Chapter 3161 Peak Shamelessness

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Chapter 3161 Peak Shamelessness

The lord of Silver Moon City was also a late Divine Lord realm expert, with an extremely high seniority level at that. He was even older than the master of Flying Cloud Cave, so he was on the level of old monsters.

“Little children, my apologies, but I cannot allow you to ruin Enpuda’s important matters. Otherwise, when his fury descends, my tiny Silver Moon City won’t be able to endure,” said the city lord.

“You can’t offend Enpuda, but you can offend the High Firmament Academy?” demanded Bai Shishi furiously. She sensed the immense, raging power within him. Despite also being in the Divine Lord realm, his power was greater than the others.

For them, an early stage Divine Lord was fightable, but middle stage and late stage ones were too powerful to resist.

“The High Firmament Academy is famed for being upright. They won’t do something like destroy Silver Moon City. But the Bloodkill Hall is different. If we don’t do anything, our Silver Moon City might very well be destroyed. So… hahaha, my apologies, but I can only choose to stop you. I trust that you won’t blame me.” The city lord laughed like a wily fox.

Bai Shishi was enraged. This city lord was the original host of the Nine Prefecture Convention and was supposed to be impartial. Who would have thought that he would reveal his fox’s tail here? So he was already one of Lord Brahma’s henchmen, or there was no way that he would be listening to Enpuda’s orders.

This was true shamelessness. When it came to choosing who to offend between a good person or a bad person, most people would choose to offend the good person. It was because a good person wouldn’t go too far in revenge, but a bad person would wipe them out of existence if they could. This was one of the unspoken rules of this world.

“Haha, you can say what you want. I have no other choice. Furthermore, I must also capture you alive. If there are any accidents, I need your life in my hands as a trump card. Hopefully, you won’t blame this old man for bullying juniors.”

The city lord laughed. His shameless words were spoken like they were only natural and right. He then slowly walked toward Bai Shishi.

Bai Shishi and the others were enraged. This city lord was absolutely shameless. Bai Shishi furiously shouted, “Old bastard, unless you can kill me, the day I rise will be the day that Silver Moon City is destroyed!”

“No, you won’t have that chance. I won’t leave behind such a disaster in the making, hehe.”

The city lord stretched his gnarled hand toward them. Chains spread, encompassing the space around Bai Shishi and the others.

Shocked and enraged, they went all-out, only for their attacks to instantly crumble just as they formed. As a result, they were shaken and coughed up blood.

“His realm is too high! We’re unable to even bring out our full power!” raged young master Changchuan. The pressure of the city lord was immense, to the point that they couldn’t even absorb Heavenly Dao energy any longer.

“Ants should know respect. Obediently be captured, or this old man might not be so gentle. If I crush one or two by accident, don’t blame me.” The city lord slowly walked over, unleashing another palm.

Bai Shishi barely managed to unleash a slash of her sword, only for it to get sent flying. The power of the city lord’s realm suppression made her unable to even use half of her metal energy. Even her primal bloodline was suppressed.

With her sword gone and her Blood Qi shaken, she felt like she was unable to unleash even a fraction of her power.

“Bastard, this realm suppression contains mental energy in it. My mental energy still isn’t strong enough.” Bai Shishi clenched her teeth. She hated herself for having such weak mental energy. If her mental energy was as strong as Long Chen’s, she would be able to ignore this kind of pressure.

Long Chen could ignore the pressure of a World King, while she couldn’t even resist the pressure of a late stage Divine Lord. At this moment, she glanced at the trapped Long Chen. She wasn’t able to help at all. She was pale with worry.

Just then, the city lord’s next palm slammed toward Bai Shishi. However, Young master Changchuan and the others went all-out against it and were sent flying.

“Give up this meaningless struggle.” The city lord smiled sinisterly.

All of a sudden, the sound of a zither rang out, shaking Bai Shishi and the others’ spirits. Somehow, the pressure crashing down on them lightened.

Liao Yuhuang appeared in front of Bai Shishi, blocking the city lord’s path.

“What? Is the Zither Sect planning on interfering in this matter?” The city lord frowned.

“This junior is unable to watch as senior bullies a group of disciples. Hence, I am willing to exchange a few pointers with senior,” said Liao Yuhuang coldly.

Bai Shishi and the others hadn’t expected Liao Yuhuang to help them. It had to be known that the Zither Sect never interfered in the immortal world’s grievances. They didn’t interfere in any fights.

“Hmph, if you can’t watch, then don’t look. Don’t think that this old man doesn’t dare to do anything to you just because you are a disciple of the Zither Sect.” The city lord was enraged. He wasn’t afraid of Liao Yuhuang, but he was afraid of the Zither Sect that was behind her. That was one of the four immemorial sects. Just like the life-forbidden area, he couldn’t provoke them.

“More words won’t help. Junior will have to be rude.”

Liao Yuhuang suddenly slammed her hand on her zither. As a result, five notes rang out in unison, shaking heaven and earth. The city lord’s pressure instantly vanished.

Bai Shishi and the others originally felt like fish caught in mud, but that mud had somehow turned into water. As the pressure vanished, they were delighted. It seemed that Liao Yuhuang, with her incredibly powerful mental energy, had a method to counter the city lord’s pressure.

Bai Shishi’s manifestation burst into existence behind her. Transforming into a golden goddess, she charged at the city lord.

Young master Changchuan, Qin Feng, Luo Xue, Luo Ning, Lu Mingxuan, and the others all attacked as well. This time, without any suppression, their confidence soared.

As the zither music played, Bai Shishi and the others felt as if they were merging with the world. All the power of heaven and earth fell under their control.

Only now did they realize that Liao Yuhuang’s zither music could move the Heavenly Daos, giving them the support of the very world and allowing them to unleash greater power than they normally could.

With Liao Yuhuang’s support, they unleashed a rain of attacks, sending the city lord back. He was shocked and enraged.

Amongst the rain of attacks, Qin Feng stood out. He used his arm bracers to receive an attack from the city lord and strike the city lord’s neck with his saber. As a result, blood sprayed out. He was only a bit off from severing the city lord’s neck.

After that, the city lord’s cane slammed into Liao Yuhuang’s zither, shattering it. Liao Yuhuang then turned as white as a sheet of paper and spat out a mouthful of blood. The light in her eyes scattered. She then fell from the sky.

“Little slut, get over here!” The city lord was so infuriated that he no longer held back. He destroyed Liao Yuhuang’s zither with one blow and then reached out for Bai Shishi’s neck.