Chapter 3244: Uncle Will Show You the World

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Chapter 3244: Uncle Will Show You the World

Huang Jiyuan was shocked by Wang Meilan’s physical changes and consecutive breakthroughs. Huang Datou was even more shocked. He looked at Huang Xiaolong with veneration as if he was going to prostrate before Huang Xiaolong in a heartbeat, and the idolization in his eyes had reached an indescribable degree.

Lastly, Huang Xiaolong saw his younger brother whom he had never met, Huang Chenfei!

Huang Chenfei’s injuries were more serious than what Huang Datou had described them to be. It was much more than merely damaged veins and meridians as more than half of his body’s meridians and veins were broken, and one of his legs could no longer move. His waist was injured as well. His condition had deteriorated in the last two years. Hence, he had been completely bedridden.

Even the country’s most skilled doctor wouldn’t be able to heal Huang Chengfei’s injuries, but to Huang Xiaolong, these injuries were nothing.

In a similar amount of time, roughly twenty breaths later, Huang Xiaolong had healed all of Huang Chenfei’s injuries. Not only were his veins and meridians restored, but they had widened several times. His right leg that could not move was as good as new, and so was his injured waist.

After suffering the torture his injuries had brought, Huang Chenfei’s condition had worsened by the day. His cheeks were sunken, he looked dispirited, and more than half of his hair had grayed, but now, his changes were just as shocking as Wang Meilan’s. He looked no more than thirty-something, handsome and dashing.

But considering Huang Chenfei’s recovery, it was not as deep as his father Huang Jiyuan, and mother Wang Meilan. Huang Xiaolong only raised Huang Chenfei’s cultivation to the Seventh Level Foundation Building Realm. He decided to have Huang Chenfei cultivate for a year to peak late-Ninth Level Foundation Building Realm, before helping him to advance to Golden Core Realm.

“Big Brother!” Huang Chenfei got off the bed and knelt in front of Huang Xiaolong on a single knee with a pious and grateful expression on his face.

Huang Xiaolong pulled him up and smiled as he teased, “We’re brothers, so there is no need to say thank you or anything like that!”

Huang Chenfei nodded happily.

But he soon remembered the cause of his misery. “Huang Baogui, just wait!”

Huang Xiaolong patted Huang Chenfei’s shoulders in reassurance, “Don’t worry. Your Big Brother will settle your grudge for you!”

“Big Brother guarantees it!” A cold light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he promised.

“Thank you, Big Brother!” Huang Chenfei said gratefully.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, indicating that there was no need for politeness.

“Xiaolong returned today, so we must add some good dishes and celebrate!” Huang Jiyuan laughed happily. Not only his son, who had been missing for a hundred years had come back, but his wife’s lifespan was extended and even her cultivation had advanced. Also, his younger son’s injuries had all healed. Huang Jiyuan was truly happy from the bottom of his heart, and he had never felt so happy in the last few decades!

“Good, I will cook today!” Wang Meilan laughingly took on the task of cooking, and declared, “I’ll go grocery shopping now!”

Huang Jiyuan took out a low-grade spirit stone from his pocket. He hesitated for a bit, but then took out another one, and gave both of them to Wang Meilan. He grinned and reminded, “Xiaolong loves roasted wild boar the most, so buy a wild boar back!”

Wang Meilan was stunned as she looked at the two low-grade spirit stones. She took them and smiled gracefully. “Alright, I’ll go to the market now!”

“Mom, I’ll go with you, and get familiar with the environment,” said Huang Xiaolong.

Wang Meilan agreed crisply, “Alright then. We, mother and son haven’t gone shopping together for a long time.”

Before leaving Earth, Huang Xiaolong used to accompany Wang Meilan when she went to the market.

Although the Huang Family was an ancient martial arts family, they were mortals too, and they often went to the market and other places to buy things.

“Grandma, I’ll come too. I can help carry things!” Huang Datou volunteered enthusiastically.

