Chapter 3158 Slaying Divine Lords

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Chapter 3158 Slaying Divine Lords

Countless people were shocked. Qin Feng had actually severed the neck of a Divine Lord. It had to be known that he was nothing more than a minor character in people’s eyes.

After all, he had no status, and he wasn’t even a Primal. He had put on a good show during the convention, but he wasn’t classified as one of the top experts.

Thus, seeing Qin Feng taking the lead, that Divine Lord actually thought that he was risking his life to create an opportunity for Bai Shishi and the others. He hadn’t expected him to have such power.

With that Divine Lord’s head separated from his body, Qin Feng unleashed the second slash of his saber and blew the head apart. Everything was done in one fluid movement that didn’t give the Divine Lord any chance to reconnect his head.

Qin Feng’s shoulder was dislocated from the impact, so he forced it back into its correct location. Even though the Treasure item arm bracers had blocked most of the power, it had to be said that a Divine Lord was truly powerful.

Fortunately, Qin Feng’s body was so powerful after following Long Chen for so long. Someone else would have had their upper body explode even if they had those arm bracers.

With this surprise, he killed a Divine Lord. But at this moment, another Divine Lord was charging at him.

“Dragon Blood Battle Armor!”

Qin Feng roared, and scales covered his entire body. When a dragon roar resounded from his manifestation, his Blood Qi erupted like a volcano. He then slashed his saber at that Divine Lord, all while emanating incomparably sharp killing intent that felt incredibly familiar.

It was as if they were seeing Long Chen’s shadow within Qin Feng. It wasn’t just a similar aura. Even his movements, his gaze, his fearlessness, his domineeringness, they were all so similar.

“This is… bloodline pressure?! He is a Primal?!” When Qin Feng summoned the Dragon Blood Battle Armor and his Blood Qi erupted, everyone was shocked.

Qin Feng’s saber fell. With a powerful qi wave eruption, Qin Feng was knocked back, while that Divine Lord’s figure also shook.

“He blocked a real attack from a Divine Lord? Is this Qin Feng a monster?”

Seeing Qin Feng only being knocked back and coughing up blood, everyone was shocked. That was a Divine Lord!

Just then, the void exploded and golden chains pierced through the air. That Divine Lord was startled, but just as he tried to move, he felt the world spinning around him. He immediately had a bad feeling. He had been on guard against Bai Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils but hadn’t expected to still fall for it.

Those chains instantly bound him. Just as his head was muddled, a golden sword pierced through his head, turning his body into a golden statue. His soul wasn’t even able to escape, and he fell into the sea just like that.

Another Divine Lord was slain. The spectators that had fled into the distance stared in shock. How did the Nine Prefecture Convention devolve into a bloody battle?

Someone realized that something was amiss. Bai Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils were like a completely different existence compared to before.

When he had used the Three Flower Pupils during the competition, its power was definitely not so powerful. This kind of simple spatial power shouldn’t be able to affect Divine Lords like this.

However, after two people were conned to death by him, they realized that something was wrong. This fellow was truly sinister. He actually hadn’t used his full power at the Martial Dao convention.

In truth, they had overestimated Bai Xiaole. He truly had used his full abilities during the competition. But after his battle with Liao Yuhuang, perhaps it was due to the influence of the zither music, his Three Flower Pupils were not just unleashing spatial energy. They even contained a trace of mental energy.

Divine Lords who didn’t possess strong enough wills and weren’t prepared for such a thing could be influenced by him.

Normally, this kind of influence might be nothing. But in battle, it was the disturbance that caused them to lose their lives.

A Divine Lord had activated a Treasure item. In the hands of a Divine Lord, a Treasure item could unleash unimaginable power.

A spear stopped that sword in its tracks. Young master Changchuan appeared, holding a bone spear. There was a giant rhinoceros in his manifestation staring up at the heavens with a full moon hanging in the sky. That was the specific mark of the Fullmoon race.

At this moment, silver light shrouded young master Changchuan from his manifestation. It was vaguely possible to hear some ancient call from it.

That Divine Lord was shocked and enraged. As he pressed down with his sword, he angrily shouted, “Is your life-forbidden area planning on interfering in this matter?!”

Young master Changchuan’s arms creaked as he resisted his sword, looking like they would break at any moment. He clenched his teeth and spat out, “I represent myself. Stop bringing up the life-forbidden area.”

Just at this moment, three balls of light appeared behind that expert. It was Bai Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils.

“Die!” The expert roared, and the three balls of light shattered. At the next moment, Bai Xiaole screamed and held his eyes painfully. His eyes were bleeding.

“Xiaole!” Luo Xue and the others cried out. This expert possessed strong enough mental energy to shatter Bai Xiaole’s move as soon as it condensed.

“So what if you have the Three Flower Pupils? You can’t use them properly. Today, you’ll all die here. It would be better for this old man to pluck those eyes out.” The expert smiled sinisterly. Suddenly, he shoved with his sword, sending young master Changchuan stumbling back.

Just as Bai Xiaole was injured, five other Divine Lords charged over. With Bai Xiaole injured, there was nothing for them to fear.

However, just as the expert moved, a golden sword slashed through the air with overwhelming power toward him. That expert’s heart shuddered, and he hastily raised his sword to block, only to be sent flying.

“Flying Cloud Cave’s master, Zhao Feiyun. You can count as an old fellow who has lived for countless years. Your cultivation base has already reached the late Divine Lord realm, yet you have the face to bully a group of babies. Was your entire cultivation base spent on cultivating this thick face of yours?” demanded Bai Shishi’s mother, standing in his path.

As soon as she said this, everyone was shocked. Many people had heard of the master of the Flying Cloud Cave, Zhao Feiyun, but simply didn’t recognize him. He was quite famous, and no one had expected him to personally come.

It had to be known that most of the Divine Lords leading the groups here were only at the early Divine Lord realm. They might look old to the youngsters, but they were actually quite young compared to those old monsters. They were leading the groups to gain experience as well.

However, for the Flying Cloud Cave’s master to personally come and attack members of the junior generation, it was truly disdainful.

Zhao Feiyun was about to retort when a huge explosion shook the entire battlefield. That was where Long Chen was fighting. Everyone’s attention was drawn over.

“What?! How has the martial stage reappeared?!” Shocked cries of disbelief rang out.