Chapter 3241: Father, Your Son Has Returned

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Chapter 3241: Father, Your Son Has Returned

After hearing Huang Xiaolong ask about his father’s meridians’ damages, Huang Datou suddenly became quiet, looking crestfallen.

Huang Xiaolong did not rush him.

After nursing his mood for a while, Huang Datou answered in a low voice, “A few years ago, Elder Huang Baogui sent my father to the Dead Sea for a task, to kill a Foundation Building Realm six-eyed fish monster, but he was overpowered by that monster. Although my father escaped by a stroke of chance, he suffered heavy injuries, and his meridians and veins were severely damaged. He has been bedridden for all these years!”

“At that time, my father had just advanced to Foundation Building Realm, so it was impossible for him to kill that Foundation Building Realm six-eyed fish monster, and this kind of task was impossible to complete. Huang Baogui deliberately sent my father to do that kind of risky task.” Huang Datou looked infuriated and insisted, “He definitely did it on purpose!”

“After my father returned, that Huang Baogui actually punished my father on the excuse that my father did not take the task issued by the family seriously, and imprisoned him in the dungeon for a year!” Huang Datou’s anger rose as he recounted what had happened in the past, and his voice grew louder unknowingly. “Later on, my father sold off everything he could, and gathered ten thousand low-grade spirit stones. Huang Baogui released my father only after accepting the spirit stones!”

“Huang Baogui,” Huang Xiaolong muttered with a frosty light bursting out from his eyes.

Huang Datou added another sentence, “He’s Huang Bo’s third uncle!”

“Oh,” Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised by this connection.

“What is the relation between Huang Bo, Huang Baogui, and Huang Houde?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Huang Houde?” Huang Datou did not react to the name for a moment, and never thought Huang Xiaolong would be asking about the Huang Family’s patriarch because no Huang Family’s disciple would dare to call the patriarch by his full name. Thus, Huang Datou did not connect the name to the patriarch’s name.

When Huang Datou finally thought of it, he nearly jumped in fright, and quickly looked around cautiously. Seeing that no one was around, he hurriedly said, “Lord, you’re asking about our Huang Family’s patriarch?” and cautioned, “Our Huang Family Patriarch’s name cannot be spoken casually.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed softly watching Huang Datou’s flustered expression, “What will happen if I call your Huang Family Patriarch’s name?”

Huang Datou looked at Huang Xiaolong, smiling in a little embarrassment. “You will be punished!”

“Punished?” Huang Xiaolong wasn’t concerned about some punishment. “Huang Houde made that rule? No one can call him by his name?”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “In truth, like you, Huang Houde also has a nickname, Huang Xingxing.”

“Huang, Huang Xingxing!” Huang Datou’s eyes were bulging in shock and disbelief as he stared at Huang Xiaolong. He felt he had just heard something incredible.

“That’s right, he was called Huang Xingxing, and I was the one who gave it to him.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled, as if Huang Datou had overreacted.

Huang Datou’s jaw dropped to the ground.

This Lord in front of him had given the nickname Huang Xingxing to their Huang Family’s patriarch?

“Lord, you, you and our patriarch know each other?” Huang Datou couldn’t help asking.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, and a light glimmered in his eyes as his smile widened, “In truth, I am also a member of Huang Family.”

Huang Datou blanked for a long time.

Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou walked as they talked, and Huang Xiaolong learned Huang Houde and Huang Baogui had a deep relationship as Huang Houde was Huang Baogui second uncle!

Huang Xiaolong nodded. When he left that year, Huang Houde had two siblings, and he ranked second. In that case, Elder Huang Baogui should be Huang Houde’s younger brother, Huang Ruxing’s son.

And Huang Bo was Huang Ruxing’s grandson.

Thus Huang Bo calls Huang Houde second grandfather.