Wang Meilan chuckled happily. “Great, the wild boars nowadays are very heavy, so don’t you dare complain you’re tired later.”

Huang Datou’s face split into a big grin. “Not tired, not tired! It’s just a wild boar!”

Thus, Huang Xiaolong, Wang Meilan, and Huang Datou stepped out from the house and headed to the market nearby.

Huang Jiyuan and Huang Chenfei wanted to go as well, but Wang Meilan shot them a glare and declared she was going shopping with her son and grandson. “Why are the two of you coming along?” Immediately, Huang Jiyuan and Huang Chenfei looked crestfallen, and waited obediently for them to return.

Huang Xiaolong smiled watching this transpire.

Father’s still afraid of his wife, just like how he was in the past. His father was usually a very macho man, but whenever his mother glared at him, he deflated faster than a balloon.

Huang Chenfei watched Huang Xiaolong and Wang Meilan’s back and spoke wryly, “Mom is too biased, I’m also her son.”

Huang Jiyuan chuckled, “That’s how your mother is. She dotes on your big brother the most.” Then he added with vigor, “Come on, we will spar. I haven’t worked my muscles for a long time!”

Huang Chenfei was astounded, then quickly shook his head. “Old Dad, you’re already a peak late-Ninth Level Foundation Building Realm, so please spare me. I’m no match against you now! Why don’t you wait until Mom comes back!”

Huang Jiyuan widened his eyes and glared at him. “Why so much nonsense? Come over quickly.” He then added, “You’ve been bedridden for so long, so this is a good time for you to move your muscles. It’ll be good for your body. Do you understand? Do you really think I am so idle, that I’ve got nothing better to do?”

Huang Jiyuan had not fought anyone for over a decade, and his hands were itching!

He needed to curb his itch right now! And there were no other opponents right now, Huang Chenfei naturally became his tool to scratch his itch!

In the end, Huang Chenfei became Huang Jiyuan’s sparring partner with a bitter face.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong, Wang Meilan, and Huang Datou were already several miles away.

The market was a few miles from their house. Soon after leaving, after seeing Huang Datou’s slow speed, Huang Xiaolong brought him along.

In fact, along the way, Huang Xiaolong improved Huang Datou’s physique again and again, directly raising Huang Datou’s cultivation to First Level Mid-Xiantian Realm. But Huang Xiaolong was well-measured and did not raise Huang Datou’s cultivation too much.

Even so, Huang Datou nearly fainted from ecstasy.

“Un-Uncle, I, I can release my true qi outwards?!” Huang Datou’s hands were fluttering everywhere from excitement.

Huang Xiaolong snorted, “Of course, it’s true. Can it still be fake?”

Huang Datou grinned sheepishly in embarrassment.

Wang Meilan watched them with mirth in her eyes. Just a day ago, living was hell for her, but today, she was bathed in an ocean of happiness. If possible, she wanted things to stay in this moment, forever and ever.

“In the future, you just follow me, and I’ll take you to see the world.” Huang Xiaolong joked with Huang Datou.

But Huang Datou responded with all seriousness, nodding his head firmly, “Yes, Uncle!”

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with a feverish admiration.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly remembered something, and he asked Wang Meilan, “Mom, how’s sister doing now?”

At the time he had gone missing, he had a younger sister called Huang Wen.

Logically, his younger sister should have been aware of his parent’s condition, and even if she had married someone, she must have visited her parents from time to time, right?!

“Your sister, she…” Wang Meilan was hesitant to continue.

Huang Datou interjected, “Aunt married the Ha Province Lin Family’s disciple Lin Xiaotian. Ever since Huang Houde took over the patriarch position, in order to get into Huang Houde’s good books, Lin Xiaotian had Aunt cut off her relationship with grandfather and grandmother. Every time Aunt wants to come back to visit us, Lin Xiaotian stops her. I’ve heard he even imprisoned Aunt for as long as half a year to a year because of this.”