Chapter 3164 The Champion

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Chapter 3164 The Champion

“Bai Letian, you merely possess the body of an Immortal King. Do you think that you can block me?” shouted Enpuda.

Only then did Long Chen and the others learn that the name of their dean was Bai Letian, and that his realm was that of an Immortal King.

However, an Immortal King was below a World King. He probably wouldn’t be able to stop a World King.

“If your true body descended, then that would definitely be too much for me. But this old man feels that handling a clone should be no problem. However, this old man truly feels incapable, so he brought the High Firmament Divine Sword’s sheath. If I accidentally kill your clone, I hope you won’t mind,” said the dean.

Hearing the name of the High Firmament Divine Sword, Enpuda’s expression once more changed. This was clearly an existence that made him worry. However, the others had never even heard of it.

“Do you wish to become enemies with me? You wish to declare war against Divine Venerate Brahma?” demanded Enpuda.

“No, no. An old man like myself, challenging a Divine Venerate? I’m not capable of saying anything for the High Firmament Academy. After all, there are still a group of even older fellows who refuse to rest in peace in the academy. They stubbornly wish to use the last light of their lives for the academy. If sir wishes to give them that chance, I probably won’t be able to stop them from sacrificing their lives for the High Firmament Academy.” The dean shrugged helplessly.

Only now did everyone realize that despite the dean’s polite tone, he wasn’t afraid of Enpuda’s threats at all.

Enpuda was enraged. He looked at the dean and then at the indifferent Long Chen. A vein throbbed on his forehead. The cool calmness of an assassin that he had cultivated for countless years was still unable to suppress his rage.

Seeing Enpuda looking at him, Long Chen disdainfully said, “What are you looking at? You’re just one of Lord Brahma’s dogs. You aren’t qualified to give orders on his behalf. Do you think a war will start just because of you? If the High Firmament Academy really was such a soft target, Lord Brahma would have long since sent a dog like you to handle it. I killed your disciple, and now you cry like I killed your dad. So Gui Yun’s life was valuable, but other people’s lives are nothing? Only you’re allowed to kill others, but others aren’t allowed to kill you? Who do you think you are, the Heavenly Daos of the immortal world? Do you think that you are the law? Then why don’t you just ascend? No one’s life is more precious than the other’s in this world. Even if you are skilled at reincarnating in the right place, as long as people work hard, they can still make you reincarnate again. That’s why there’s the expression, rain follows when the heavens are wild, and calamity follows when people are wild. Thus, it would be better for you to be a bit more low-key. No matter how powerful you are, don’t get too arrogant. Youngster, don’t be so angry. Go back and properly meditate. See if you can find where you were wrong.”

Countless people almost coughed up blood. Enpuda, an old monster that was practically a living fossil, was actually called a youngster by Long Chen.

Lu Mingxuan stared in disbelief. Enpuda had left just like that?

“If he didn’t leave, would he plan on staying for a meal? He doesn’t dare to fight here. The longer he stays, the more face he loses,” said Long Chen indifferently.

With Enpuda gone, the world returned to calm. The High Firmament Academy’s dean had personally come and driven off Enpuda’s clone. Everyone finally bore witness to the academy’s methods.

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No one had known that the High Firmament Academy, which they had thought to have declined to the point that they couldn’t rise again, would be able to drive off Enpuda’s clone. The academy had usually been bullied by even small sects and simply endured it. But during this Nine Prefecture Convention, this sleeping tiger awoke and bared its fangs.

Countless experts were shaken, especially those that controlled the Nine Prefecture Convention. They had a bad feeling.

Once Enpuda left, the dean’s figure also faded. From the start, he hadn’t revealed his true face.

“Where is Zhao Feiyun? Boss San has some words to say!” shouted Long Chen suddenly, making everyone jump.

Everyone looked around and found that Zhao Feiyun had long since vanished. This fellow had slipped away as soon as he sensed things going wrong.

“Who cares if you’ve run? Can you run with your nest? I already said that anyone who attacked today will have their sects personally destroyed by me. Weren’t you fine with slaughtering people from the High Firmament Academy, saying that an upright sect like it won’t destroy you in retaliation? Do you think good people are easy to bully? Then I’ll show you Boss Long San’s methods. When I, Long Chen, reach the Four Peak realm, I will personally visit your sects. Prepare yourselves. If you don’t want to die, then you should hurry and run. If you want to die, then just stay there and wait for Boss Long San to come.”

Countless experts shook in fear. Long Chen was a ruthless person, and no one dared to question his words.

He was someone who ignored Enpuda’s threats and killed his favorite disciple. Was there anything in this world that he didn’t dare to do?

Furthermore, he had said that he never threatened people. Since he had said it, he was confident that he would do it. They had personally witnessed just how good he was at keeping his word.

“You can’t do that! The people who attacked you were already killed by you. Isn’t that enough? As a peak expert, how can you condemn an entire sect because of one person’s actions?” shouted someone.

“Hahaha!” Long Chen laughed. “What a huge joke. One person’s actions? Don’t use such a childish move against me. Those who attacked were incited to do so by Enpuda. If they listened to Enpuda, then their sects must have long since joined Lord Brahma’s side. Trying to throw the responsibility onto a few dead scapegoats? You might be able to do that against the High Firmament Academy, but Boss Long San doesn’t take that crap. If a person tries to take a bite out of me, I’ll make sure to swallow them whole. I already warned you and gave you your chances, but you treated it as nothing more than empty words, instead wanting to take the credit for killing us. When I talk reason with you, you reply with martial might. When I use martial might against you, you wish to talk reason with me? Let me tell you, don’t listen to the Butterfly Spirit race’s words about how I’m a good person. Boss Long San is no good person. Although I don’t avenge all offenses against me, if someone wants my life, I definitely won’t let them off. Let me just say this: when I advance to the Four Peak realm and your sects haven’t disbanded yet, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Congratulations on winning the championship of the Nine Prefecture Convention.” Just at this moment, the Huayun Trading Company’s people came over.