Chapter 3162 Purgatory Eyes, Power of Destruction

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Chapter 3162 Purgatory Eyes, Power of Destruction

Liao Yuhuang’s zither was destroyed. Without her power countering the city lord’s pressure, and considering that he was now going all-out, they felt like they were suffocating.

Bai Shishi felt the space around her freeze. Unable to move, she was only able to watch as the city lord’s hand reached toward her.

Young master Changchuan, Qin Feng, and the others all wanted to help, but the pressure was too strong for them to even run over in time. They were all panicking.

Suddenly, Bai Xiaole appeared in front of Bai Shishi.

She had never expected him to come running over at such a time. This was no different from sending himself to his death. “Xiaole, run!”

Bai Xiaole formed hand seals. At this moment, his eyes were scarlet red, and traces of blood flowed out of his eyes.

However, he completely ignored her and stared at the city lord, his eyes containing a trace of fear but also boundless hatred.

As his Three Flower Pupils revolved, space shuddered. His eyes were already injured, but he was still standing there.

“Little fellow, since you want to die, I will help you.” The city lord sneered and unleashed a single palm at the twisting space before him. As a result, the screen of light that Bai Xiaole had summoned became covered in cracks but didn’t shatter.

The city lord was surprised by that. He then smiled sinisterly. “Interesting. It seems you no longer want those eyes of yours.”

The city lord pushed harder with his hand. After that, the spatial barrier that Bai Xiaole had summoned with his Three Flower Pupils rumbled, seemingly on the verge of collapse.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaole rapidly formed hand seals. His entire body was trembling, and red lines appeared in his eyes. It seemed as if his eyes would explode. Right now, blood was constantly dripping out of his eyes.

“Xiaole, run! You’ll die!” roared Bai Shishi. But Bai Xiaole didn’t even seem to hear.

Suddenly, space exploded and Bai Xiaole screamed. A layer of his eyes fell off, and he had no choice but to shut them.

“You brother and sister are actually quite close, huh? Then you can both become my trump card!” The city lord laughed and extended his hand. A heaven-encompassing palm reached toward them.

However, just at that moment, his expression completely changed. He suddenly found that he couldn’t move.

At some point, the mark of the Three Flower Pupils had appeared behind him. The three flower petals layered on top of each other, with him at the center.

However, it was different from Bai Xiaole’s white light. These Three Flower Pupils were black and contained terrifying destructive power, one that caused the world to shake.

“It’s Long Chen!” Startled cries rang out. They saw Long Chen with one eye shut and one eye open. The open eye had the mark of the Three Flower Pupils in it, and it was black as well.

A ball of lightning then appeared in Long Chen’s hand, pulsing like a heartbeat. As it pulsed, the world shook.

“World Extermination Lightning Radiance!”

The lightning sphere in Long Chen’s hand rapidly inflated, instantly devouring the experts of the Bloodkill Hall.

With a final explosion, lightning runes filled the air. Right now, those experts from the Bloodkill Hall, including the Divine Lords, had completely vanished from this world. Only the transportation formation’s gate remained.

Within the remaining flashes of lightning, a figure wrapped in lightning stepped out. He was like a lightning god, and his footsteps were like thunder in people’s ears.

Black light flowed within one of Long Chen’s eyes. It was bleeding, and his gaze was icy.

He was incredibly angry. This anger stemmed from what the city lord had said about how the High Firmament Academy was an upright force that wouldn’t do anything like wiping them out, but if they didn’t work for the Bloodkill Hall, Enpuda would exterminate them.

Kind people were bullied because of their kindness? It was precisely because of this that people stopped being kind… because they didn’t dare to. People like that city lord were the worst. The world would only grow more and more evil with people like him present.

At this moment, the city lord struggled. The void rumbled intensely, and cracks appeared in space. However, the three flower petals didn’t change at all.

“I told you that you could try me to see if I was out of trump cards, and you really do have guts. You dare to test me. I admire those guts.” Long Chen walked through the air.

When people looked at the current Long Chen, they all felt a chill. Was he the reincarnation of a god? How could he still have more trump cards? How did he possess the Three Flower Pupils? Were those not something that required a bloodline inheritance? A lower world ascender couldn’t possibly possess the immortal world’s illustrious Three Flower Pupils.

“Long Chen…” Seeing Long Chen walking over so darkly, Bai Shishi couldn’t help whispering his name. Tears then flowed out of her eyes.

The three flower petals then shuddered. Countless cracks appeared in the void, but this time, it wasn’t caused by the city lord. It was the three flower petals themselves that were compressing space.

The mark in Long Chen’s eyes also shrank as space compressed more and more. The city lord’s expression completely changed.

“All subordinates of Silver Moon City, attack! Kill-” The city lord coughed up blood. His body was cracking under the pressure of the Three Flower Pupils. As they compressed space, a destructive power that existed beyond the Heavenly Daos invaded his body. His body was corroding rapidly.

People were horrified to witness this. The city lord’s body was being crushed, and it was now only three feet tall. His body had completely deformed.

“Good people are used and abused. If standing by Enpuda’s side isn’t wrong, then it isn’t wrong for me to kill you either. I’m sure you won’t blame me for destroying your Silver Moon City either, right? You can offend the High Firmament Academy because they’re an upright power that won’t wipe you out in retaliation. Unfortunately, you ended up offending Boss Long San. Boss Long San is no good person. My memory isn’t good, so I don’t like holding grudges. I’d rather have all my grudges settled immediately. Everyone who attacked today, I have remembered you. I’ll make sure to settle the debts one by one, and I’ll start with Silver Moon City.”

Just then, the Three Flower Pupils shrank to the size of a pinpoint.

The city lord was unable to even make a sound. The spatial compression crushed him into blood mist.