Chapter 3168 News of Zheng Wenlong

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Chapter 3168 News of Zheng Wenlong

According to the convention, there were three days of celebration at the end of the Nine Prefecture Convention. The host would entertain all the competitors and the heads of the various sects.

However, the Zhao clan had been driven out of Silver Moon City. The Huayun Trading Company did think about organizing the celebration as an expression of apology, but several large powers within Silver Moon City were starting to make moves in secret. They were clearly gathering their forces to take over Silver Moon City.

In this kind of strange, tense atmosphere, no one wanted to stay for long. The current Silver Moon City was already a battlefield.

Staying here would cause them to be drawn into the war. Before the results were clear, no one wanted to be implicated.

Thus, many of the sects that had come directly said goodbye after receiving their prizes and left under the excuse of still needing to do things at home.

Of course, another reason they were in such a rush to leave was because Long Chen was here. Who knew whether or not the Bloodkill Hall would suddenly return even stronger?

Although the senior generation was in a rush to leave, the juniors were a bit unwilling. They wanted to stay a bit longer. Even an extra gaze at Long Chen would be good. After all, for many of them, they would never get to see such an expert again in their lifetime.

However, under the pressure of their seniors, they were dragged away. In just a single day, Silver Moon City became quiet. The atmosphere grew more and more tense, and it felt like a storm was coming.

Long Chen ignored all this. He didn’t leave immediately because Bai Xiaole was still recuperating. As for the fight over Silver Moon City, it had nothing to do with him.

Luo Qing and Luo Xue wanted to leave to report back to the Luo family, but they were stopped by Long Chen. It was too dangerous for them to leave now. Hence, he told them to return with them to the High Firmament Academy first before leaving.

Who knew what was going on around Silver Moon City right now? Who knew whether killers from various major powers were lying in wait or not? It had to be known that Long Chen had offended countless people this time, so they had no choice but to be cautious.

Just as everyone was waiting for Bai Xiaole to recover, Long Chen was asked to go visit the Huayun Trading Company. Xuan Ming received him, first apologizing for what had happened at the end of the Martial Dao convention. They had handled this matter badly and were ashamed.

Long Chen smiled and assured him that he felt no offense. He didn’t blame the Huayun Trading Company for this matter. After all, he was the one who had made them take charge of something they had no experience with.

In any case, at the very least, the Nine Prefecture Convention was fair, upright, and impartial. With that, the Huayun Trading Company would be in a good position to continue hosting the Nine Prefecture Convention. Everyone trusted them to continue being fair. Otherwise, things would slowly go back to the old way.

After all, money was the mover of hearts. Greed was an unconquerable devil for humanity.

“I have a piece of good news for you. We have found Zheng Wenlong,” said Xuan Ming.

“Really?” Long Chen was delighted to hear that.

“Then I’ll entrust this to brother Xuan Ming. I’ll be returning to the High Firmament Academy soon. Our cooperation…”

“I understand. We’ll send our people from the Martial Heaven Prefecture to receive you. No matter what you need, you won’t have to even leave your door. You can directly call us,” said Xuan Ming.

“Many thanks. To tell the truth, the Huayun Trading Company is very important to me. As my cultivation base grows, I’ll need to work together with you more and more. You are my trustworthy backer,” said Long Chen.

“Hahaha, brother Long is joking. A client with limitless potential like you is someone I can entrust my livelihood to. I should be the one thanking you,” laughed Xuan Ming.

Xuan Ming truly admired Long Chen. At such a young age, he already had such a terrifying power. He had won both the Dao discussion and the Martial Dao conventions. Such a thing had never occurred before. However, he still treated Xuan Ming the same as before.

Even in the face of a World King, Long Chen dared to look down on him fearlessly. Yet he was still easy to get along with. In all his years, Xuan Ming had never encountered someone like that.

Xuan Ming even specifically asked Long Chen what he needed right now, and while Long Chen did require a few things, he shook his head because he saw that Xuan Ming was still trying to make up for what had happened at the Martial Dao convention. After all, the Huayun Trading Company had helped him out with the Nine Prefecture Convention, and blaming them for what had happened was wrong.

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After discussing some further details with Xuan Ming, Long Chen returned to his residence. The third day after the convention ended, Bai Xiaole finally woke up. But somehow, blue light appeared in his eyes.

When Bai Shishi’s mother saw that blue light, she exclaimed, “Congratulations, Xiaole! You’ve finally awoken your primal bloodline.”

“Really? But I don’t feel anything. And why do I see multiple of you?” Bai Xiaole jumped up. When people saw his eyes, they laughed. Their images were multiplied in his eyes, making him dizzy. “What are you laughing at?”

“You’re seeing double because you’re cross-eyed right now. It’s a normal phenomenon when the Three Flower Pupils’ bloodline awakens. You’ll be fine after a few days,” comforted Bai Shishi’s mother.

The way Bai Xiaole had protected Bai Shishi at the end was a very gratifying sight for her. Although he was still a child, he was a real man inside. It was precisely because he had dared to face death at that moment that his potential had erupted, awakening his primal bloodline. He was no longer the old Bai Xiaole. His cultivation path truly started now.

“Xiaole, thank you.” Bai Shishi came over to Bai Xiaole. She was full of emotion. She thought back to how he had risked his life to protect her.

“You’re too courteous. In any case, you’re going to be my boss’s bed warmer, so doing this much for boss is only natural- aiya!”

Bai Shishi grabbed the screaming Bai Xiaole and threw him out the window.

With Bai Xiaole awake, Long Chen brought everyone to say goodbye to Xuan Ming. The major powers within Silver Moon City then sent them off with a strangely warm goodbye.

A flying boat set off, carrying hundreds of thousands of disciples from the High Firmament Academy. In just less than an incense stick’s worth of time flying, Mu Qingyun cried out upon spotting something outside the window.