Chapter 3176 Twelfth Heavenstage of Divine Flame

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Chapter 3176 Twelfth Heavenstage of Divine Flame

“Boss, what happened to you?!”

When Qin Feng saw Long Chen, he jumped in shock. Long Chen’s entire body was covered in cracks, and traces of blood were flowing out all over his body. It looked like he was about to shatter.

Long Chen waved his hand. “I tested the golden dragon scale’s power to see if I could absorb it, but it seems impossible.”

Originally, Long Chen had wanted Qin Feng to also benefit from the golden dragon scale. Even if the latter could only absorb the slightest trace of its essence blood, it would give his bloodline the power of a true dragon.

This trace of sacred power was incredibly beneficial, especially against any dark energies attempting to invade his soul or mind.

However, Long Chen had tried to absorb a trace of its power just before and found that its power was a complete body, which meant that it had to be absorbed fully. It was impossible to absorb only a trace of it.

In fact, the backlash just from trying it almost made his body explode. Hence, he directly gave up and had Qin Feng absorb the resonance dragon’s scale instead. Although it wasn’t a true dragon, the resonance dragons were a powerful branch in the dragon race.

Knowing Long Chen’s character, Qin Feng didn’t stand on courtesy. He consumed a medicinal pill, adjusted his state, and directly started absorbing the resonance dragon scale’s power.

His hand barely touched the scale when the berserk dragon blood power erupted. Qin Feng instantly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Furthermore, countless cracks covered his body as well, until he looked quite similar to Long Chen. Long Chen was also shocked. This resonance dragon’s scale was stronger than he had expected.

Fortunately, Qin Feng had some experience of merging with dragon blood, and his physical body was extremely strong. Hence, he had a certain resistance. Although his body looked to be on the verge of collapse, the actual chance of that occurring was very low

Subduing a dragon scale required resisting the dragon’s will. Only once you obtained its approval could you merge with the essence blood.

No outside force could interfere with this, or the dragon scale would rather shatter itself than be subdued.

Furthermore, rather than subduing the essence blood, it was more like a trial to obtain its approval. Without that approval, it was all too easy to lose one’s life.

All Long Chen could do was keep an eye on Qin Feng. If he really couldn’t do it, then Long Chen would have to destroy the dragon scale.

However, an hour later, despite Qin Feng’s body seemingly being on the verge of destruction, he remained fine. Seeing this, Long Chen relaxed.

The most dangerous part was over, as the dragon scale’s energy was no longer increasing. In the first hour, its power had been growing more and more ferocious in waves, but after that, what they were competing with was will.

There was no weakling without a strong will amongst the Dragonblood warriors. Long Chen was confident in this regard.

After six hours, Long Chen finally sighed with relief. The dragon scale’s power had condensed, and it had approved of Qin Feng. All that was left was the merger. At this moment, blood-colored scales appeared on Qin Feng’s body. He had summoned the Dragon Blood Battle Armor.

Suddenly, Qin Feng screamed. Those scales fell off of his body along with chunks of his flesh, and blood poured out of him.

To make one of the Dragonblood warriors scream like this, it could only be said that he was enduring unendurable pain. However, where his flesh fell, new golden scales appeared.

Long Chen nodded. “The resonance dragon’s blood has merged with you. The old dragon blood was expelled and your body is being remade. Even the runes on your bones are erased. This is a true rebirth.”

Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest sympathy for Qin Feng as he screamed. Instead, he felt envy. After this, Qin Feng was going to be a completely different person. Perhaps he might not be able to match Gui Yun, but he would definitely be on par with Ku Wuya.

Qin Feng had gone from a person with average talent in the lower plane to his current height. One reason was thanks to Long Chen’s assistance, but without his own determination to get stronger even in the face of death, such a thing would not be possible.

Long Chen and all the Dragonblood warriors only managed to succeed thanks to fighting alongside each other. Seeing that Qin Feng’s will could easily obtain the recognition of the resonance dragon’s reverse scale comforted him. It also made him miss the other Dragonblood warriors.

If he was strong enough and had enough resources, could he equip all the Dragonblood warriors with golden dragon blood?

He had the Heavenly Dao Tree and could turn them all into Primals. The primal chaos space also had countless precious plants growing within it. With such an unending supply of resources, he could refine any pills they needed.

Moreover, he had formed a connection with the Huayun Trading Company. It wouldn’t be long before he could see Zheng Wenlong again. When the Dragonblood Legion was gathered again, as long as they were given enough time, who could stop them?

Time, time, time. What he needed the most was time. He had to quickly increase his cultivation base.

As Qin Feng screamed during his metamorphosis, Long Chen stuffed medicinal pills into his own mouth. During the Nine Prefecture Convention, Huo Long and the Moon and Star Refining Furnace hadn’t slacked off. They were helping him refine mountains of pills, so he was now ready to continue breaking through.

Three days later, Qin Feng finished his metamorphosis. However, he had almost collapsed. Even for him, that torment was too much, and he fell unconscious.

As for Long Chen, he crazily consumed medicinal pills. He was unsure if it was due to the blessing of the rainbow crane race or not, but now he was absorbing the medicinal pills particularly quickly. He had reached the eleventh Heavenstage without any difficulty.

With that, he began consuming pills crazily. A month later, he was finally done with his seclusion and had reached the peak of the twelfth Heavenstage of the Divine Flame realm.

“Wait!” shouted Long Chen hastily.