Chapter 3175 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (5)

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Chapter 3175 Old Friends of the Martial Heaven Continent (5)

One ice crystal after another fell to the ground, shattering on contact with the ground. They were like tiny diamonds blooming like flowers.

Those ice crystals flowed out of a pair of beautiful eyes. As soon as those tears left her eyes, they transformed into ice and fell.

Her face was icy but pure and holy. It was like a beautiful ice sculpture. However, deep within those icy eyes came waves of emotions as they stared at the photographic jade.

Ye Zhiqiu spoke. This was her third time speaking this year.

An equally icy voice rang out, and it came from an expressionless woman. She was Ye Zhiqiu’s master.

Ye Zhiqiu never asked for her master’s name, and her master also never asked for her name. Here, Ye Zhiqiu only cultivated and did nothing else. The two of them almost never spoke.

“I must leave,” said Ye Zhiqiu icily.

“You must not,” replied her master.

Ice had formed a giant palace here. It was already cold, but when the two of them spoke, another layer of frost appeared on the ice.

After a moment, Ye Zhiqiu coldly asked, “When can I leave?”

“When you can pull out the Frostless Sword.”

Within the palace, Ye Zhiqiu and her master closed their eyes at the same time. The palace once more fell back into deathly silence.

“Xiaoqian, you can’t leave. If you go to Long Chen now, you will only bring him trouble. You won’t be able to help him.” An old crone with a cane blocked a woman.

That woman had a flawless face. Due to her excitement, it was as if a flower was blooming on her face. It was an irresistible beauty.

Her eyes in particular possessed a particular charm that was difficult to resist. It was as if she was both a witch and a fairy combined in one. She was Yue Xiaoqian.

Holding a photographic jade, Yue Xiaoqian emotionally said, “I’m already a Four Peak expert and have awakened the original devil race’s highest bloodline, as well as condensed the Original Devil Mirror. I have enough power to protect myself… I have to go find him.”

“You have only condensed the first level of the Original Devil Mirror,” reminded the old crone.

“But… but… I miss him. I want to see him again.” Yue Xiaoqian choked back a sob.

“Good child. I understand. But the goal isn't just to see him. On the Martial Heaven Continent, didn’t you end up side by side? But what happened after that? Weren’t you forced to separate in the end? Without absolute power, there are only three possibilities for you. Either you watch as he is killed, he watches as you are killed, or you die together,” said the crone solemnly.

Hearing that, Yue Xiaoqian cried even harder. It had been a year since they had to part, and every day felt incredibly long. Now, she finally knew where Long Chen was, but she was powerless to join him. This was unspeakable torture.

“Child, this world’s future belongs to you. This little bit of time is nothing. Hence, work hard on cultivation. Only with power can you protect your loved ones.” The crone gently patted Yue Xiaoqian’s back.

Ultimately, Yue Xiaoqian left with the crone. She had actually run away to this point, but regretfully, she didn’t succeed in getting any further.

“Senior, spare me, spare me! All our wealth is yours! Just spare us!” shouted a panicked Divine Lord.

In front of him was a large, armored man with a spear in hand. He was covered in blood, and his killing intent pervaded the air around him. He was like a warrior from hell that had come to kill.

This place was a pile of ruins. Based on the broken walls, it must have been an ancient city, but its glory had come to an end.

“You evil bastards, did you think that the support of the Bloodkill Hall would allow you to do whatever you want? Eh, fine, I’m happy today, so I’ll make sure to send you off with a full corpse. Slaughter them!”

The large man’s spear stabbed forward. As a result, that Divine Lord was stabbed through and blasted apart into blood mist.

Thousands of armored warriors like the large man charged out. Helmets covered their entire faces. They attacked, slaughtering everyone here.

The large man took off his helmet, revealing a bald head. Once his helmet was off, the entire battlefield seemed to brighten a tiny bit due to his bright head.

“Boss, wait for me. I, Gu Yang, haven’t made you lose face. I’ll find you soon.” The excitement in Gu Yang’s eyes didn’t settle for a long time. He suddenly roared, “Finish cleaning up the battlefield within an incense stick’s worth of time. After that, we’re leaving immediately! We won’t give the Bloodkill Hall a chance to retaliate.”

Those warriors responded in the affirmative and quickly finished their tasks. Gu Yang then led his group of iron warriors flying away.

“Brother, we’ve been waiting for this.”

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi stood on a barren land devoid of a single speck of greenery. Looking at a photographic jade, the two of them shouted in excitement. They were so emotional that tears continuously streamed down their faces.

“We can go find boss now!” exclaimed Li Qi.

“No, master gave us this mission. We have to first find our own opportunities within this desolate world. I feel like master must have some profound meaning behind it. You saw for yourself, boss is only at the Divine Flame realm, but his power is already so terrifying. We can’t get thrown behind.”

“Alright, let’s go. We’ll get stronger before joining boss again.”

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan walked off. Their figures gradually faded beyond the horizon, but even from a great distance, it was possible to hear their excited cries.

The Huayun Trading Company’s influence spread far and wide, permeating the majority of the immortal world. However, there were many places that even the Huayun Trading Company couldn’t set foot into.

No matter how bright the sunlight was, there were always dark shadows. Those dark corners hid countless monsters observing the world.

Their gazes were abstruse and sinister. They were like hibernating beasts in the dark, waiting for their chance to devour the world.

Long Chen knew that his name would resound throughout the immortal world thanks to the Huayun Trading Company intentionally spreading the news. However, he didn’t know just how many people would hear it. He was excited and nervous at the same time.

They returned to the academy without any excitement, as no one tried to stop them. When they were back, the academy held a large celebration for Long Chen. For him to win double championships was a great glory to the academy.

The celebration lasted a full three days before it was over. As for Long Chen’s fame within the academy, it soared to an unprecedented level.

However, after this victory, the academy started to impose emergency measures. Their defenses were increased by several levels compared to before. Furthermore, the movement of their disciples outside of the academy was greatly reduced. Some activities now required experts to accompany them.

After the celebration, Lu Mingxuan, Luo Xue, Luo Qing, and the others were secretly sent off by the academy’s experts. The atmosphere of the academy was much tenser than before.

On this day, Long Chen called Qin Feng over. He took out the resonance dragon’s scale.

“I’ve tested it. The true dragon reverse scale will definitely have no affinity with you, but see if you can subdue the resonance dragon’s scale.”