Chapter 1674 - Skyway Bloodspike, Bloodhell Sacrosun

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Chapter 1674 - Skyway Bloodspike, Bloodhell Sacrosun

Tianming wasn't even given any time to ponder as Long immediately struck while the rest moved to surround him. "Weisheng Xi is right. You’ve wasted too much of my time, now begone!"

Tianming struck the fist with his swords, creating a lot of sparks. Yet the wondersky realm had determined that the Grand-Orient Sword would crack from the blow. Tianming almost lost his grip on the sword as he was sent flying away.

"What? This can't be it. Why is it like I'm not wielding a weapon, but he is?" The Grand-Orient Sword actually wasn't able to deflect his punch?

Tianming watched as Long's heavy steps created craters on the ground beneath him. He still hadn't used face reveal, but he already radiated with the bloody aura of death. "What? You boasted so much with just that amount of power? To think that you were shameless enough to mock us mysterians...."

Long smashed his fists together, creating a loud metallic clang. His physique didn't seem burly. Instead, he was slender and not that tall. Even so, the enhanced body he had was dense and filled with power, looking more terrifying than the wildest of beasts. A huge part of that was his fifth-level solarian astralforce. His challenging tone had instilled fear of mysterians in many spectators across the many worlds.

"You may be laughing now, but it's still too early to call it your win." Tianming stood back up. As the others hadn’t joined in, it was still a fair duel. He no longer had anything to worry about. "Come!" He summoned his totems and lifebound beasts, his full arsenal. Though he had the numerical advantage, a specter excelled thanks to concentrating all of their combat potential into a single fighting unit. Tianming didn't necessarily have much of an edge at all. Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, Xian Xian, and Yin Chen all had their own strengths and weaknesses, but a specter like Long, who covered all his bases, seemed to have an advantage against them one on one.

"Even if you have many tricks, there's not a single one that's useful. Not even your nine totems combined seem to be able to rival my Ninelives Crimsonjade body," Long said in a calm tone without arrogance, as if he was simply stating a fact.

"You already got your chance to show off your tricks before losing, so you should thank me for your opportunity." Long smirked as the blood spikes beside him were sent flying, forming a storm around him that flew straight toward Tianming.

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"Die!" The power of his blood-colored fist shook the whole area as blood spikes shot toward Tianming in a terrifying onslaught.

Right at the fatal moment, Tianming made his decision. There was only one chance, and he had to sacrifice to achieve it! "Let's put in one final effort! If I lose, it makes no difference, but if I win, it's a hell of a profit!" he roared. Ying Huo and the rest knew his intentions. They knew that Long wasn't someone they could take on without throwing their lives at him, and for them, life in the wondersky realm was worthless!

"My siblings, block it! Chicken Bro will be the first to give my life!" Ying Huo said, charging toward Long while using Solar Explosion. The sea of flames swallowed up the opponent, but the bloody spikes emerged the next instant, piercing through Ying Huo and continuing toward Tianming. However, there were four other lifebound beasts waiting to sacrifice themselves.

"It's futile!" Long spat.

Tianming felt that he had come to the fourth level a little too rashly without properly preparing for a strategy to deal with an enemy on Crimsonjade Long's level. If he could make it to the fifth level, however, he would make sure to pay Long back for everything—even for the fake deaths of his lifebound beasts! Not to mention, there was no guarantee that he would lose.