Chapter 1673 - Weisheng Xi

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Chapter 1673 - Weisheng Xi

It was clear from how Long was one who had worked the hardest both this time and the last, while the others seemed rather apathetic about it. Thus, he must have been the one to come up with the idea. While Tianming's words silenced the surroundings, the other ten were still approaching him. By now, Long was right in front of him and there would be no escape. While there were fewer mysterians now, the weaker ones were all gone.

"You think you're a smartass, eh?" Crimsonjade Long said, standing atop another peak. The light from his pillar shone on Tianming. Even if he didn't say it outright, offending mysterians in any capacity was considered arrogant and rude. Smart people generally avoided doing anything that would suggest an insult.

Long looked quite different from Ying. Though they both seemed sculpted from jade, Long was a deep, translucent red, through which his veins could be seen. His smooth head had nine dots that looked like bloody stars. They were a sign of his peak talent, the 'Ninelives Crimsonjade'. People with such a unique bodily trait had incredibly terrifying physical traits indeed. Bai Feng didn't go into the details, but she did say that it was the most powerful talent a specter could have. Tianming's gaze clashed with his, but he didn't know how strong Long was. The dots on his face were like eyes that coldly stared at Tianming. Though he didn't know how powerful Long was, he was certain that he was at least much stronger than Ying for him to be the number-one junior in his world.

"Choosing between fighting ten people at once and stealing a kill or fighting the number-one specter...." The two choices were equally difficult, though each would require the same amount of boldness. The second choice seemed to be a better opportunity. He drew his Grand-Orient Sword and pointed at Long, making his choice known. Without fear, he said, "Alright. Let a bumpkin like me experience what the top genius of a deific-class world can offer!"

"Stop showing off. It isn’t like you'll die in the wondersky realm," Meow Meow said.

"Shoo!" How could it ruin his moment like that? Either way, Tianming still knew that the Violetglorians would buy anything he sold them.

"Very well, I’ll grant you this honor. Let's hope that we’ll be able to meet and compete in real life too." Long said the latter sentence with a bit of bitterness, knowing that there was no way the mysterians would let a nonabane like him remain where he was, though it was also a threat to him in real life. The mysterians had actually resorted to threatening someone in real life over a competition in the wondersky realm, which came across as low class.

Tianming shot Long a thumbs-up, then inverted it. Countless spectators immediately laughed, and it also incited burning rage from Long.

"Stay away!" he yelled, shaking the surroundings. The other peak mysterians kept them surrounded without attacking. This time around, they had Tianming firmly in their grasp; there were even a few of them in the sky, though he couldn't see them clearly.

"Weisheng Xi!" Long yelled toward Tianming's back.

That instant, Tianming felt a chill down his spine as a fatal sensation rose from his feet to his temples. Turning back, he saw a white-haired, white-browed, white-eyed youth that looked like a corpse. There seemed to be no soul looking back through his gaze. He appeared all of a sudden, looking like a nightmarish apparition.

"He is my opponent. You just stand aside and wait for me to deal with you after I take care of him," Long spat.

"Okay." Weisheng Xi seemed to have a long neck. He cocked his head like a puppet, stuck out his tongue, and left. When he turned around, another gaze could be felt through the hair on the back of his head. At the same time, a woman's voice came from the same location. Sounding slightly annoyed, she said, "Let's not waste time. We've already wasted a lot, thanks to your boring antics."

Crimsonjade Long didn't say anything else, while Tianming remained stunned the entire time. "That person was incredible. I would've been assassinated if Long hadn't put a stop to it."

The dreamless celestials didn't have that long of a history on Orderia. Tianming hadn't expected this to be the case. "Did Weisheng Moran say that the Azurespirit is some kind of locator beacon?" That seemed to be the key to figuring things out.