Chapter 3167 Losing the Rice to Lure the Chicken

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Chapter 3167 Losing the Rice to Lure the Chicken

This golden case was identical to the one on the Dao discussion stage. However, this case had countless runes flowing on top of it, and it was still completely sealed.

Despite that, it was unable to conceal the waves of dragon might that came from it. That sacred might made other people want to prostrate themselves toward it.

Only then did Long Chen see why the dragon scale was stolen. This sacred might was truly different. It was sacred, one that caused everyone else to feel mental pressure.

The dragon, the emperor of all beasts, and the true dragon, the king of the dragon race. It was no wonder that these people coveted this treasure. They must be affected by the true dragon might. That feeling of reverence that came from deep within their souls could not be replicated.

“Zhao clan, you really know how to court death. You actually stole Long Chen’s true dragon scale and tried to cover it up.” People shook their heads.

“They definitely have something wrong with their heads. Were they unable to see Long Chen’s Dragon Blood Battle Armor? Were they unable to hear the resounding dragon cry?”

“Long Chen’s cultivation technique is clearly related to the dragon race. They actually thought that they could hide a true dragon scale from him and put the blame on the Bloodkill Hall?”

“They might not have been planning on simply shifting the blame. Perhaps they were thinking of keeping the dragon scale in order to curry favor with the Bloodkill Hall. After all, this was a treasure originally set for the Bloodkill Hall. This dragon scale is equivalent to the majority of the resources accumulated for this generation’s Nine Prefecture Convention. It’s not something small.”

“Good thing that Long Chen noticed, or we wouldn’t have even discovered this dirty trick. They’ve conned so much money out of us over the years. It really is infuriating.”

Countless experts privately discussed this matter, while the Zhao clan’s experts were left ashen.

The other experts scoffed at them without the slightest sympathy. This was all caused by themselves. The fact that Long Chen didn’t slaughter them all was the utmost benevolence.

“Scram! Silver Moon City doesn’t welcome you, you trash, ingrates, degenerates.”

“The face of Silver Moon City has been completely lost by your Zhao clan. You were even willing to do such a thing for profit.”

“Boss Long San might have mercy on you, but we won’t. You’ve done such immoral things. If you still don’t scram, you might not live to leave Silver Moon City.”

Curses rained down on the Zhao clan. The Zhao clan was supposed to be the head force in charge of Silver Moon City, and all other powers within Silver Moon City were to listen to their orders. Those powers had endured before, but now they had a chance to drive the Zhao clan out.

Some of those powers had begun to secretly gather to strike the Zhao clan now that they had declined. They would wipe them out from this world.

Before this, they were afraid of the power behind the Zhao clan, as they curried favor with Lord Brahma and even had a relationship with the Bloodkill Hall. But now, their foundation had been wiped out by Long Chen, so Lord Brahma no longer had any use for them. The Zhao clan’s survival was of no interest to him, so it was time for revenge.

As a result, the Zhao clan’s people helplessly left the ancient city that they had dominated for countless years. At the same time, many other experts within the city also vanished. The end for the Zhao clan probably wasn’t going to be good.

Having obtained the dragon scale, Long Chen was so excited that he almost started dancing. With this dragon scale, he could condense the Golden Dragon Battle Armor. At that time, who could possibly fight him in the same realm?

“Congratulations, congratulations. The treasure was lost and then regained. That can count as an immense fortune,” said the host. He wasn’t able to cover up his embarrassment.

This time, the Huayun Trading Company had lost face. They were extremely angry. When did people start thinking that their Huayun Trading Company was so easy to bully? So many people viewed them as nothing more than empty air. Hence, they would definitely report this to the higher-ups.

“Hehe, it truly is fortunate. However, this matter can’t be blamed on you. After all, you’re all businessmen. Businessmen must keep their word, but not everyone has that integrity. Seniors, you simply lacked experience in this regard,” said Long Chen. His mood was so good that he no longer cared about the trouble.

However, the more Long Chen said that it wasn’t their fault, the more awkward the Huayun Trading Company felt. After all, despite them being in charge, things had devolved into such chaos. Their lack of experience was not an excuse. They truly had been thinking too simply in many areas. That was not in accordance with the wisdom and integrity of a businessman. They would have to undergo an internal investigation themselves.

After that, Long Chen was asked to continue with the ceremony. The Zhao clan could be said to have done a good thing for Long Chen. They had sent him a free golden resonance dragon reverse scale. Although it didn't come from a true dragon, it was still an extremely terrifying existence amongst the dragon scale.

After reaching the golden scale level, its reverse scale was also considered a priceless treasure. In this case, the Zhao family truly lost the rice used to lure the chicken. Their greed caused them to lose their entire possession.

Of course, the golden resonance dragon reverse scale also entered Long Chen’s pocket, and he put it in the primal chaos space. However, he didn’t dare to do the same thing with the true dragon reverse scale.

All true dragon reverse scales possessed an arrogant will. The primal chaos space’s dignity also could not be provoked. If they were to clash, Long Chen was afraid that the primal chaos space would destroy it. Then he really would cry.

Even through the case, he could sense a terrifying sacred might and undying will. That power made his heart shake. He didn’t dare to subdue it now.

According to ancient records, the golden dragon’s realm was equivalent to the human race’s Four Peak realm. The golden resonance dragon’s reverse scale was something he dared to directly absorb, but the other reverse scale was from a true dragon, and it was something left behind by the mysterious dragon expert’s descendant at that. He had a feeling that if he were to try to absorb it now, its power would directly blast him apart. He still didn’t dare to take that risk, nor did he need to.

It would be safest if he advanced to the peak of the Divine Flame realm and then refined the golden dragon reverse scale. Once he had the golden battle armor, he could face his next tribulation.

Last time, he had almost been killed by his tribulation. This golden scale would be his trump card for passing his next tribulation.

Moreover, he had obtained prizes for second and third place. He then gave them to Luo Qing and Mu Qingyun. Originally, he was planning on giving the prize for second place to Liao Yuhuang, but she suddenly vanished after that battle, not staying to accept her prize or even say goodbye.

Thus, Long Chen left it to the two of them. The prizes were a huge amount of immortal crystals as well as their pick from a selection of top grade Treasure items.

Mu Qingyun was overjoyed and didn’t bother trying to decline, but Luo Qing was very embarrassed. However, she knew Long Chen’s character, so she went with Mu Qingyun to pick out a suitable weapon. Even so, she directly refused the immortal crystals, simply tossing them to Long Chen. Hence, Long Chen gave them to Luo Bing and Luo Ning, telling them to go buy some weapons that they liked. As a result, they all benefited immensely from this trip.

The curtains to the Nine Prefecture Convention fell like this. It wasn’t perfect, but countless spectators had profited from witnessing the fights. As for Long Chen’s name, it was spreading throughout the nine heavens and ten lands.

The name of the champion of the Nine Prefecture Convention wasn’t so powerful. But the name of the person who dared to kill Enpuda’s favorite disciple in front of him was, and this matter shook countless experts.

This news passed through countless channels, spreading throughout the entire immortal world. That was precisely what Long Chen wanted.