Chapter 3170 Lacking Morals Leads to Smoke

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Chapter 3170 Lacking Morals Leads to Smoke

At the same time as Long Chen was on the way back to the High Firmament Academy, news of what had occurred at the Nine Prefecture Convention spread throughout the world like lightning.

A very large reason why this news could spread so quickly was because the Huayun Trading Company was entrusted by Long Chen to spread this news far and wide.

At that time, Xuan Ming jumped in shock when Long Chen was asking him to do this. The Huayun Trading Company was spread throughout the entire immortal world. Spreading this information would draw the attention of countless experts, and some monsters would be setting their gazes on Long Chen.

In the immortal world, the greater a person’s fame, the more challengers they would have. That was because the fastest way of gaining fame was defeating someone even more famous.

As the influence of the Huayun Trading Company was truly immense, the news that Long Chen had killed Enpuda’s disciple would definitely cause a ruckus. Long Chen would probably face countless challengers once this word reached them.

Xuan Ming warned Long Chen about this and to reconsider, but Long Chen said the greater the ruckus, the better. That was precisely what he wanted. Since he was so sure, Xuan Ming quickly arranged things.

The Huayun Trading Company had their own information network. When they wanted to announce something, the speed at which it spread was unimaginable. The entire immortal world received this news in no time at all.

Enpuda was a figure with a great deal of fame even considering the entire immortal world. For someone to kill his favorite disciple right in front of him was truly major. Hence, Long Chen’s name spread throughout every corner of the nine heavens and ten lands.

“Hahaha! I knew that I would get word of you soon. You even killed Enpuda’s disciple? You have guts, hahaha!”

A long-haired man with a bow on his back was flying through the air on a flying sword. He was handsome, with a trace of baby fat still remaining on his lower chin. He held a photographic jade, and seeing the video inside, he laughed.

This person was Mo Nian. If Long Chen saw the current Mo Nian, he would definitely feel shocked. The current Mo Nian’s aura was deep and heavy. His gaze was electric. He had reached the mid Four Peak realm.

As for the bow on his back, it possessed an astonishing aura. As he sped through the air, the vague roaring of ancient beasts could be heard from the bowstring.

“You bastard, if you have guts, stand still! Let’s see if I can beat your balls out right now!”

As Mo Nian flew through the air, not that far from him were countless experts chasing and cursing him.

“Just how did our Guanlong Huo family offend you?! You dared to rob our ancestral graves?! I’ll definitely tear you apart if I catch you!”

“Stop right there! You can’t get away! After offending our Huo family, don’t even think about escaping the Yaohua Prefecture!”

There were hundreds of Divine Lords cursing Mo Nian. However, Mo Nian seemed to be deaf to their cries. Even the late stage Divine Lords were completely ignored by him.

“Little fellow, not bad. You have such power in the Divine Flame realm? What would happen if you reach the Four Peak realm? You’re still as tough as always, but what’s with those beggar clothes? Well, your status will definitely soar after this. No good, I have to work hard. On the Martial Heaven Continent, you always suppressed me. Here in the immortal world, you have to be the one following me. It’s rare for the heavens to give me a chance to flip the scales. I have to grasp this chance and not let him catch up.” Seeing Long Chen’s battle against Ku Wuya and Gui Yun, Mo Nian muttered to himself.

Suddenly, he turned around and shouted to the people behind him, “Hey, stop chasing me! Even if you can catch up, you can’t beat me. Just tell me if you have any enemies and if those enemies have some interesting tombstones. I’ll help you get revenge, okay?”

Sharp sword will filled the air of a lofty, towering mountain. At the peak of this mountain was a sword, and it was pointed at the heavens. Millions of stars revolved around it.

However, when the sunlight fell on the ground, that giant sword vanished. Instead, there was only a collapsed world.

From the bottom looking up, it was like they were seeing a volcano erupt with such power that the laws of spacetime were broken. It formed a current exploding into the heavens.

From the top looking down, it was like millions of swords had condensed into a starry river sword that stabbed into the earth. The will of the Sword Dao continuously destroyed the laws of the world. Within this domain, no other Daos could enter. No other laws could interfere. All there was… was the will of the sword.

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In other words, only in the immemorial era did cultivation start. It was said that all the cultivation techniques and Battle Skills of that time were the most primitive, embryonic forms. So much time had passed that everything was muddled.

However, the desolate era was even farther back. It was an era of chaos, where the human race was at the bottom of the food chain. There were no written records of what life was like back then. Only some ancient murals depicted just how difficult things were back then.

The desolate era was the time of the wild beasts. Humanity barely existed between the cracks.

It was said that the Jiuli, Heaven Eye, Violet Blood, and other ancient races could be traced back to the immemorial era. But any further back was impossible to trace because there were no records for them to follow.

As for Buried Sword Peak, it came from the desolate era’s Sword Ancestor. This legend was almost impossible to believe, but no one dared to question it. Buried Sword Peak was a sacred land within the nine heavens and ten lands.

Throughout the billions and billions of years of the immortal world’s history and fighting, no one had dared to challenge Buried Sword Peak. It was a holy land for sword cultivators. Whoever dared to blaspheme Buried Sword Peak would be offending every sword cultivator in the world.

It was said that the Sword Ancestor comprehended the Sword Dao in the desolate era, and due to a lack of diagrams and language, there was no one capable of comprehending this Sword Dao for tens of thousands of years. Hence, the Sword Ancestor ended up burying himself with his sword, merging his soul into the Sword Dao, offering the Sword Dao to all cultivators to comprehend. As long as sword cultivators still existed, the will of the Sword Ancestor would not be erased. It would forever exist in this world.

Countless sword cultivators came to Buried Sword Peak to pay homage. But the majority of them were of limited aptitude and could only stay at the bottom of the mountain. If they could reach the waist of the mountain, they would be accepted in Buried Sword Peak Gate, and sword experts would give them pointers on the Sword Dao.

At the peak of the mountain were nine sets of steps, and this was the ultimate training land on Buried Sword Peak. On the third staircase was a man with a sword on his back, looking at the photographic jade in his hand. His hand, which was normally as steady as rock, was trembling.

“Boss, Zifeng will soon find you.”

Looking at the figure in the photographic jade, Yue Zifeng’s eyes turned misty. After a year, he finally obtained some information about his boss.

Taking a deep breath, Yue Zifeng stepped onto the fourth staircase. In that instant, overbearing Sword Qi slashed down on him from every direction. He was instantly drowned by that endless Sword Qi.