Chapter 3179 Devil Sea

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Chapter 3179 Devil Sea

Just at this moment, thunder rumbled and lightning blades began to fall.

The surrounding disciples were all shocked. It was because amongst these disciples, only some had experienced heavenly tribulation, and that was in the mortal world.

In the immortal world, there was generally no heavenly tribulation from the Mortal Transcendence realm to the Divine Flame realm.

Only when attacking the Four Peak realm would they encounter heavenly tribulation again, and this time, it was immortal lightning, something that represented the immortal world’s laws. Hence, that pressure reached deep into their souls.

Immortal lightning was the blade of the Grand Dao. In front of it, people were as miniscule as ants. They couldn’t form the slightest thought of disrespect toward it.

Hence, even though this wasn’t their own tribulation, when it descended, their souls still shuddered in fear.

This was why the academy had brought all the Divine Flame disciples within the academy over for Bai Shishi’s tribulation. It was for the experience.

Although this tribulation didn’t lock onto them, this experience could increase their chances to pass their own tribulation. Their wills might not instantly shatter upon feeling this terror.

Heavenly tribulation was not just a trial for the body but also the soul because it contained the ten thousand Daos. If a person was properly prepared, they could benefit immensely from heavenly tribulation.

At this moment, the terrifying lightning crashed down, bringing with it destructive power. However, when it fell into Crane Cry Valley, that destructive power vanished and the pressure softened.

It was like a vicious palm was slamming down, only to suddenly become a light tap on contact.

“It truly is a blessing.”

Seeing this, Long Chen sighed. His tribulation was not a slap. It was like a blade that repeatedly tried to cut him in two.

On the Martial Heaven Continent, this had happened repeatedly. Just as he thought that things would be different in the immortal world, he found that nothing had changed. His heavenly tribulation always wanted his life.

The heavenly tribulation didn’t start off strong. Adding on that this was a treasured land, this so-called tribulation was like a heavenly present.

As the range of the tribulation slowly grew, so was the pressure. Quite a few disciples felt like their souls were being stabbed, and some of them couldn’t endure it.

After all, even the outer academy’s disciples had been brought over, and they were a far cry from the inner academy’s disciples.

“Why don’t you say a few words?” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

“Me? What am I supposed to say?” asked Long Chen.

“You know what to say. Why act like you don’t?”

“Why don’t you tell me?”

Long Chen helplessly shook his head. Clearing his throat, he loudly said, “Heavenly tribulation contains destructive will, something that exceeds the ten thousand Daos. Try resisting this pressure, and it will stimulate your mental energy, making your will stronger. Weak people cultivate the body, but the strong cultivate the heart. Only when the heart is firm can you face all kinds of difficulties. All experts must have a firm determination and will, without exception. This is a rare chance. A heavenly genius like fairy Shishi will summon a powerful heavenly tribulation, and no one is asking you to help her fight the heavenly tribulation. The academy has called you here as a chance to temper your wills. So, use your wills to resist the heavenly tribulation. Cast away your fear and forget death! If you want to become an expert, there are no shortcuts, but there are opportunities. Such a good opportunity is now right in front of you. If you don’t grasp it though, it’s meaningless. An expert becomes an expert because they have a reason to get stronger no matter what. Fate forces them to be strong. If you want to change your fate, if you don’t want to simply be mediocre, if you don’t want to be manipulated and bullied by others, grasp this chance in front of you. If you miss this chance, you will regret it for a lifetime. Trust me, fight as if your life depends on it, and you will obtain a harvest that you will never have expected.”

Long Chen’s voice resounded through the air. Even the thundering lightning was unable to block his voice. It was as if his will was above the heavenly tribulation.

Long Chen was the idol of the academy’s junior generation, so his words were like an imperial edict to them. Hearing him say this, the disciples that had been about to give up clenched their teeth and persevered.

With just this simple speech, Long Chen drove these people to resist the will of the heavenly tribulation. It was as if they were fighting alongside him. Even if they fought to the death, it would be without regrets.

Seeing those disciples’ impassioned expressions, Bai Shishi’s mother smiled. “You’re really good at duping people.”

Long Chen was speechless. She was clearly the one who had told him to raise their morale. How did it suddenly become duping them?

“I find that you really don’t know how to take a joke,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

“It’s because I respect senior too much. I’m not used to seniors joking with me. My old seniors would beat me if I joked with them,” said Long Chen.

On the Martial Heaven Continent, he definitely wouldn’t dare to joke like this with Qu Jianying, Ling Yunzi, or the old man, especially not the old man. One bad joke and that cane of his would beat Long Chen black and blue.

“I’m teasing you like this because this is one of the trials of the Four Peak tribulation. You must maintain your calm at all times, especially at the end when your heart-devils surface. If you cannot face them calmly, well, even a Primal might make the wrong choice and lose their primal bloodline. This is why you didn’t encounter any Divine Lords with a primal bloodline during the Nine Prefecture Convention,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

“Why is that?” asked Long Chen, feeling startled. He hadn’t read anything about this in the academy.

Long Chen was also curious why he hadn’t encountered a single Primal amongst the Divine Lords at the Nine Prefecture Convention when there were so many Primals among the competitors.

“In this world, there are some things that cannot be written with pen and ink. They can only be transmitted by word. Our Dao Dawn Domain is an extremely special existence amongst the hundred domains. This place has the bodies of devils from the desolate era buried within it. Legend has it that this place has been cursed by those devils, and cultivating here will cause stronger heart-devils. But it also has a good side. If a person is able to overcome their heart-devil and maintain their pure primal bloodline, their future path will be brighter in the future. Other than the heart-devils, there is another important reason that causes Primals to be so rare amongst the Divine Lords. It’s the devil sea.”

Upon hearing that, Long Chen’s heart shook. “Is that related to the desolate era’s devils?”