Chapter 3172 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (2)

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Chapter 3172 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (2)

This was a tranquil forest with towering trees that covered up the sky. This was a world of constant night, the domain of the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race. Other lifeforms didn’t dare to take half a step into this domain because they would be mercilessly killed. This race’s domineeringness and protectiveness were well-known within the entire immortal world.

At the peak of a mountain was a giant wolf whose whole body was white. It was lying on the ground, and behind it was a blood-colored moon. It simply hung there, motionless.

That moon was the sacred inheritance of the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race. As its light fell on this world, it nourished the snow wolf. This snow wolf seemed to be slumbering as if in a mother’s embrace. Blood mist slowly entered its body.

This was naturally Little Snow. Back then, when the Nine Underworld Hunters descended and attacked, Little Snow was sent through the immortal palace to the immortal world.

Those Nine Underworld Hunters were killed by Long Chen, but others discovered Little Snow, and when they realized that Little Snow was from the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race, they were terrified. They hastily sent Little Snow away.

At that time, Little Snow was injured badly, so they didn’t dare to tarry. If Little Snow died in front of them and the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race discovered this, they would be doomed.

They weren’t even looking for the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race to thank them and owe them a favor. They only hoped that their relationship didn’t worsen. Thus, they sent Little Snow over immediately.

However, even the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race was unaware that their wolf emperor egg had fallen into the lower plane, which Little Snow had then taken over. It was no wonder that they were unable to find it even after searching throughout the entire immortal world.

The true wolf emperor had already died, and Little Snow was now in control of its body.

This was simply not possible. How could a soul from the mortal world possess the body of the wolf emperor?

However, even if the soul was not the original, it did not change the fact that Little Snow was now the descendant of the wolf emperor. Even if it was a human in control of this body, they would still have become a member of the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race.

He was standing in the distance, watching quietly as Little Snow absorbed the essence of the moon. He then smiled.

Little Snow was now the greatest hope of the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race. He felt much better about the future.

“Patriarch, we’ve finally found word of that Long Chen,” reported a middle-aged man.

“Oh? You’ve found him?” The patriarch was a bit surprised. Having investigated Little Snow’s memories, he knew that Long Chen was the person that Little Snow wanted to find the most.

With no other choice, the patriarch had been forced to use a formation to seal Little Snow and have it fall into a deep slumber so that it could absorb this essence without any worries.

They had been searching for Long Chen for a long time, but they had no branches. They were all concentrated here. Because of it, they had little contact with the outside world.

It had been a year since they had started looking without any results. However, the patriarch had long since expected this. The immortal world was huge, and they didn’t have a good information network. Finding Long Chen was like finding a needle in the ocean. He hadn't had much hope.

After a year, he had almost forgotten about this matter. But they had actually found him.

The middle-aged man handed a photographic jade to him. “This Long Chen is not bad. He actually killed Enpuda’s disciple right in front of him. He’s a real man.”

The patriarch looked at the photographic jade. When he saw Long Chen fight Gui Yun and Ku Wuya, an expression of shock slowly appeared on his face.

“Patriarch, did you also recognize his terrifying potential?” asked the middle-aged man.

The patriarch took a deep breath and shook his head. “His potential is one thing. This little fellow is a nine star heir.”

“What? Impossible! How can a nine star heir use other cultivation techniques? His aura is also completely different. Considering our deep ties with the nine star heir, how could I not tell?” demanded the middle-aged man.

The patriarch continued watching. He paid special note to the way Long Chen held his black saber and arrogantly looked down on all others. “This gaze is definitely the same. I don’t know what’s the case with his cultivation technique, but with that gaze, I am sure he is a nine star heir.”

His tone was extremely confident. If Long Chen was present, he would definitely be shocked. Even such a thing could sell him out?

“No wonder he was so stubborn as to kill Gui Yun even when Enpuda appeared. That really is in line with a nine star heir’s character. Patriarch, if he’s a nine star heir and hasn’t been discovered by the Nine Underworld Hunters, why don’t we bring him here?”

The patriarch waved his hand. “Long Chen created his own cultivation technique to cover up the aura of his real cultivation technique. Even his manifestation has changed. It’s enough to trick others. Nine star heirs live to fight, like a Kunpeng soaring into the heavens and breaking free of all restrictions. He must maintain this sharpness. If he was brought here for a peaceful life, his will would regress. I always wondered why our emperor’s egg would fall into the lower plane. It seems that everything was thanks to fate. From Little Snow’s memories, I also saw a fellow with the Blood Barbarian’s king blood and a girl with the mark of the original devil race. Now that I think about it, hehe, I understand. Is that old sweeping fellow from the High Firmament Academy still alive?”

“Good. If he could allow a nine star heir to join, then he will definitely protect him. Long Chen is in no danger.”

After a moment’s thought, the patriarch added, “Wake up Little Snow tomorrow. Tell her the news of Long Chen and that if she wants to join him, she must awaken the blood moon manifestation.”

“Understood.” The middle-aged man left.

The patriarch looked at Little Snow in the distance and suddenly laughed.

“The day has finally come. This world is going to change. The Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race is finally going to welcome the dawn of a new era.”