Chapter 3178 Crane Cry Valley

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Chapter 3178 Crane Cry Valley

Within the High Firmament Academy, there was a sacred place called Crane Cry Valley. It was the old residence of the rainbow crane race.

Back then, for some reason, they relocated to a different region within the High Firmament Academy.

As a result, this place had become a holy land for powerful geniuses to undergo tribulation. It was because this place still had the auspicious qi of the rainbow crane race, and heavenly tribulation would be affected by it, becoming gentle.

Undergoing tribulation here was extremely safe and effective. It was a treasured land that made countless other sects envious.

However, in order to prevent that auspicious qi from dissipating, only heavenly geniuses of sufficient talent were qualified to undergo tribulation here. If someone was injured or died here, it would affect that auspicious qi.

Hence, even someone on Bai Shishi’s level needed to undergo several tests before she could undergo tribulation here.

The High Firmament Academy had several strange rules. They didn’t have high requirements for the weak, but the stronger you were, the greater their demands. For example, even Bai Shishi didn’t get any special privileges beyond what she fought for. She needed to pass through all the requirements herself.

When Long Chen and Qin Feng arrived, there were already countless disciples present. Those people’s eyes brightened when they saw Long Chen.

Today’s Long Chen curiously didn’t wear his old clothes. He had put in a new set that was as black as night. In the fluttering of the wind, he appeared both mysterious and domineering. He seemed even brighter than before.

“Brother San, you look good in those clothes,” praised Mu Qingyun. The current Long Chen truly possessed killing power toward any woman. Even his gaze seemed different. There was normally some indescribable sadness in his eyes, but that had vanished. He truly seemed like a fresh ray of sunshine.

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“Haha, is it just the clothes?” laughed Long Chen. Wearing the clothes that Meng Qi had made for him, he was like a happy child.

“Brother San is already good-looking, so the clothes only make you look better,” said Zhong Ling with a laugh.

“Hehe, well said. Just wait, I’ll definitely keep you in mind when I rise,” said Long Chen with an obviously pleased expression.

“Hehe, thank you brother San. Brother San is the most handsome.” It seemed that Zhong Ling really knew how to flatter someone.

“It’s too bad that all the money from the Nine Prefecture Convention was already given away. Don’t worry, your brother San will make more money. As long as you follow brother San, there will definitely be meat to eat,” said Long Chen.

This time, other than the two dragon scales, Long Chen had given the rest of his award away.

The Battle God Palace’s disciples had abandoned the competition simply because of Long Chen’s word. Although they didn’t have the ability to compete for those prizes, Long Chen knew that it was definitely aggravating to just give up like that. They would rather risk death than lose the face of the Battle God Palace.

Hence, he had split the majority of his immortal crystals with them. He refused to let them decline, and this had fully won them over. Such a figure was worth them following into death.

Standing on the edge of Crane Cry Valley, Long Chen waved to Bai Shishi who was standing within.

As a result, Bai Shishi merely glanced at him before ignoring him, leaving him standing there awkwardly. He grumbled, “Hmph, all I get is a slap in the… buttocks.”

“Keep talking nonsense and I’ll kill you!” raged Bai Shishi.

“Shishi, take care of your emotions!”

Only then did Long Chen notice that Bai Shishi’s mother was also in the crowd. Bai Shishi glared at Long Chen once more before ignoring him.

“My apologies, senior. I didn’t notice you.” Long Chen hastily greeted Bai Shishi’s mother.

“I see. After putting on new clothes, your gaze has started to ascend. We old timers can no longer enter your eyes,” she teased.

Long Chen instantly felt awkward. It truly did seem that he had underestimated just how high-spirited he was today. He hastily said, “Senior is joking. What do you mean by old? Standing together, the two of us look like brother and sister.”

“Long Chen, shut your mouth!” Bai Shishi frowned ferociously. This was clearly taking advantage of her. This way, Long Chen’s seniority firmly rose above hers.

Looking at this, Bai Shishi’s mother was speechless. She then formed a hand seal, summoning a curtain of light that isolated Bai Shishi. That way, she couldn’t see or hear them.

“That child, she can’t even control her emotions. She’s lacking control as she hasn’t suffered enough losses,” sighed Bai Shishi’s mother.

Long Chen was embarrassed. While it sounded like she was talking about Bai Shishi, the words could be directed at him as well. That was because his control over his emotions was extremely lacking. Furthermore, it was the kind where suffering losses didn’t teach him any lesson.

However, that wasn’t something that Long Chen could do anything about. He understood, but that was meaningless. When his mood was good, the dark energy of the Purgatory Eyes was hidden. But when he got angry, that dark energy would be like oil on the fire. The more he suppressed it, the wilder it grew.

Seeing Long Chen’s odd expression, Bai Shishi’s mother smiled. “It’s not as if I am talking about you. What’s with that look?”

“Hehe, I was just solemnly pondering senior’s golden words of wisdom. I find that every single word is like a pearl corroborating everything that I’ve been through. I am sighing in amazement,” said Long Chen.

“You really are a glib-mouthed fellow. No wonder you have so many women. The times are changing. Girls no longer like well-behaved people,” sighed Bai Shishi’s mother.

“Are you saying that I’m not well-behaved?” asked Long Chen.

“With so many women by your side, does that count as well-behaved?” retorted Bai Shishi’s mother.

“Doesn’t the palace master also have more than one? As long as you are faithful until death, what’s the difference between two and two thousand?” Long Chen shrugged.

“Child, are you angry?” asked Bai Shishi’s mother.

“How could I be? Junior doesn’t dare to. But I hope that senior doesn’t question other people’s feelings randomly,” said Long Chen lightly. But his expression truly didn’t look very good.

In this world, there were no absolutes. Someone with one mate might not truly love each other, and someone with more than one mate might not necessarily be fickle in love. Judging others by your own standards was inappropriate. Your shoes were fit only for yourself. If it was someone else that said this, Long Chen might have turned hostile.

Bai Shishi’s mother laughed. “Alright, I won’t joke with you any longer. You really are the same. That temper, that character… Well, in any case, people have their own fates. I won’t worry about you. But remember one thing. During your Four Peak tribulation, you will face all kinds of heart-devils. If you are unable to maintain your intellect, your Four Peak tribulation might kill you.” Toward the end, her smile completely vanished and she became grave.