Chapter 1670 - Long

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The specter had expended quite a lot of energy to catch up, so he was in a sour mood. "Do you not understand speech, or are you just a fool? Do you even know who you are?!"

"I'm your father!" Tianming suddenly turned around and summoned his nine totems, attacking with Sixdragon Tribulation. It was so fast that the specter didn't expect that he would be so daring.

"You're dea—" Before he could finish, Tianming's thousands of swords pierced him countless times before he had even gotten a good look at his quarry.

"You didn't even last a strike." The crimson around Tianming’s name immediately vanished, putting him back in stealth. "Meow Meow, let’s go!"

By the time the next person arrived, he was already gone. The other nine pursuers stood there, dumbfounded as they looked at the white text in the sky that read '28th Place, Skyway Tristar, Whitejade Feng'. It was as if Tianming had declared to them that he was definitely ranked above twenty-eighth place. His no-nonsense approach had also helped alleviate some indignance that the Violetglorians felt, making them even more fervent for him, and that was exactly his goal. The most beautiful thing about this was how he had barely revealed anything about himself. The remaining mysterians had no idea about the person who had killed Whitejade Feng.

"My struggle with them has only started. Let's take this slow. I'd like to see how much time they'll waste on me—the Astralium Seeking eventually has to end, after all." Tianming was as good as invisible within the Yin Chen zone he had created, but they were clearly visible to him. According to Yin Chen, the other nine could do nothing but go back and report what had happened.

"It’ll be harder next time, no doubt." As expected, they really did wait three days for him. All of them had huddled together outside of Yin Chen's zone, so Tianming didn't know what they had been up to. Though, the thought that a single non-mysterian had delayed their self-selection process for the strongest by three whole days was definitely laughable. But as uncomfortable as it was for them to wait, they still persisted, even though that made it really awkward for the spectators of the event. They had to wait three entire days without anything happening.

"I wonder which one among them even came up with the idea of sweeping the battlefield before settling the ranking among themselves. Are they going to just idly wait there while there's a non-mysterian around?" If that's the case, it’ll be really funny to watch. I bet the one who came up with the idea is the most troubled by this.

"The only reason they're willing to wait this long must be that they're certain they can get rid of me. Otherwise, it'll be even more embarrassing. This is getting interesting." Tinaming found it really exciting. It looked like their attempt at flushing out the other contestants would only give him opportunities to spice up the show. There were still twenty-six rednames remaining, while Tianming was no longer one of them. As Whitejade Feng was ranked twenty-eighth, that meant that all the remaining mysterians had red names. Eventually, Tianming's name turned red again. When they discovered him, twenty of them came after him, leaving around six of them behind.

"Split up into four groups! Don't go alone!"

"We were careless last time! If we let him escape again, we'll all be laughingstocks!"

"Be alert! He's not only daring, but powerful, too! We don't know anything about him, either."

It looked like clearing out the battlefield wouldn't be as simple as they had imagined. Tianming's instant killing of Whitejade Feng had seemed rather eerie, after all.

"If they send out all their forces, there's really nothing else I can do." They were still quite some distance from him right now. With him being a redname, he would easily be surrounded if he remained within Yin Chen's zone. Thankfully, Astralium was still quite huge.

"There's definitely some among them that can catch up to me, those from the Celestial Beings team, for example. Let's see if they catch up to me or if I'll be able to kill off the rest, first." He wanted to make sure that he was as hard to deal with as possible.

"Let's go!" Meow Meow turned around and zipped away at ninety percent of its maximum speed. That would allow it to shake most of them off, apart from the Celestial Beings. After all, Ying had already been among the fastest of them all.

"If Meow Meow had gotten a lightning manna imperius, Astralium would be my playground." It was a Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend, after all. With Tianming’s area of activity expanded to the whole of Astralium, the pursuers suddenly noticed that they were losing track of his pillar of light when he crossed the horizon. They realized that it would be quite difficult for them to keep him out of the top twenty. After all, few among them could even match up against him, and even with him rednamed, he could still travel really quickly!

"I wonder if we'll never be caught if we keep running," Xian Xian said."Not necessarily. It depends on whether the strongest among them will stoop low enough to come and hunt me down." Tianming realized that there were still a few who hadn’t joined the hunt, probably to save face. Though, some of them had taken action when Tianming once more evaded capture. One pillar of light left the others with a speed that was even faster than Ying's.

"He might be Long from the Crimsonjade line, a faceless specter!" It was said that he was the strongest among the younger faceless specters. Like his father, Qiang, he was also a famous figure in Skyway Tristar; such a pursuer would no doubt be troublesome. Though Tianming had the edge in terms of distance, it would only be a matter of time until he caught up. He was also likely strong enough to fight Tianming.

In moments, Tianming decided on a bold move and turned around. When Long left, there were four other groups of five trailing behind Tianming. Tianming went for the leftmost one right away. "With every one of us being rednames, I wonder if you'll be able to tell which is me if I disrupt your formation and blend in with them."

It was a risky move, but it was also his only option. He couldn't afford to let Long catch up.

"This’ll buy me three more days!" As short as that time was, his presence on the battlefield would no doubt be a mark of shame on the remaining mysterians. They were already losing their minds over the first three days. The leftmost group of five didn't expect that Tianming would actually come their way, and before he had even arrived, his silver chain came whipping at them with full force.