Chapter 3160 Silver Moon City’s Lord

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Chapter 3160 Silver Moon City’s Lord

The Divine Lord assassin of the Bloodkill Hall had tried to sneak attack Long Chen, only to be instantly seen through by him. He forced the assassin out of concealment.

As a result, the assassin coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his mask was destroyed, revealing an elderly face. Even a Divine Lord was unable to resist Long Chen’s power, especially when the former hadn’t been accumulating power beforehand.

Long Chen snorted and swung his saber behind him. He then continued to strike the first assassin with his left hand.

The first assassin was blasted apart by his palm. As for the seven attacks coming behind him, they struck his saber, resulting in him stumbling forward. The seven of them also stumbled back.

One of them crushed a formation disc, and the void rumbled. The next moment, a transportation formation appeared along with countless black-robed masked figures.

Thousands of Bloodkill Hall experts poured out, charging at Long Chen. Amongst them were Four Peak experts, as well as Divine Flame experts.

“Hmph, is the Bloodkill Hall preparing to have the whole nest come out? Good, then let’s fight until we’re happy.” Long Chen sneered. His saber danced through the air.

Wherever his saber went, death followed. However, these assassins were fearless, and even as they were continuously cut down, they continued to charge out.

After killing and killing, Long Chen’s heart suddenly shook. This was wrong. These people were intentionally sending themselves to their deaths. After they died, their essence blood and soul energy condensed in the air.

He had a bad feeling. Although he didn’t know what they were up to, it definitely wasn’t something good.

Feeling startled, Long Chen swung his saber at one of those lights. With a huge explosion, the earth shook, but the light was like a sturdy chain. He couldn’t break it.

The spatial gate that they opened began to transform. At this moment, strange marks appeared on it, and an aura that made people’s hearts quake came from the other side. Long Chen’s heart also pounded in his ears.

The runes on the transportation formation were quickly condensed, and a statue slowly appeared. It was Enpuda’s statue.

Seeing Long Chen trapped, Bai Shishi’s mother tried to go help him, but she was blocked by the Flying Cloud Cave’s master.

“Your opponent is me. Hahaha, I really wish to see Enpuda’s clone descend. Just how will you endure his wrath?” He laughed.

Bai Shishi’s mother snorted and slowly formed hand seals with her left hand. However, just then, for some reason, she stopped and continued fighting her opponent with her sword.

With Long Chen trapped, those Divine Lords that had temporarily stopped once more bounced on Bai Shishi and the others. Bai Shishi was fighting alongside young master Changchuan, Qin Feng, Lu Mingxuan, Luo Xue, Luo Bing, and the others.

Bai Shishi and young master Changchuan both possessed the power to fight Divine Lords, especially Bai Shishi. Her primal bloodline had fully woken, and none of her power was leaking any longer. The might of her sword was something even Divine Lords had to go all-out just to block.

They were fighting four Divine Lords together. They wanted to quickly kill these people and go assist Long Chen. As long as they could kill one of the few Divine Lords from the Bloodkill Hall that were the main pillars of that formation, they could create an opening for Long Chen to escape.

However, the four Divine Lords that they were fighting were being extremely cautious. They were now stalling for time, waiting for Enpuda to descend. That made Bai Shishi and the others even more anxious.

“Bastards! Why can Long Chen kill them as easily as chickens, but it’s such an effort for us?!” Lu Mingxuan attempted several direct blows but wasn’t able to gain any advantage. On the other hand, her own Blood Qi was shaken, infuriating her.

“Qingyun!” Qin Feng suddenly shouted. After that, his Blood Qi erupted, and he slashed his saber at one of the Divine Lords’ weapons. This saber contained his full power, and it broke that Divine Lord’s arm, startling him.

Just then, a sharp sword-light flashed and cut that Divine Lord in two. Not even his Yuan Spirit could escape.

Mu Qingyun had been protecting Bai Xiaole after he lost the power of his eyes, so no one had been paying attention to her. But as soon as Qin Feng fought for an opportunity for her, she didn’t disappoint him.

With one of the four Divine Lords slain, Bai Shishi and the others were reinvigorated, while the three Divine Lords panicked. Immediately, one of them was forced back by Bai Shishi’s sword, and young master Changchuan took the chance to pierce his chest with his bone spear. That person screamed and fled.

The remaining two Divine Lords also didn’t dare to continue trying to block them, and they fled.

Bai Shishi and the others were delighted. However, just as they stepped toward the formation, an icy-faced elder with a wooden cane in his hand blocked their path.

“Silver Moon City’s lord?!”

Upon seeing that elder, countless people’s hearts thudded.