Chapter 3166 Zhao Clan Courting Death

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Chapter 3166 Zhao Clan Courting Death

There was a waist-height platform on the Dao discussion stage with a golden case on it. At this moment, the case had runes flowing on top of it, and vague waves of dragon might came from within.

This golden case contained the golden dragon scale. Hence, countless people sighed in amazement when they sensed the powerful dragon might.

However, when Long Chen arrived, his expression changed. Qin Feng hastily asked, “Boss, what is it?”

Long Chen waved his hand, indicating that it was nothing. He then joined the line with everyone else. After that, the ceremony commenced. Rank four to a hundred all came up on the stage and received their prizes.

Luo Xue excitedly received a Treasure item sword as well as a pile of immortal crystals. This was what she had risked her life for, so she was naturally excited and proud. Luo Qing, Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others were also happy for her.

As for Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, and the others, they weren’t so happy. After all, Treasure items weren’t much to them.

Bai Xiaole’s eyes were still injured, and he was busy recuperating, so his reward was accepted by Bai Shishi on his behalf.

“Next, we invite the champion, Long Chen, to come accept his reward.” The person in charge called out. His voice contained a trace of excitement. It went without saying that the final battle had truly been marvelous.

Long Chen slowly walked up. One of his eyes was still covered, so he looked a bit strange. Countless people were worried for him and his injured eye.

With a pupil art, Long Chen had slain the city lord. However, he had then paid a terrifying price. If he ended up losing an eye, that would truly be terrible.

Long Chen walked onto the stage. His expression wasn’t very good, startling the host. The latter then whispered, “Long Chen, what is it?”

“The dragon scale in the case has been replaced,” said Long Chen darkly.

“How could that be?!”

That person’s expression completely changed. The roaring cheering of the crowd also came to a slow stop.

Quite a few people heard their words, and they found it unimaginable. After that, the host immediately ordered someone to open the case. Once it was open, a translucent curtain of light appeared, and there was a palm-sized golden dragon scale lying inside.

The golden dragon scale unleashed waves of dragon might. Even through the screen of light, they could feel it.

“This isn’t the golden dragon scale? This terrifying pressure doesn’t seem fake though?” People stared and found it curious that Long Chen would find it to be a fake.

It had to be known that the case was currently covered by a barrier. Only a trace of its dragon might was leaking out. Such a thing was fake? It was emanating so much pressure that many experts felt like they couldn’t even breathe.

However, people saw that the host’s expression was also very ugly. He shouted angrily at one of the other Huayun Trading Company’s experts. “What are you doing?! This is the golden resonance dragon’s reverse scale, not a true dragon’s reverse scale! You let someone run off with it?!”

The host was ashen with rage. They were in charge of this Nine Prefecture Convention. It had already ended up in chaos, losing them face, but now even the reward for first place had been stolen? Wasn’t that a vicious slap in the Huayun Trading Company’s face? Their reputation was about to plummet.

“This case was under the supervision of Silver Moon City’s Zhao clan! There was a seal on top of it, so we…” explained that person hastily.

“Are you joking?! You didn’t check something this important?!” The host shouted in rage. This person clearly had too much faith in Silver Moon City. After all, they had collaborated for countless years. He also hadn’t expected Silver Moon City to stab them in the back like this.

“Silver Moon City, you really are interesting. Are you testing my bottom line?” Long Chen’s expression was dark. He had done all this: offended countless powerful enemies, bled so much blood, suffered so many injuries, and even temporarily lost an eye just for the golden dragon scale. However, someone dared to take his treasure away at the last moment?

Previously, Long Chen had been giving the Huayun Trading Company a face and restraining himself. Since it was clear that it wasn’t done by people from the interior of the Huayun Trading Company, his fury exploded.

“It seems that you don’t want to wait until I advance to the Four Peak realm. Then I will destroy Silver Moon City right here and now!” As Long Chen raised his hand, a flame lotus ignited, instantly swelling.

Long Chen then flew up from the Dao discussion stage and stood at the center of Silver Moon City. This area was the business place of the Zhao clan, as well as their foundation in Silver Moon City.

The flame lotus smashed down on that foundation. As a result, all the surrounding buildings were instantly blasted apart.

Countless screams came from within those buildings as the people fled in horror.

“Long Chen, don’t! This has nothing to do with our Zhao clan! The golden dragon scale was originally set to be given to Gui Yun! It has already been taken by them! If you want to get revenge, go find-” shouted an expert from within the Zhao clan.

Unfortunately, Long Chen didn’t give them any chance to retort. His giant flame lotus smashed down, and everything within this area was incinerated. In front of the Azure Rainbow Flame, those ancient buildings with their grand protective formations appeared incredibly weak. This place was turned into ruins.

Fortunately, the flames didn’t spread further. Long Chen had clearly controlled his power to attack only the Zhao clan’s foundation and not harm innocents.

“Long Chen, you murderer! That golden dragon scale was taken by the Bloodkill Hall! If you have the ability, go find them! To vent your anger on us, you really are a bastard who bullies the weak!” cursed one of the Zhao clan’s Divine Lords while weeping. The foundation that the Zhao clan had accumulated for countless years was now destroyed.

Countless treasures were destroyed along with those buildings, and it shattered the Zhao clan’s hearts. They wished that they could attack Long Chen right now, but they didn’t dare to.

“Long Chen, you piece of trash, that dogshit image of yours really was convincing! What was that about not bullying the weak?! What a hypocrite!”

“Long Chen, you’ll face your retribution sooner or later for your heartless slaughter! What kind of ability do you think you have to bully those weaker than you? Go demand the dragon scale from Enpuda if you can!”

The Zhao clan’s people furiously cursed Long Chen, but they didn’t dare to send themselves to their deaths.

Just then, an explosion came from underground, and flames burst forth. A golden case was then sent flying into the air. After that, the sacred dragon might radiated through the air, shaking people’s souls.

When they saw that golden case, they seemed to realize something. As for the curses of the Zhao clan’s experts, they were cut off as if severed by a knife.

“Did you think you could hide my treasure and cover it from me? Do you think I’m as stupid as you? For stealing my dragon scale, I destroyed your Zhao clan’s foundation. If you dare to spout more crap, I’ll be forced to rip you out by the roots.”

Long Chen snorted and waved his hand. After that, the golden case landed in his hands. He finally smiled as if he was relieved from a heavy burden.

“I’ve finally obtained it.”