Chapter 3171 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (1)

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Chapter 3171 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (1)

“Boss, it’s been a year. I finally got some news from you…”

Hot tears spilled out of Guo Ran’s eyes as he looked at the photographic jade in his hand. He had matured a great deal, and his gaze was now firm and unswerving. He no longer had his old slippery, wily appearance.

In one year, in the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College, he had experienced a great deal. Once Xie Qianqian brought him in, he no longer received any further help from her.

He knew his own shortcomings. He wasn’t independent enough. Upon arriving in the immortal world, he found that without Long Chen, he was trash.

He didn’t want to stay trash, and he wanted to stand on his own. Hence, this one year, he had suffered many troubles and trials. It was precisely due to this that he had been forcibly tempered into a man of steel.

“Earth Master, the squad has been assembled. We are ready to join the battlefield at any time.” An armored expert walked in and respectfully bowed to Guo Ran.

Guo Ran solemnly put away the photographic jade and said, “Instruct our brothers to get into peak condition. Our goal is to turn the Alldevil star-field into a river of blood.”

“Earth Master, that’s the domain of Heaven Masters! It’s inappropriate for us to go there…”

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it. I’m only one exam away from being a Heaven Master. The next exam is in three months, and I can’t wait that long. We must kill even more devil beasts, even stronger ones. Then we can get more resources. After only getting soup for so long, aren’t you in the mood for some meat?”

“Yes, but for so many of us to go will cause some dissatisfaction amongst the other Heaven Masters. Furthermore, those devil beasts are all at the Divine Lord realm. Some will even be in the late stage. If something happens…”

“Who cares about the dissatisfaction of the other Heaven Masters? They don’t have any real ability and simply occupy that area for nothing. We are going to display our might. Starting today, we are going to eat meat too. No one can stop us. Three months is too long. As for the danger, everything is dangerous. Boss ever said that opportunity lies within danger. Someone who doesn’t take risks won’t get wealthy. If we continue to simply line up behind them, we’ll only get to eat their crap. Stop wasting words and send out my orders.”

That person turned around and left. After that, Guo Ran gripped the photographic jade and muttered to himself.

“Boss, I’ve received the news. Wait a bit longer. Once my Devil Dragon Battle Armor reaches completion, I’ll come find you.”

“Instructor Xia Chen, the exam is coming up. As the examiner, you have to get there in advance.”

Within the Spirit Rune Pavilion, Xia Chen stood in his own loft, holding a photographic jade.

“It’s been a year. I’ve been asking around for so long, but I finally have some news from you, boss. Brothers of the Dragonblood Legion, are you still well?”

Upon looking at the photographic jade in his hand, Xia Chen’s mind was filled with images of the Dragonblood warriors gathering once more. During this year, every time he slept, he would be woken by a nightmare of seeing the Dragonblood warriors dying.

In that nightmare, his formation discs failed, and when he tried to form hand seals, he found that his hands were frozen. He could only watch as his brothers died.

He swore not to let history repeat itself. In this one year, he managed to step by step climb his way out from being a worker to the throne of the Spirit Rune Pavilion’s number one member of the junior generation. Even the selection of disciples was something he was qualified to participate in.

He was no longer the worker that was shouted at. He could also be said to be an influential figure in his area. Just like Long Chen, he had tried to spread his name so that the Dragonblood Legion could gather once more.

Today, he was so emotional that he almost wept. He wanted to tell Long Chen. “Boss, Xia Chen was useless back then. But I won’t let history repeat itself. I will definitely protect every Dragonblood warrior.”

“Instructor Xia Chen…” The disciple reporting to him called out when he saw that Xia Chen didn’t react to him.

“I know.” Xia Chen waved his hand. Taking a deep breath, he wiped a tear away from the corner of his eye.

“Boss, wait for me. I’ll find you soon. I won’t disappoint you again.” Xia Chen clenched his fists and looked into the distance.

A terrifying roar split the air. This was a ferocious devil beast the size of a mountain, and it had already reached the level of a Divine Lord. However, its roar was cut off by a giant fist to the head.

Following that, a giant bit into its neck, devouring its blood. That giant’s Blood Qi then soared crazily. He was even bigger than a mountain.

This giant was Wilde. Wilde had two horns on his head, and they were covered in golden marks now. Spots had also appeared on his forehead.

A thousand miles away stood two large men that were observing him. Although they had hidden their Blood Qi, blood-colored runes flickered in their eyes. It was as if those eyes were capable of piercing through the cosmos.

“That Long Chen should be the one mentioned by the King. Should we tell him?” said one of the men, looking at a photographic jade gravely.

Wilde had been here for a year, but he was extremely disobedient. He kept shouting that he had to find his brother Long, and his temper only grew worse. It seemed that he had started to grow resentful toward them.

Although they were from the same race and they naturally wouldn’t harm him, Wilde seemed to think that since they wouldn’t let him find Long Chen, they weren’t on his side. Only Long Chen was on his side.

“Let’s take it slowly. Compared to our King, Long Chen is too weak. He’s not fit to call our King brother. Furthermore, his King Blood Divine Radiance has yet to manifest, and the Blood Barbarian race’s life crest has yet to awaken. We still can’t see the future of our King. Letting him out now is too dangerous. The path to be a King is too slow. We can only discuss this later,” said the other one.

“But the King is growing more and more hostile toward us. This isn’t a good thing. Furthermore, he has declined to leave behind his bloodline with the ladies of our race. What are we supposed to do?”

“The King should have long since matured and be able to reproduce. But his intelligence hasn’t grown in that regard. The legends did say that the purer the bloodline, the lower the intelligence. This King of ours really is foolish, so his bloodline must be shockingly pure. Perhaps it might return to the immemorial bloodline. In any case… ugh, we can only keep watching. Once he awakens the Blood Barbarian’s crest and can protect his life, if he is still causing such a ruckus, we’ll send people out with him for training I suppose. Just watching him like this is no solution.”

Watching him squatting down and devouring that beast, the two of them shook their heads. They had told him a million times to first circulate his Blood Qi and activate his blood runes before consuming meat. That would allow him to absorb the meat much easier. But Wilde never remembered.