Chapter 3163 The Dean Appears

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Chapter 3163 The Dean Appears

The Purgatory Eyes borrowed the Triple Flower Pupils to activate, exterminating the lord of Silver Moon City. However, Long Chen’s eye was instantly filled with pain, and blood poured out of it. He was unable to open it any longer.

Long Chen took out an eye-patch to cover that eye, but blood continued to leak out.

Looking at what happened, everyone was silent. The lord of Silver Moon City was a monster who had lived for countless years. His cultivation base had reached the late stage Divine Lord realm, but he was still killed by Long Chen without being able to resist.

Although it seemed that Long Chen had paid an immense price for it, and it was unknown if he would be able to use that eye of his again, it was still completely terrifying.

As for the master of the Flying Cloud Cave that was fighting Bai Shishi’s mother, he had stopped and fled far into the distance, feeling terrified.

Even at such a distance, Long Chen could activate a pupil art to lock down the city lord and kill him. How could Zhao Feiyun not be afraid?

Long Chen eyed Zhao Feiyun and indifferently said, “No need to be afraid, the city lord was only caught so easily because he was concentrated on Bai Xiaole. My pupil arts are completely amateur. Even if I used them against you, you could easily escape.”

Hearing this, Zhao Feiyun was even more terrified. Long Chen’s tone was completely relaxed, making him feel even more tense. It was as if Long Chen was a bottomless hole. No one could see through him.

Long Chen sneered, “Count your blessings that you aren’t a Primal. Otherwise, you’d have long since followed the footsteps of the city lord.”

Even after killing so many Divine Lords, Long Chen was disappointed to not find any Heavenly Dao Fruits. Those Divine Lords weren’t Primals. But thinking about it, that was a good thing. If these Divine Lords were also Primals, then he would have been dead here.

Bai Shishi and the others helped Liao Yuhuang up. After that, Long Chen cupped his fists toward her. He didn’t bother saying anything and simply remembered this favor in his heart.

Bai Shishi and the others then stood behind Long Chen. The other disciples of the High Firmament Academy also flew over to stand behind him. Even in the face of all these experts, they didn’t feel the slightest fear. To be with Long Chen, even if they died today, they felt like they could die with no regrets.

In the cultivation world, everyone worshiped the strong. That kind of worship was almost blind, but it was also the kind of worship that made others willing to fight to the death for them. It was difficult to describe.

“Mom, shouldn’t we escape while Enpuda has yet to descend?” whispered Bai Shishi.

Before her mother could reply, Long Chen shook his head. “Our battle has already ended. For the rest of the fight, we are just spectators.”

Bai Shishi’s mother was startled. “You know?”

“When I activated the Three Flower Pupils, I sensed it. Ugh, if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have had to do all this. Now, I’m a one-eyed dragon.” Long Chen held his painful eye and sighed.

“What are you talking about?” demanded Bai Shishi.

He wasn’t very tall, and his complexion was rather dark. Even amongst fatties, he was definitely of the most unremarkable kind.

However, this seemingly unremarkable person had Dao runes flowing inside his eyes, revolving like stars. Just his gaze seemed to possess the power to destroy an entire world.

Although it was just a clone, it was thousands and thousands of times stronger than the spiritual wisp that he had adhered to Gui Yun. Seeing him, countless experts felt sharp pangs in their souls. They held their heads and rolled on the ground painfully, unable to resist that pressure.

Enpuda’s roar rang out through the world. It was as if the ten thousand Daos were roaring with him.

“Dad’s here,” replied Long Chen calmly.

Bai Shishi and the others were so nervous that they almost laughed. Just what was wrong with this fellow’s head?

Enpuda’s fury soared. He slowly raised his hand, but his expression suddenly changed. He twisted his head to look in the other direction.

“Respected Enpuda, are you planning on disciplining the immature disciples of my High Firmament Academy? If they did something wrong, then this old man was unable to properly raise them. I will apologize to you here.” A figure appeared in the air. But this figure was covered in immortal mist, making it impossible to see his face.

However, hearing his voice, Long Chen felt that it was a bit familiar. He was unable to remember where exactly he had heard it before.

Bai Shishi was delighted to see that figure. “It’s the dean!”

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The High Firmament Academy’s disciples instantly relaxed. They hadn’t expected this matter to even disturb the dean and make him personally come.

The dean was Bai Shishi’s grandfather, so she naturally recognized his voice.

After Long Chen had activated the Purgatory Eyes, he sensed an extremely terrifying expert hiding within the void. Furthermore, he noticed that Bai Shishi’s mother was not worried at all. At that moment, he realized that this terrifying expert had to be from the academy. But he hadn’t expected the dean to personally come.

“Apologize? You think you can do that? Your academy’s disciple killed my favorite disciple! How are you going to pay for that?!” raged Enpuda.

“How about a single hair from my leg? If that’s not enough I can add another hair. But that’s my limit,” interjected Long Chen nonchalantly.

“Long Chen…!” Bai Shishi had an urge to hit Long Chen. The dean was speaking to a World King. How was it his place to interject?

Furthermore, Enpuda was enraged, and Long Chen was intentionally provoking him. Was he worried that this matter was not big enough already?

However, just then, she blushed because she saw her mother staring at her profoundly. She immediately fell silent and turned away.

“What are you hitting me for? I gave him enough face. If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t even give a single hair,” grumbled Long Chen.

“Do you see?! This is the attitude of your High Firmament Academy’s disciples! Do you think that my disciple can be killed by others?!” raged Enpuda.

“My disciples truly are a bit naughty. This old man will properly teach them once we return. There’s no need for the mighty Killing God to worry about it,” said the dean.

“What does that mean?” Enpuda’s expression darkened.

“This old man is simply saying that my academy’s disciples are to be taught by me. It’s not for others to worry about.”

“And if I want to teach them a lesson?” demanded Enpuda, his killing intent erupting.

“Hahaha, then this old man can only accompany the mighty Killing God in a few exchanges,” laughed the dean.

When the dean said this, all the experts felt their hearts clench tightly. If these two were to fight here, wouldn’t this land of the nine prefectures be destroyed?