In the years Huang Xialong wasn’t around, Huang Houde had risen to the position of family patriarch, and after taking over the Huang Family, he had begun excluding and suppressing Huang Xiaolong’s line of descendants. The resources that should have been allocated to Huang Xiaolong’s father, Huang Jiyuan, and others in the same line, were often deliberately withheld. Without cultivation resources, Huang Jiyuan’s cultivation had stopped at the Six Level Foundation Building, whereas Huang Xiaolong’s mother, Wang Meilan, was only at the Third Level Foundation Building.

Huang Datou’s father, and Huang Xiaolong’s younger brother, Huang Chenfei, had good talent, but under the constant suppression from Huang Houde’s line of family, they had only managed to enter Foundation Building Realm ten years ago. Otherwise, Huang Xiaolong believed that with his younger brother Huang Chenfei’s talent, he would have broken through to Golden Core Realm long ago.

Although Huang Dayou recounted with a calm expression, Huang Xiaolong could imagine how suffocating life had been for his father Huang Jiyuan, and the others, and how humble and lowly they must have felt!

Because of Huang Houde’s exclusion, and suppression, the descendent line his father belonged to would be looked down upon, subjugating to every kind of unfairness and injustice!

Father, Mother, don’t worry. I will settle each account with Huang Houde for the unfair treatment and injustice you all have suffered for all these years!

An hour later, Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou stood in front of a yard.

It was a small place, no bigger than two hundred square feet, even the gates were a little old.

Huang Datou was a little embarrassed, “Erm, these years, because my grandfather sold off most of the things to save my father, this little yard is what we have left!”

Huang Xiaolong’s fists were tightly clenched!

“You all have been living in this place for the last ten years?” Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply to calm himself down.

This place was downright dilapidated that even common people who couldn’t cultivate lived in a much better environment, yet Huang Jiyuan was a disciple of Huang Family!

“Huang Ming doesn’t care that your grandfather fell down to this stage?!” Huang Xiaolong asked in seething anger.

Seeing that his grandfather Huang Ming did nothing when his father had been living like this greatly angered Huang Xiaolong.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong ask about their Huang Family’s old ancestor, Huang Datou was afraid, and his face paled visibly.

“Datou, who’s here?” A voice sounded from inside the house. It was an elderly man’s weak voice, as if that person would take his last breath in the next moment.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart was gripped by pain.

“Grandfather, it’s a big lord. He said he knows you and came over to visit you,” Huang Datou reacted and quickly answered as he pushed open the door and entered the yard. Huang Xiaolong suppressed his dissatisfaction towards his grandfather Huang Ming, and entered after Huang Datou.

“Lord? He’s familiar with me?” Huang Jiyuan was clearly baffled.

Huang Xiaolong stepped into the house, and he saw Huang Jiyuan, sunbathing on a wooden bed in the small yard. Huang Jiyuan’s hair had turned completely white. There were wrinkles on his face, and his eyes were clouded. His breathing was extremely weak. Those few short sentences had taken the most out of him.

Seeing his father’s current state, Huang Xiaolong’s heart soured, and his eyes turned red-rimmed. In a single step, he reached Huang jiyuan’s side.

Huang Jiyuan looked at Huang Xiaolong, who was right in front of him. He looked at that face that was strange yet too familiar in his memories, and he quivered in excitement. He couldn’t believe it, and he reached out with his hands, as his mouth was agape slightly, and he was tongue-tied. “You, you are…?!”

But he soon held back, “No, no, it can’t be. You’re not!”

Huang Xiaolong changed his posture and knelt on a knee. He took one of Huang Jiyuan’s thin, withered hands, with tears in his eyes as he said, “Father, it’s me, your son has returned!”

Hearing that, Huang Jiyuan tried to stand up unsteadily, tears flowing down from his clouded eyes. “You, you are really Huang Xiaolong, my son, really my son?!”

Huang Datou watched this as his jaw dropped to his chest.

Huang Xingxing (猩猩) -Gorilla Huang