Chapter 3165 Prizes

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The person in charge from the Huayun Trading Company didn’t have a good expression. This was their first time taking charge of such a thing, and the result was completely out of control.

When the competition was over, everything should have gone according to the Huayun Trading Company’s process. As soon as Long Chen killed Gui Yun and Ku Wuya, the Martial Dao convention was over.

As the host, they were supposed to keep the order. They were in charge of preventing anyone from making reprisals against the champion, and they should be the ones to stop sneak attacks and such.

The Huayun Trading Company lacked the necessary experience in this regard. Furthermore, such a thing had never occurred in the past Nine Prefecture Conventions. That was because the champion was always decided beforehand, so there would be no such conflict.

However, this time, Boss Long San had come and ruined their plans, and the end result was this chaotic battle.

Although this couldn’t be blamed on the Huayun Trading Company, their people were still holding back bellies of anger. Those people that had attacked Long Chen in the end had not given the Huayun Trading Company any face.

The person in charge first congratulated Long Chen and then coldly looked at the others.

“All the sects who attacked Long Chen after the Martial Dao convention was over, I’m sorry to inform you that starting today, you have been blacklisted by the Huayun Trading Company. You are no longer permitted to carry out any business with the Huayun Trading company, whether it is buying or selling, including any auctions.”

This proclamation caused countless expressions to change. It had to be known that the immortal world’s greatest trading company was the Huayun Trading Company.

Almost every single sect had some kind of collaboration with them. All their business of buying and selling relied on the Huayun Trading Company, which had a golden reputation. They always treated others fairly and never cheated them.

Now that they had offended the Huayun Trading Company, they felt like the world was collapsing around them.

Medicinal pills, precious ores, weapons, herbs, and countless other resources were now cut off from them. That also meant that they were cut off from the rest of the world.

Furthermore, by stating it directly, they were saying that this included any shady, indirect selling or buying of goods as well. In other words, perhaps some sects would help carry out business for these sects that were now blacklisted. But with the direct statement, even that was forbidden. If they were noticed, they would also be added to the blacklist.

Although there were a few other trading companies as well, the majority of them were second-rate. Ignoring their low quality goods, the main thing was the lack of trust that could be put in them. Who knew what they might do? Perhaps after accepting a big payment, they might just pack up and run.

Thus, any sect with power relied on the Huayun Trading Company for their goods. Only small sects that weren’t even qualified to do business with them would go find other trading companies.

Finally, these experts’ expressions grew ugly. They had neglected the Huayun Trading Company, a force whose influence was on par with Divine Venerate Brahma. They had actually forgotten about this terrifying consequence.

First, there was Long Chen saying that he would come to find them once he reached the Four Peak realm, and then there was the Huayun Trading Company cutting them off. Hence, they despaired. They could only wait for the orders from their higher-ups.

Countless experts were filled with regret. If they had known this beforehand, they wouldn’t have offended Long Chen no matter what. Unfortunately, in this world, there was no medicine for regret.

They truly felt foolish now. Long Chen had warned them more than once, but they had sneered at him, treating it as crazy words. Now, they had lit themselves on fire.

“My apologies. This convention has ended up a complete mess,” said the host from the Huayun Trading Company, looking at Long Chen.

“Sir is too courteous. I should be the one apologizing. It is only due to me pulling in the Huayun Trading Company that this happened. I implicated you. I’m truly ashamed. Please tell brother Xuan Ming that I will remember this favor.” Long Chen cupped his fists.

This truly couldn’t be blamed on the Huayun Trading Company. They were only in charge of business and had no experience conducting such a convention. They had based their hosting according to Silver Moon City’s standards, but no one had expected things to devolve to this extent. Hence, hearing this, the host smiled. These words from Long Chen were truly appropriate and comforting.

Long Chen’s display was truly stunning this time. He had won both the Dao discussion and the Martial Dao conventions. The theory was carried out in practice, and he was the strongest in both. Such a thing had never happened in all of history.

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He had repeatedly defeated heavenly geniuses, even slaying two supreme monsters one against two in the form of Ku Wuya and Gui Yun. This battle truly caused his name to resound throughout the heavens.

Even in the face of a World King, he remained arrogant and domineering. However, this existence could still talk so amicably and comfortably to others, without any of that overbearing arrogance.

He was not someone who needed to intentionally display his arrogance to carve out his own special status. Moreover, his attitude truly made many people feel comfortable with him. If others stood at that height, they definitely wouldn’t be able to act so low-key.

“Experts only raise their blades against stronger experts. Only weaklings bully the weak.”

At this time, Long Chen’s previous words rang out in their minds once more. The current Long Chen was truly like a normal person. His tone was humble and amiable.

“Tomorrow, we will carry out the ceremony for the awards. The top hundred heavenly geniuses must accept their prizes. As for the top three, there’s no need to make any declaration. Of the top three, two no longer exist in this world…”

Naturally, of those three, the one who lived was the champion. As for the prizes for second and third, they could only go to Long Chen.

That was a rule that had been set since the Nine Prefecture Convention was created. In the deciding battle, if one person died, the other person would take the prize for first and second.

However, such a rule had never been put into practice, as no one had ever died in the finals. Long Chen had once more written a new page in history.

Everyone returned to Silver Moon City, but now a heavy air of death hung over the city. The city lord had been killed, and the Zhao clan that was in charge of Silver Moon City didn’t know what to do. There was a Yama King named Long Chen that was residing amongst them right now.

The Zhao clan intentionally arranged the most luxurious mansion for Long Chen and the others, but Long Chen ignored them. His attitude made them extremely uneasy.

The High Firmament Academy’s disciples originally weren’t even qualified to enter the city, but they were invited in by the Zhao clan as another expression of goodwill toward Long Chen.

As a result, the High Firmament Academy’s disciples directly found a place to host a great celebration. Today’s battle made them shout with excitement. They had never dreamed that they would ever get to witness such a marvelous battle.

These disciples were now complete worshippers of Long Chen. Their eyes had tiny stars when they looked at him.

Long Chen was also happy and drank with them. Every time he thought of how he was about to obtain the golden dragon scale, he felt his blood heating up in anticipation.

The next day finally came. With the martial stage destroyed, the ceremony was held on top of the Dao discussion stage. When Long Chen arrived, thunderous applause rang out.

Long Chen smiled and waved to everyone. However, when he set foot on the Dao discussion stage and saw the golden scale in the transparent case, his expression changed.