainbow crane race, but he had started researching and studying the original true feather once he had obtained it. It could be said that he had figured out some of its uses.

However, although he had studied it, he didn’t dare to actually use its energy. That would be a waste of its precious energy. After all, after leaving the body of the rainbow crane, every bit of its energy that was used was lost forever. Once it was all used up, it would crumble.

Today, using its energy not only blocked Enpuda, but its light also rejected the marks left behind by the backlash of the Heavenly Daos. Like the sun melting the snow, the marks quickly dissolved.

Long Chen was delighted by that. The rainbow crane race was truly the favorite of the heavens. All things connected to the Heavenly Daos were unable to harm them. Using Split the Heavens had infuriated the Heavenly Daos, resulting in their will descending on his body. It was troublesome to heal such a thing. But now it was instantly healed.

Not only that, but he felt his essence, qi, and spirit rapidly recovering. With its blessing, he rapidly went from less than thirty percent of his remaining energy to forty percent. That took only a few breaths. It was his first time feeling so blessed by the heavens.

“Long Chen, if you dare to kill Gui Yun, I swear I will make you regret it for a lifetime!” Blocked by this wall, Enpuda was finally unable to remain calm. His voice grew sinister.

“I should warn you about two things. I would only regret it if I didn’t kill Gui Yun. I do have things that I’ve regretted in this lifetime, but it’s never been because of not killing people. Second, it seems that you didn’t hear something I said before. Listen closely. Boss Long San doesn’t listen to any threats. You are nothing more than Lord Brahma’s dog. Do you think that I’m afraid of you?” sneered Long Chen.

Whether it was the disciples or the elders, they were shaken. He was directly cursing a World King. In this world, perhaps only Long Chen had the guts to do such a thing.

“Long Chen, do you think you can do as you please just because you have the support of the High Firmament Academy? You’re wrong. If you kill Gui Yun, I guarantee that the High Firmament Academy will not be able to protect you. Don’t ruin your future.” Enpuda’s voice grew frosty.

Everyone nodded. As expected of Enpuda, the true ancestor of assassins. Even now, his anger was controlled. This was the terrifying restraint of an assassin.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect to learn such a thing. It seems that you’re very afraid of the High Firmament Academy. Then this will be easy.” Long Chen laughed. Through Enpuda’s words, he had grasped an important point.

Despite his anger, Enpuda only said that the High Firmament Academy wouldn’t be able to protect him. He didn’t say that he would destroy the High Firmament Academy. Clearly, Enpuda knew that the academy still had some power. It was due to this that he didn’t dare to say such big words.

Furthermore, Long Chen had long since started feeling that the academy’s power was not as simple as what appeared on the surface. It had a profoundly deep foundation. It simply hadn’t shown it off in a long time. The academy was so low-key that it would rather be looked down upon by others than bother explaining.

Enpuda’s words only gave him greater confidence. That dragon race expert had truly sent him to the right place. This way, he could act even more recklessly.

“Master… save me… I can’t last any longer…” Gui Yun cried out. His soul was constantly being burned. Once it was fully incinerated, even Enpuda wouldn’t be able to save him.

Although he was enduring unimaginable pain due to the karmic flames, his mind hadn’t scattered yet. His mind was still clear and experiencing all the pain clearly. Seeing the barrier separating Enpuda from him, he wailed.

Seeing his current wretched state, countless experts shook their heads. This was a peerless heavenly genius? In the face of death, he was still a coward. Perhaps just like what Long Chen had said before, only when a blade struck their bodies would they know pain. Only when it was their own life being reaped would they know how precious life was.

Gui Yun had killed countless people. He had used the cruelest method to extract the souls and essence blood of the Butterfly Spirit and Butterfly Dance race’s people. Had he ever cared about the loss of their lives? Hence, no one sympathized with him. This was his retribution.

“Long Chen, don’t force me!” Enpuda was finally enraged. His voice changed, dripping with sharp killing intent. In an instant, it was as if the world had been dropped into an icehouse. It was so cold that people felt like their souls would freeze.