Chapter 3177 Bai Shishi Undergoes Tribulation

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Chapter 3177 Bai Shishi Undergoes Tribulation

Fortunately, Long Chen’s seclusion room was in a remote place, and no casualties occurred as a result of this burst of power. Qin Feng turned pale.

Thanks to merging with the resonance dragon’s essence blood, his physical body was strong enough to survive it.

Long Chen and Qin Feng both asked the other the same question.

“Boss, what’s going on? I only opened the outer door!” exclaimed a charred Qin Feng.

Long Chen’s seclusion room had an inner and outer door. The outer door was there as a buffer to allow communication with the person in the inner room.

“The Huayun Trading Company sent something over. I was worried it was something urgent, so I immediately brought it over,” said Qin Feng, handing over a trunk.

Long Chen opened it and saw several sets of robes. His eyes instantly reddened.

These were black robes in the exact same style as the ones that he was wearing. Long Chen picked up the first one. He eyed every single stitch, every single thread. After that, tears welled up in his eyes.

He could practically see how Meng Qi had spent her time making this with a sweet smile on her face as she poured her thoughts into it. There was no need for words. He could feel everything that she wanted to say to him.

These clothes were the greatest encouragement for him. They were like a glimmer of light within the night sky.

“There are two more. The first one is Meng Qi’s; every single stitch of hers is perfect. And this one is Mingyu’s. Although they look perfect and the stitches are even, the directionality has some slight differences. An assassin is always meticulous. As for this one, it seems that the stitches had to be redone many times. It’s definitely Wan-er’s.” Long Chen was extremely moved. These were all priceless treasures for him, ones that made him even happier than the golden dragon scale.

Although he only received three gifts, he trusted that a lot of his people had received word of him. Not everyone was capable of getting in contact with the Huayun Trading Company, and they also weren’t aware of Long Chen’s connection with them.

These three robes clearly proved that the Huayun Trading Company had spread the news far and wide. He just had to let everyone know that he was still alive. They could properly cultivate and anticipate the day of their reunion. Then they would sweep through this world together.

Suddenly, something dropped out of one of those robes, clattering to the ground. It was a pair of golden scissors.

They looked sharp, but both of the blades had a notch in them as if they were for cutting round things.

“What is this?” asked Qin Feng, picking it up. He didn’t see any clues.

Long Chen looked at it oddly and suddenly laughed. This was done by Tang Wan-er.

On the Martial Heaven Continent, she had once said that if he had too many women by his side and no longer cared about her, she would use scissors to cut Long Chen off.

Afraid that he would stop thinking about her, she had intentionally sent over these scissors, with the notches referring to a certain area of a man.

Qin Feng examined the scissors oddly. However, Long Chen grabbed it and put it away. As expected, Tang Wan-er’s nature wouldn’t be changing in this lifetime.

“Boss, they know we’re at the High Firmament Academy. Why don’t they wish to join us?” asked Qin Feng.

“They’re busy increasing their power. They’ve long since reached the Four Peak realm, and that’s an important moment to raise their power. They can’t stop,” said Long Chen.

Whether it was Meng Qi, Dong Mingyu, or Tang Wan-er, they hadn’t passed on any letters. All they left were their emotions.

Those emotions were something that Long Chen could sense. Clearly, the three of them knew just how dangerous it was for a nine star heir to exist in the immortal world.

Perhaps others wouldn’t understand, but these three clothes sent him a clear message. There might be many reasons that they couldn’t come, but one important reason was because they didn’t want to be spotted by certain powers.

Long Chen’s intuition told him that those powers belonged to Lord Brahma. The girls were afraid that Long Chen would be exposed, so they only sent clothes.

At the same time as Long Chen was emotional, he also sensed that Lord Brahma’s side was even stronger than he had imagined.

As for the enemies on the Martial Heaven Continent who knew the secret of his status, the only one who was still alive was Long Aotian. However, Long Chen wasn’t worried about him exposing his status.

The black soil pill that Long Chen had fed Long Aotian contained a curse from the primal chaos space. If he exposed anything about Long Chen’s status as a nine star heir, he would definitely die. Furthermore, the dragon expert had also told Long Chen not to worry about Long Aotian because it had erased those memories pertaining to the nine star heirs from his mind.

That mysterious dragon expert truly appeared to be omnipotent. Long Chen was grateful but also curious. He was unable to deduce just what level of expert that dragon expert was.

With a test, he had confirmed that Enpuda didn’t know his status. He wondered if that was also due to the dragon expert.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that the dragon expert had secretly helped him with many things. The patriarch of the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race also hadn’t seen that Long Chen was a nine star heir from Little Snow’s memories because a portion of those memories had been sealed, and not even that patriarch could see them. Otherwise, the patriarch wouldn’t have needed to see Long Chen’s gaze in the photographic jade to tell that he was a nine star heir.

“I was just testing my recent gains. I think it should still be about a month until I can attack the Four Peak realm,” said Long Chen. He had to gain full control of his power before he dared to attack the Four Peak realm. He also wanted to see if he could condense the Golden Dragon Battle Armor before that.

“Ah, has anything happened in the academy during this time?” asked Long Chen randomly. Just then, Long Chen and Qin Feng’s status plates began flashing.

“Bai Shishi is undergoing her Four Peak tribulation. Let’s have a look and gain some experience.” Long Chen and Qin Feng immediately set off.