Chapter 3174 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (4)

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Chapter 3174 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (4)

“How domineering, how wild. Junior apprentice-sister, this Long Chen of yours really is a dragon amongst man. He has a special manly flavor,” said one of Tang Wan-er’s senior apprentice-sisters.

“It doesn’t seem like he’s doing so well though. Look at his rotten clothes…” A senior apprentice-brother pointed at Long Chen’s clothes.

However, when those worn-down, patched clothes were pointed out, Tang Wan-er wept, causing her fellow disciples to jump.

“That’s junior apprentice-sister’s love. You can’t use rotten to describe him… It’s uh… being thrifty! If you don’t understand, don’t talk!” Seeing Tang Wan-er cry, the other disciples hastily tried to comfort her.

“Good child, he might not have been blessed with great opportunity, but after this, he will definitely be viewed favorably by other experts. He’ll definitely soar,” comforted Feng Xinyue.

Tang Wan-er threw herself into her master’s embrace. “I didn’t notice until you all pointed it out, but those clothes… those are the ones that I made with my sisters. He’s still wearing them after all this time despite their state. He’s telling us that he’s constantly thinking of us…”

Tang Wan-er was too carefree and fiery to notice that detail until her fellow disciple mentioned it. When she realized why he was wearing those clothes, she was filled with various emotions. Just as she was thinking of him, Long Chen was also thinking of her.

Furthermore, seeing him wear them even in that state, she didn’t know what kind of feeling she felt. She simply wept in Feng Xinyue’s embrace.

“So that’s the case. I thought that such a fellow would be so domineering that he only cared about himself. It seems that master has misjudged.” Feng Xinyue gently stroked Tang Wan-er’s hair and muttered to herself.

The first time she saw Long Chen’s image, she didn’t feel very fond of him. He was too domineering. It was a domineeringness that rejected all others and their feelings. She didn’t wish for Tang Wan-er to suffer with him. However, those clothes changed her opinion. Unexpectedly, this fellow truly did care immensely about feelings.

“Master, I have to find him,” said Tang Wan-er as she wiped away her tears.

“Foolish child, Long Chen is in the Dao Dawn Domain, also called the Dao Dawn World. It’s the most particular domain within the hundred domains and thousand prefectures. There’s a sea of devils there separating it from the rest of the immortal world. Unless you are on the side of Lord Brahma, only the Huayun Trading Company’s merchant ships can pass through the devil sea. Others will face the attacks of those devils. Even an Immortal King would fall,” said Feng Xinyue.

“Could it be that they would dare to stop master as well?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“If I went, they wouldn’t stop me. But they would do everything they could to kill me.” Feng Xinyue bitterly smiled.

“In my youth, I ended up in a quarrel with them. I killed many of their devil kings. Later on, they schemed against me and almost harmed my Dao foundation. In my fury, I slaughtered my way into the depths of their devil sea and killed a devil emperor. That ended up disturbing the devil eye…”

Until here, Feng Xinyue suddenly stopped, seemingly feeling like this wasn’t good for Tang Wan-er and the others to hear. She then continued, “In any case, your master can count as a mortal enemy of the devil sea. The devil cores on your Sharp Wind Blades all came from the devil sea’s Wind Devil Sharks. The Wind Devil Sharks are an emperor race within the devil sea. As soon as you approach the devil sea, they will sense you. If they came out in full force, even your master might not be able to charge through their formation. So you can’t enter the Dao Dawn Domain. Child, don’t cry. You can’t enter the Dao Dawn World, but Long Chen will come find you. According to what I know, the High Firmament Academy is the Martial Heaven Prefecture’s most ancient academy. There are ancient living fossils present there. That is why Lord Brahma is unable to shake them even after so many years. You don’t need to do anything other than properly raise your cultivation base. Once he leaves the Dao Dawn Domain, you can be together again.”

“That fellow has so many women by his side. What if he has no place for me in the future? That bastard, he always picks up new girls… Ahh! It really is infuriating!” Tang Wan-er’s crying suddenly turned into anger.

A streak of light flew through the air and pierced through the misty mountains. It was so fast that it almost exceeded the limits of space and time.

That streak of light rapidly passed through the giant mountains. This was a desolate land with no sign of human habitation. However, on top of a particular mountain with swirling immortal mist, there were some beautiful pavilions. It was like a wonderland.

Within those pavilions was a woman looking out. She was so beautiful that it seemed that she didn’t possess the slightest flaw. A waterfall of hair fell to her waist.

She seemed like a fairy that had walked out of a painting, someone who didn’t eat the food of mortal people, someone untouched by dust. Within this wonderland, she appeared even more holy.

The beam of light arrived in front of that woman and transformed into a young maiden. She asked, “Big sister Meng Qi, what is it? I was hunting down the Thorn Flame Dragon, and I was about it… what is it, why are you crying?”

This maiden was the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, while the peerlessly beautiful woman was Meng Qi.

“Cloud, take a look…” Meng Qi handed over a photographic jade, her eyes filled with tears.

“It’s big brother Long Chen! It’s big brother Long Chen!”

Cloud jumped in excitement. She then also began to cry from emotion. “We’ve finally found word of big brother Long Chen. This really is great…”

“Cloud, starting today, we have to work even harder. Next time we see Long Chen, it’ll be up to us to protect him. I don’t want to see him bleed or cry again.” Meng Qi took a deep breath and patted Cloud’s shoulder.

“Yes. Once I awaken the desolate bloodline, there won’t be anyone in this world capable of bullying big brother Long Chen.” Cloud wiped away her tears and spoke confidently. The current Cloud was no longer the old Cloud. She finally possessed her own confidence.

“Long Chen, wait for us. We’ll find you soon.” Meng Qi once more looked at the photographic jade. Gazing at that familiar figure, seeing his clothes, her eyes once more filled with tears.