Chapter 3169 The Weak Are Prey to the Strong

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Chapter 3169 The Weak Are Prey to the Strong

Everyone’s attention was drawn over. They saw that there was a pile of ruins on the ground below. Mountains had been crushed and streams had turned into lakes. There were corpses everywhere.

“It’s the Zhao clan’s people!” exclaimed Lu Mingxuan, recognizing their robes.

Long Chen looked at those corpses as if he had expected them. He indifferently said, “There’s nothing strange about it. The weak are prey to the strong. This is the cultivation world. Where there are people, there are grudges. Where there are grudges, there is killing. The Zhao clan has dominated Silver Moon City for countless years and suppressed the other powers. Those powers had to pay yearly tributes to them just to be bullied. Considering that Silver Moon City was hosting the Nine Prefecture Convention, they must have consumed a great deal of the profits while those powers could only watch resentfully. Now that the Zhao clan has fallen, those people will naturally settle their debts with them. They’ll avenge those enmities. The Zhao clan’s main force is gone, and all their businesses will be fought over in the next few days.”

“They really were courting death to have dared to steal the golden dragon scale. Even the lord of Silver Moon City was slain by boss. Boss didn’t feel like casting his anger on them, but they actually dared to use such a dirty trick. Courting death,” said Qin Feng disdainfully. He looked at those corpses on the ground without the slightest sympathy.

“Now that we left, Silver Moon City will probably devolve into a storm of blood as the powers within try to fight for the position of city lord. If they want to be the overlord, they have to bring out absolute power that shakes others. Most likely, the price of that intimidation will be countless lives. Only after they’re lost will things calm down,” sighed Long Chen.

“Why are you talking like some wise old man now? Have you forgotten how brainless you were when you went crazy?” demanded Lu Mingxuan.

The current Long Chen seemed to have regained his previous wisdom. He seemed calm and tranquil. Lu Mingxuan even suspected that he had been replaced or possessed at that time.

Seeing Lu Mingxuan’s disdainful gaze, Long Chen rolled his eyes. “Everyone can understand the logic, but actually doing it is another matter. When my blade slices through other people’s blades, I can still be calm. But if their palm were to strike my face, how could I endure? All I can do is use my blade against my enemy no matter who they are.”

“Are you saying that everything you said on the Dao discussion stage is useless?” asked Lu Mingxuan.

“Whether or not it’s useful depends on yourself. There are no absolute rights or wrongs in this world… no set limits or yardsticks to measure yourself perfectly. If you encounter someone who talks reason, you can talk reason with them. If you encounter someone who doesn’t talk reason, talk with your fists. Do you think talking reason is so amazing? If it was, then idiots like those from the Chu family, young master Wuji, Ku Wuya, Gui Yun, and the others would have been reformed, don’t you think? So sometimes, you can listen to principles, but don’t take them too seriously. Also, most of what I said was just some nonsense I made up,” said Long Chen.

“If your worshippers heard that, they’d die of rage,” said Lu Mingxuan, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“What worshippers? They worship strength. They feel that controlling power allows them to control everything,” said Long Chen.

“Is that not the case?” retorted Lu Mingxuan.

“Of course not. Some things cannot be controlled by power,” said Long Chen.

“For example, I want to turn you into a pure-hearted maiden,” said Long Chen.

Hearing this, Lu Mingxuan instantly corrected her posture and put on a very maidenly and virtuous affectation. “Am I not a pure-hearted maiden? We haven’t known each other long enough for you to see the real me. You don't know how deep I am, and I don’t know the long and short of you. Don’t you think it’s presumptuous for you to make such a judgment?”

Seeing her profound expression, Long Chen shivered. He got goosebumps and could only spit out, “You dirty girl.”

Bai Shishi and the others acted as if they didn’t understand what she just said because any reaction would tell others that they did understand, and that they were as dirty as Lu Mingxuan.

They had suffered many losses against Lu Mingxuan. Hence, every time they spoke to her, they would have to carefully reflect on her words before saying anything. If there was a question that they couldn’t answer though, they would choose to simply ignore it.

Time passed on the flying boat. A bit after the flying boat passed through this area, two figures in the air appeared. One of them was Bai Zhantang, while the other was Bai Xiaole’s mother.

“What a group of cowards. Even now, they don’t dare to attack. I’ve been waiting a long time.” Bai Zhantang sighed disappointedly.

“The dean has personally shown himself and driven away Enpuda’s clone. So those experts have probably received Enpuda’s orders and given up,” comforted Bai Xiaole’s mother.

“Cowards. They don’t dare to come out just because of that?” Bai Zhantang glared in the direction of Silver Moon City.

“Are you jealous because Long Chen got to show off and you didn’t?” laughed Bai Xiaole’s mother.

Bai Zhantang turned red and said, “There’s no such thing. Who do you think I am? Would I care about such a minor accomplishment? I… I just feel like those rabbits hiding in the darkness need a lesson.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaole’s mother simply smiled, and Bai Zhantang’s face became even redder. He angrily said, “My son was already conned into being his little brother. You think I can just watch as he seduces my daughter as well? I need to at least display my power so that brat knows that I’m not some weakling. But those bastards refuse to show themselves, so I don’t get a chance. Isn’t that infuriating?”

“Why? You don’t think Long Chen is good enough?” asked Bai Xiaole’s mother.

“No, but that little fellow is really disagreeable. After all… after all, that bastard punched me before,” said Bai Zhantang.

Hearing that, Bai Xiaole’s mother laughed. It seemed that Bai Zhantang still held a grudge. “Just how old are you? You’re going to quibble with a child? What if he does become your son-in-law one day? If he’s a bastard, what does that make you? Are you not cursing yourself?”

“Tch, let’s not talk about such vexing things. I’ll go inform the other brothers to leave. Enpuda really is a coward. He doesn’t even dare to exchange blows. Hmm, I haven’t seen my father fight in so long. No one gives him a chance to do so.”

After grumbling some more, the two of them vanished, leaving behind only an echo of laughter from Bai Xiaole’s mother.