Chapter 1682 - Baleful Weapon in Violetglory's Starcore

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Chapter 1682 - Baleful Weapon in Violetglory's Starcore

When Sovereign Starfeather said that, many were reluctant. That was especially so for the young ladies who wanted another few looks at Tianming.

The patriarchs, astralkings, and the rest of the high ranking members of Violetcloud Imperium made to leave.

However, Tianming unexpectedly had a troubled look. “Sovereign, actually…”

“Speak freely. All of us in the Violetcloud Imperium are your family.”

“Then I’ll confide with you all.” Tianming scratched his head and awkwardly said, “Actually, from the time I fought Ye Chen, I’ve suffered a disadvantage due to my weapon many times. It breaks again and again. I’m helpless against those opponents with grade-eight artifacts. I wonder, could the sovereign and various seniors help me out?”

Everyone understood when they saw his look of suffering.

“Yes, everyone supports it!”

At least thirty of the fifty million Violetcloud Imperium cultivators started shouting. They clearly fully understand Tianming’s poverty.

“It’s an embarrassment if our super genius has poorer weapons!”

Everyone felt it was unfair for Tianming. Thus, Ye Chen was scapegoated once again.…

Tianming’s negotiation tactics were on point. If he had been arrogant and demanded it, that would have been a hit on his reputation. Instead, he now had the sympathy of the masses. The five patriarchs were aware of his little trick, but it didn’t mean they could resolve it as Tianming had popular support.

“Ahhhh! My boss is such a poor thing. He was stronger than those lousy geniuses, but he only had a wooden sword so they bullied him to death! Poor, poor thing.” Ying Huo was sobbing on top of Tianming.

The crowd started discussing. Some even started tracking the existing artifacts and giving the patriarchs and astralkings who possessed them dirty looks.

Sovereign Starfeather mutely stared at Tianming, unsure of whether to laugh or cry. He waved his hand, saying, “Silence!”

Despite their emotions running high, everyone quieted down to give their sovereign some face. However, they looked at him expectantly. Honestly, who wouldn’t want Tianming to get even stronger and bring them even more glory?

That meant they weren’t much less valuable than manna imperius. Thus, Sovereign Starfeather giving one out on the spot did indeed take boldness.

Those present were satisfied after hearing ‘Venuslight’. They were already fantasizing about Tianming continuing on his murder spree of deific-class world geniuses with it.

A disharmonious voice piped up. “Sovereign, I think this is inappropriate. My son, Jianfeng, is already at the last step of subduing Venuslight’s artifact soul.” When everyone turned and looked, the speaker was the Goldseal Patriarch of the Goldseal Archclan. He was an elder around the same age as the Violetcloud Patriarch whose most distinctive features were his muscular arms and a nearly bald head with only a few dozen blonde hairs stubbornly hanging on.

His son was Astralking Jianfeng, who was standing right next to his side. He was a cold, middle-aged man of the same generation as Mu Ziyan and the Crimsonmeld Patriarch. In recent times, Venuslight had been in his possession.

Before his father could continue, Astralking Jianfeng had already spoken up. “Sovereign, don’t listen to my father. I’ve been with Venuslight for quite some time, yet failed to subdue it. It speaks to our lack of fated ties. Astralking Tianming needs a weapon for battle. If he dazzles with Venuslight, it’ll be my honor as well.”

“Great!” Everyone cheered and applauded the magnanimity of Astralking Jianfeng, the future Goldseal Patriarch.

Mu Ziyan gave him a thumbs-up, to which he smiled in reply. It seemed that the two were good friends.

Tianming felt happy to have reached his goal. He had been expecting some roadblocks. He was just about to get acquainted with Astralking Jianfeng when Shengui, who had been in deep thought for a while, spoke up. “Actually, Venuslight is worse than Grand Godless Liberty. It’s still at a disadvantage in the face of Team Celestial Beings.”

“Yes, Shengui, but our imperium has nothing else,” Sovereign Starfeather sighed.

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“Right! That baleful weapon no one can convince!”

The cheering started again.

There was definitely a story behind this weapon.

Even Sovereign Starfeather fell into deep thought. The patriarchs and many astralkings were shaking their heads.

“That sword was left behind by the Skywolf Star. It once infected and caused the death of ten billion people here. Such a baleful weapon may harm Tianming’s talent if he fails…” Sovereign Starfeather said in a low voice.