Chapter 3239: Returning to the Huang Family

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Chapter 3239: Returning to the Huang Family

When the two of them were sure that Huang Xiaolong had finally left, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“That… That lord… Is he an expert at the Enlightenment Realm?” Xu Shijie asked.

After examining the martial art Huang Xiaolong passed on to them and feeling the intricacies, Liu Duan yelled in shock, “He’s definitely an expert who is in the Enlightenment Realm or higher!”

Xu Shijie frowned. “Can he be someone from the Huang Family? Wait… Isn’t Huang Ming the only person in the Huang Family who has reached the Enlightenment Realm?”

“If the Huang Family really has two experts at the Enlightenment Realm, the situation in Huaxia is about to change…” Liu Duan sighed.

As Golden Core Realm experts, they were extremely clear about what an expert at the Enlightenment Realm meant. A cultivator at that level could single handedly change the fate of an entire family.

Even though the Huang Family was part of the ten strongest cultivation families in the Huaxia Alliance, they didn’t rank in the top give. However, things would change if they had another expert at the Enlightenment Realm!

“But… How can an expert at the Enlightenment Realm create such profound techniques? How can someone like that ensure that we enter the Nascent Soul Realm in ten years?”

The two of them stared at each other silently.

By the time they were done with their conversation, Huang Xiaolong was starting to make his way to the Donglin Province.

Earth might have entered the cultivation era, but technological advancements progressed by leaps and bounds. The planes in the air were replaced by flying ships, and the speed of them were extremely quick. Trains were several times faster than they were!

However, one needed to verify their identity if they wanted to get on such vehicles, and Huang XIaolong found it a problem without a proper identity in the Huaxia Alliance. He had no choice but to proceed on foot.

The Luohe City Huang Xiaolong was currently in was nowhere near the Donglin Province, and he had to cross six different provinces to get there. Even Nascent Soul Realm experts would need several days to get there! Of course, Huang Xiaolong didn’t even take half an hour with his cultivation suppressed to the Void Immortal Realm.

Moreover, that was also after he slowed down to take in the sights.

Otherwise, he would arrive in ten minutes!

In the past, there were hardly any trees over a hundred meters tall on earth. However, Huang Xiaolong noticed that it had become a common sight. As for ferocious beasts like tigers and wolves, they also underwent transformation to become spiritual beasts.

The speed, defence, and attacking capabilities of these beasts received an all rounded upgrade!

Huang Xiaolong even managed to discover a tiger beast who had condensed its inner core!

A beast at that level was comparable to a Golden Core Realm cultivator on earth, but it was several times more deadly. Ordinarily, a beast would be able to fight against two cultivators of the same level!

It was too bad he didn’t find any in the Nascent Soul Realm.

Beasts at that level would only appear in the deep oceans or deep within primitive forests!

Along the way, several tigers at the Golden Core Realm surrounded Huang Xiaolong after seeing that he was roaming about alone, but they were exterminated with a wave of his hand. He didn’t bother with their inner cores and he decided to bring them alone. In fact, he planned to sell them for cash in the near future!

Looking for the Pangu Axe wasn’t something he could achieve in a day or two. He knew that he would have to live on Earth for quite some time, and there was no way he could do without money!

There might be herbs capable of tempting God of Creation Realm experts in the Sun Moon Furnace, but there was absolutely no point using them on earth! After all, genesis level herbs and treasures were things he couldn’t give to mortals…

By the time he arrived in the Donglin Province, Huang Xiaolong had several dozen inner cores on him.

As the inner cores of Golden Core Realm beasts were pretty valuable, Huang Xiaolong felt that they should be worth several hundreds of thousands of low-grade spiritual stones. Several dozen inner cores meant that he would be able to trade for twenty million low-grade spiritual stones at the very least.

That should be enough for him to live on Earth for some time.

After asking about the location of the Huang Family, he started to make his way over.

As the largest cultivation family located in the DongLin Province, Huang Xiaolong saw their products being sold in practically every corner. There were countless businesses that belonged to them, and there were even some who sold spirit stones and spirit herbs. There were several who sold construction equipment, and a simple glance around was enough for Huang Xiaolong to learn about the Huang Family’s financial capabilities.

Just as he was about to enter the headquarters of the Huang Family, he noticed a squabble among several disciples.

“Huang Bo, don’t go too far! Return the spiritual beast to us!” A well-built youngster raged as he pointed at a party of three before thim.

“What do you mean return them to you?” The party of three broke out into laughter when they looked at the man.

“Huang Datou, if you’re capable, come get the Snow Jade Rabbit from us!” One of the more elegant looking young men laughed. “However, you won’t be able to do it in this life. You can go back and complain to your father, and get his incompetent *ss to help you. Perhaps, you can go find your grandfather, Huang Jiyuan to come!”

Huang Xiaolong felt a trace of joy in his heart when he heard the name!

His father was still alive!

Along the way, he might have taken a detour, but he was afraid that he would return to the bad news that his father had already passed on. Now that he learned otherwise, wild joy filled his heart.

There was a special place in his heart for Earth, and the Huang Family was something he would never forget.

“Heh, your grandfather already has half a foot in the grave. Even if you look for him, he won’t be able to stand up for you.” The man called Huang Bo sneered.

With his face turning completely red, the man they called Huang Datou didn’t know how to respond.

“Huang Datou, get lost right now! If you refuse, we’ll break your fingers!” The youngster beside Huang Bo snorted.

Unable to control his rage, the kid they called Huang Datou roared in anger, “Fine! Come at me! I would like to see you break my fingers!”

“Hehe, what an incompeent fool. Do you really think we wouldn’t dare to sever your arm?” The female among them laughed. The sword in her hand flashed, and it shot towards Huang Datou. The speed of the sword was quick, and the kid couldn’t react in time. The lady had reached the peak of the late-Ninth Level Qi Refining Realm, and she was half a step into the Xiantian Realm. The kid named Huang Datou was only a Sixth Level Qi Refining Realm cultivator, and it was impossible if he wanted to stop her.

Seeing as the sword was about to slice off the kid’s finger, a strand of energy appeared from the side and sent the sword flying. It was shattered into a million pieces and the lady was similarly flung into the alr. She vomited mouthfuls of blood without any sign of stopping.

Everyone stared at her in shock and they didn’t know how to react to the sudden change in situation.

Huang Xiaolong casually walked over, and the gazes of everyone turned to him.

When they saw the features on Huang Xiaolong’s face, they couldn’t help but feel their jaws dropping in amazement. Their anger dissipated like the wind.