Chapter 3173 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (3)

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Chapter 3173 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (3)

In a dark corner stood a delicate figure. Holding a photographic jade, seeing that familiar figure, she couldn’t stop her tears from dripping down.

She was Dong Mingyu. After joining the Dark Sect, she had become a titular disciple of the sect master, Ye Wusheng.

They had an agreement. Only once she personally cut off Enpuda’s head and gave it to her would she be qualified to call her master and become her true disciple.

Ye Wusheng was the master of the Dark Sect, but she had never accepted any personal disciple. The Dark Sect was filled with countless geniuses, but not one of them had entered her eyes.

Let alone a real disciple, she hadn’t even had any titular disciples before Dong Mingyu. She was the only one. In one year, Dong Mingyu had undergone the harshest training. Her perseverance and determination moved even the icy Ye Wusheng.

However, being moved only caused her to increase the difficulty of her disciple’s training. That training wasn’t something a human could endure, but Dong Mingyu never complained, nor did she ever give up. She persevered.

There were countless times when her life was in danger during that training. However, her heart was still like water. It was only when she saw this photographic jade that she hid in a corner and wept.

“Big brother Long Chen, I can finally see you again.”

Tears streamed down her face. In this entire world, Long Chen was the only person she considered family. It was Long Chen who had dragged her out of that dark world and shown her the light. He was what had shown her what warmth was.

Amongst all of Long Chen’s lovers, Dong Mingyu was the one who felt the most particular about Long Chen. She felt a dependence on Long Chen that could not be described.

“As an assassin, you are allowing something to rattle your Dao-heart and affect your emotions. If an enemy was lying in wait, they would have a much higher chance of assassinating you in this state.”

A woman’s ephemeral voice rang out within the darkness, and she appeared without making a sound. Her skintight black clothes and leather boots hugged her beautiful curves closely. She was like a leopardess hiding in the dark, beautiful and dangerous.

She appeared completely naturally, like an emissary of the dark, coming and going without a sound.

“Sect master, didn’t you say that every person has their own fate, and once it is grasped, there is no escape? He is my fate. All my efforts are for him. He is my everything.” Dong Mingyu wiped away her tears.

This woman was precisely the terrifying assassin that made countless people quiver just by hearing her name, Ye Wusheng.

Ye Wusheng shook her head slightly and slowly squatted down. A pair of beautiful eyes stared at Dong Mingyu in the darkness. “An assassin must be emotionless. Well, that’s just the view of those debased people. If a person had no emotions, they would have no desires and no drive to move forward. This Long Chen isn’t bad. He has immense potential, but he’s still in the Divine Flame realm. His cultivation speed is too slow. On the other hand, you’ve reached the mid Four Peak realm. But I’ve focused on teaching you my assassination arts, not increasing your realm. For Long Chen to still be so far behind, he’ll probably be cast far behind you in the future.”

“Sect master, you don’t understand him. His talent is unparalleled. If he wanted to increase his realm, he’d definitely catch up in an instant. Even if his cultivation is slow, it doesn’t mean anything. Once I kill Enpuda and accomplish master’s mission, I will go find him. I will spend a lifetime protecting him.” A rare sweet smile appeared on Dong Mingyu’s face, one that made her seem like a completely different person than her normal icy self.

“You have such confidence in him?” asked Ye Wusheng.

“Of course. He is the strongest.” Dong Mingyu nodded.

“Will he surpass you?”

“How can my disciple be surpassed by others? Starting today, I’m giving you special lessons. Go find your senior apprentice-brothers and sisters of the Spirit generation. I’m going to bring you to the Dark Wind Domain,” said Ye Wusheng icily.

Dong Mingyu jumped in shock. The Spirit generation of disciples were all Divine Lords. She was going to be pulled into a training exercise with them?

Just like that, Ye Wusheng and Dong Mingyu vanished into the darkness.

“Master, master, I’ve found news of that fellow Long Chen!” Tang Wan-er, who was dressed like an imperial princess in all white, ran through a palace, shouting with a photographic jade in her hand.

Within this hall was a beautiful woman who looked like she had walked out of a painting. Immortal mist revolved around her. She was sternly rebuking a group of disciples, but when Tang Wan-er ran in, she didn’t chide her. Instead, she gave her a pampering smile.

Those disciples were covered in sweat from being rebuked, but when Tang Wan-er walked in, it was like they saw their saving star. Relieved from a heavy burden, they almost wept from emotion.

“That Long Chen you’re constantly talking about?” The woman smiled. She was Tang Wan-er’s master, Feng Xinyue.

Contrary to other experts, she had no sect. Her origins were mysterious. No one knew where she had learned her skill, or where she came from.

She had been famous in the immortal world for countless years. Ever since she appeared, she had fought countless powerful enemies. All those experts were defeated or killed. She had also roved throughout the majority of the immortal world, defeating all those who challenged her.

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She had always been a solitary figure. But for some reason, in the last few centuries, she had started to accept disciples, all of the wind attribute. However, her character was rather strange, and she only accepted the disciples that she found.

Some people went to find her, but her residence was at Wind Peak Island. It was an island on top of a cliff. From a distance, it looked like a mushroom growing into the clouds.

Wind Peak Island was surrounded by twisted space with countless wind blades whirling around. Even Treasure items would be ground to dust by those wind blades, let alone a human.

Feng Xinyue only had a few hundred disciples, but every single one of them was a terrifying wind element expert.

Just eighty years ago, she had stopped accepting new disciples. However, then she suddenly brought back Tang Wan-er, saying that she was her final disciple. She pampered her, practically treating her like her own daughter.

Furthermore, Tang Wan-er was quite obedient and hard-working. Although she was a bit naughty usually, that only made Feng Xinyue like her even more. Thus, no matter what kind of fuss she caused, Feng Xinyue never punished her.

By running in while Feng Xinyue was in the midst of chiding the other disciples, Tang Wan-er saved them from their chiding. Hence, those senior apprentice-brothers and sisters were all grateful. Tang Wan-er had also helped them out quite a bit in similar fashions, so they loved her as well.

“Yes, yes, it’s that fellow! He killed Enpuda’s final disciple right in front of him!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er.

When she said this, those disciples were all shocked. Even Feng Xinyue was moved.

“Let master take a look.”