Chapter 3159 Slaughter At Will

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Chapter 3159 Slaughter At Will

The void rumbled. The martial stage, which everyone had thought to have been destroyed, reappeared. The next moment, Long Chen and over sixty Divine Lords appeared on it.

When they appeared on the martial stage, they were all terrified. Some of them were even shuddering in fear. But the ones outside didn’t know what they were so afraid of.

All those experts that were trying to kill Long Chen came to a stop. They stood there, struck dumb like wooden chickens.

The closest Divine Lord to Long Chen was turned into blood mist with a single slash of the saber. After that, Long Chen’s figure came out of that mist.

Everyone was shocked. It seemed as if the Divine Lords had suddenly weakened. They weren’t even able to receive a single attack from Long Chen now. What was happening?

“How… how can this be?!” cried out one of those Divine Lords.

“Are you asking how the martial stage reappeared, or how your cultivation bases have been suppressed to the Divine Flame realm?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

“What?!” Hearing that, people didn’t dare to believe their ears.

These Divine Lords had their cultivation bases suppressed? Everyone carefully sensed their auras. It really did seem as if the pressure of Divine Lords had vanished.

Their cultivation bases had been suppressed to the Divine Flame realm? No wonder they were so terrified. Who in the Divine Flame realm could match Long Chen?

“Do you still remember the eye that appeared in front of the barrier when Ku Wuya fought Bai Shishi and I appeared in front of it? That eye is the martial stage’s item-spirit. It is a battle spirit from ancient times but was forcibly sealed inside the martial stage. It made an agreement with me. I would destroy the martial stage, destroying the immortal runes binding it, returning its freedom. In exchange, it would help me once. I was originally planning on using it against stronger enemies and didn’t want to waste it on foolish trash like you, which is why I warned you. Unfortunately, you’re so foolish that there’s really no saving you. You actually thought that I was just trying to scare you. People like you are forever idiots. Since that’s the case, don’t blame Boss Long San for being merciless.”

Long Chen suddenly began a slaughter. Those Divine Lords roared and resisted with their full power but were still blasted apart one by one.

An ordinary slash of his saber killed over ten of those Divine Lords. With their cultivation bases suppressed, they appeared incredibly weak in front of Long Chen.

“Long Chen, don’t kill us! We’re willing to fight for you! We’re willing to-”

Regretfully, Long Chen didn’t give them any chance. None of them could stop his saber. These once high and mighty Divine Lords wailed like ghosts as they were killed. Some even got on their knees and begged Long Chen to spare them, but the only response was a merciless saber.

Like a tiger amongst sheep, Long Chen reaped all the other lives on the martial stage. This was no longer a battle; it was a slaughter.

So many people had joined in to hunt down Long Chen, but their reprisal came quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was now Long Chen hunting them down.

This sudden change left people dumbfounded. Watching as those Divine Lords wailed without the slightest dignity of an expert, they couldn’t help feeling deeply moved. These were experts? They were still incredibly weak in the face of death. Just like what Long Chen had said, only when his saber hacked their bodies did they know pain. Only when their lives were stripped from them would they realize how precious life was.

These experts that usually held people’s lives in their hands appeared even worse than those weaklings when the tables were turned on them.

“Please don’t kill me!”

No matter how they begged, Long Chen continued to kill them one by one. The martial stage was only so big, so there was nowhere for them to run. In the end, the blood of DIvine Lords covered the martial stage. It was a stunning sight.

With every Divine Lord that he killed, Long Chen obtained a Treasure item. Those were his war spoils.

When the last Divine Lord was slain, the martial stage shuddered and a translucent figure appeared in front of Long Chen. That figure was actually another Long Chen.

“Our agreement is now complete. No one owes anyone anything,” said the manifestation of the martial stage.

“Of course. No one owes anyone anymore. However, I really must thank you. Killing those Divine Lords was truly refreshing. My mood is excellent. It feels like I’m once more seeing sunlight.” Long Chen laughed delightedly. After that slaughter, he felt the dark energy regress. It was no longer invading his mind, and it felt like he was finally free from a prison. That beautiful feeling was truly indescribable.

Long Chen felt that this ancient martial stage’s item-spirit was a very terrifying existence. Using it to kill Divine Lords was truly wasteful, but he had no choice but to admit that killing them was very satisfying. It was worth it to him.

The manifestation of the martial stage nodded. After that, its figure slowly merged into the void, vanishing from sight.

Long Chen turned back, his saber once more on his shoulder. Gazing at his enemies, he sneered, “The ancient martial stage has left. I’ve lost one trump card. If you feel like now is your best chance, then come. Let’s see if I have any more trump cards.”

With the help of the martial stage, Long Chen had killed those Divine Lords like killing chickens. He shook everyone. Those were Divine Lords, the cornerstones of any sect. They were killed just like this? Who wouldn’t be afraid?

Long Chen’s trump cards kept coming out endlessly. Ignoring the power he took out while fighting Gui Yun and Ku Wuya, just how terrifying was that original true feather that had completely blocked off the power of a World King like Enpuda? Just how terrifying was it that he could kill Enpuda’s most cherished disciple right in front of him?

Then he even used the martial stage’s item-spirit after breaking it free of its restrictions, slaying a pile of Divine Lords. These methods were truly stunning.

Now he was covered in blood, and his robes were ruined. His appearance could be said to be a bit wretched, but it appeared incredibly wild and domineering.

Most of that blood on his body belonged to Divine Lords. It slowly dripped down on him in an astonishing sight.

In the face of Long Chen’s icily arrogant gaze, those Divine Lords didn’t dare to even move. They were afraid of a single Divine Flame disciple.

That space exploded, revealing a figure with a dagger in hand.

“A Divine Lord assassin from the Bloodkill Hall?!”