Chapter 1681 - Eight Trigrams Genesis Blitzcore

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Chapter 1681 - Eight Trigrams Genesis Blitzcore

Mu Ziyan pouted when she saw Tianming’s lack of reaction. She was clearly signaling that the second manna imperius had been given to him because she asked for it. She was also Tianming’s teacher for his soul cultivation, so he hurriedly nodded to her. She was finally satisfied.

That was just a brief interlude. Sovereign Starfeather was still next to Tianming. He waved his hand and a streak of white light shot over from the direction of Kilostar Capital. Everyone looked closer and discovered it was a giant white cauldron that was wreathed in a dense cluster of white serpents of electricity. While each of them were thin, they all let out thunderous booms that echoed throughout Myriadmile City.

“Is that the manna imperius? Why’s it a cauldron?”

“You nitwit. That’s obviously just the storage! The manna imperius is inside!”

The giant white cauldron landed in front of Tianming. Sovereign Starfeather had been straightforward. He had directly mailed the reward to Tianming’s door.

“Tianming, this is what you deserve.” Sovereign Starfeather grinned.

“Thank you, Sovereign, as well as Violetcloud Imperium for nurturing me,” Tianming said emotionally. The manna imperius was really too important for him. With it, his lifebound beast would greatly increase in strength. At least, his cultivation and two of his beasts’ quality wouldn’t be less than the deific-class world geniuses.

How was Tianming supposed to leap a gap of seven or eight levels with just one Primordial Chaos Beast bloodline? Ying Huo and the rest needed to keep unlocking their bloodline shackles to get stronger. The more ‘humble’ and ‘grateful’ he was at this time, the more goodwill he would have. He might even get more Omnisentient Threads.

The greatest difference for the second manna imperius this time was that the people from the Crimsonmeld Archclan didn’t even dare to speak up. The Crimsonmeld Patriarch who had objected to Tianming getting the Eightfold Desolation Furnace didn’t say anything. When Tianming looked at him, his head was lowered with an awkward expression.

No one said anything contrary.

“Tianming! Honestly, we’re quite sorry. We could see that you greatly suffered in the final battle of the Astralium Seeking due to the disadvantage you had in lifebound beasts. It’s all because our Violetglory Star has too few resources, giving you an innate disadvantage. I hope this second manna imperius can help you slay all those in your path next time,” Sovereign Starfeather said.

“Don’t worry, Sovereign. My little fellows won’t disappoint you.” Tianming excitedly said. A little yellow chick and a lazy little black cat were on his shoulders. Meow Meow had been unsteadily swaying from side to side at first, but when the cauldron arrived, its eyes brightened. It leapt onto the cauldron and began circling around, its tail standing up.

“Brother Cat, calm down there. No one’s going to fight with you over it,” Ying Huo coughed.

Sovereign Starfeather laughed, too. With a flick of his hand, the cover on the cauldron loosened, causing Meow Meow to leap into the air in fright. The scaredy-cat managed to draw another round of laughter.

“Too cute.” Its appearance now was worlds apart from the Astraldome, but this was a much more friendly look.

Powerful lightning erupted from the cauldron and countless white lightning bolts rose to the clouds, creating white thunderclouds. The ancient aura that leaked out made many back away in fear.

“This is the Eight Trigrams Genesis Blitzcore. It’s actually slighter better in quality than the Eightfold Desolation Furnace. It’s been a while since the imperium obtained these two manna. Lightning and fire are suitable for many lifebound beasts, as they were for these two. This is proof that destiny is at work!”

“Astralking Tianming. Tianming means fate, and he truly is the one that all of the luck of the universe is gathering around!”

Many people approved of this opinion. They were deifying him. By now, Tianming was naturally aware that the so-called ‘gods’ were just higher lifeforms, and not the omnipotent existences that mortals thought of. Yet these fanatics were raising him into such a god in their hearts. Perhaps this was what a world god was.

Tianming picked Meow Meow up by the scruff of its neck before getting up on the cauldron. They looked down together and saw a huge pool of lightning inside the cauldron. It was in the shape of the Eight Trigrams with eight cores, creating a profound diagram.

“Meow Meow, you once awakened the Regalfiend Wings using the Eight Trigrams Boltsoul. Looks like you have some destiny with these Eight Trigrams. However, I feel like its lightning doesn’t just not match yours, it even contradicts it. Will there be conflict if you use it to evolve?” Tianming asked.

Genesis chaos lightning was a destructive power. However, though this Eight Trigrams Genesis Blitzcore may have looked fierce, it was actually filled with vitality and not that destructive. It was like how lightning could actually help nature grow. Continuous growth was the characteristic of this lightning. Compared to Meow Meow, both were lightning, but they represented two extremes.

“True, but I feel like this is the most delicious delicacy I’ve ever seen.” Meow Meow was staring at the Eight Trigrams Genesis Blitzcore.

Ying Huo hopped over and sagely said, “I understand all too well. Opposites attract. This manna is female and my brother cat has its eye on it, ready for a passionate joining.”

“Get lost.” Tianming kicked it away, then turned to Meow Meow. “Hurry up, big brother here is a busy man.”

“Kiddo, you need to learn to calm your heart and be in less of a hurry,” Meow Meow slowly said. It may run fast, but its personality was really too slow.

Tianming rolled his eyes before kicking Meow Meow into the cauldron and sealing it shut. He then summoned Lan Huang out to bring it back to Violetpeak. There were more than enough places there for Meow Meow to evolve.

“Hmm? You’re leaving it on its own to evolve without protection?” Sovereign Starfeather was stunned.

“No need.” Tianming smiled.

“Very relaxed!” Sovereign Starfeather gave him a thumbs-up.

“I look forward to how your kitty transforms, Tianming.” Mu Ziyan looked at him before licking her lips and charmingly saying, “Now that you’re on break from the Astraldome, do remember to dual cultivate with me at Refinement Residence.”

“Wow!” Those words immediately raised an uproar. People ambiguously laughed and gave Tianming understanding looks. At that, even he turned red.

Everyone laughed but the five Patriarchs of the five Archclans, who maintained straight faces, especially the Violetcloud Patriarch.

Sovereign Starfeather laughed as well before saying, “Alright then, We’ll stop getting in the way of your lifebound beast’s evolution. Go back and prepare for your next battle, We’re watching your future with great interest!”