Chapter 3245: Your Face Puts Me In A Foul Mood

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Chapter 3245: Your Face Puts Me In A Foul Mood

The Ha Province’s Lin Family was one of the ancient martial arts families, and in the past one hundred years, they had risen to become one of Huaxiao Country’s ten great cultivation families, one that was not weaker than Donglin’s Huang Family.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression darkened hearing that.

“Uncle, you don’t know that after that Lin Xiaotian married Aunty, he also married a string of dao companions, literally in the style of ancient men’s three wives and seven concubines!” Huang Datou complained.

But Wang Meilan made an excuse for Lin Xiaotian, “After you left, Earth’s various alliances changed the law, making it legal for men to marry many wives.”

Huang Datou retorted, “Grandma, don’t make excuses for that Lin Xiaotian anymore. It’s not like we don’t know what kind of person he is. We’ve been suppressed and beaten by Huang Houde, and that Lin Xiaotian treated Aunty badly to flatter Huang Houde, losing his temper with her more often than not!”

Wang Meilan’s lips moved, but she had no words to refute.

Huang Xiaolong asked coldly, “Whose Lin Xiaotian?”

“He’s Lin Family’s Elder Lin Jing’s son, but Lin Jing’s line of descendant is not the main branch’s direct descendants. So, Lin Jing and Lin Xiaotian’s status can only be considered as average,” Huang Datou summarized.

Huang Xiaolong nodded to indicate he was listening.

With martial arts families with over a hundred years heritage like Huang Family and Lin Family, the status of side branch descendants was not as good as the main direct descendants. Unless, a disciple with exceptional talent came out from the side branch who could attract the attention of the family’s old ancestor, or if someone from the side branch broke through to Nascent Soul Realm.

Even to a top-tier family like Huang Family, every Nascent Soul Realm expert was pivotal to the family, and one Nascent Soul expert alone could bring up an entire line of descendants. This was the reason why Huang Jiyuan was so thrilled when he thought Huang Xiaolong was a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

“Mom, let’s go to Ha Province after ten days when I am done making arrangements,” Huang Xiaolong said to Wang Meilan.

His younger sister Huang Wen was unable to come back and see her parents due to Lin Xiaotian’s hindrance. Therefore, his younger sister and parents had not met for more than ten years. It went without saying that they missed each other a lot.

As expected, Wang Meilan’s cheeks flushed with happiness when she heard that. “Really?! That’s great, Xiaolong. Then we’ll depart ten days later!” she emphasized as if afraid Huang Xiaolong would change his mind.

Huang Xiaolong smiled reassuringly. “Promise.”

Honestly, he missed his younger sister too.

They would set off to Ha Province ten days later after his parents formed their immortal-rank golden cores.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong, Wang Meilan, and Huang Datou reached the market.

Spiritual beasts’ meat and spiritual fruits were naturally more expensive than the ordinary poultry and meat.

The market building consisted of four floors, and each floor was approximately twenty to thirty thousand square meters. Wang Meilan directly led them to the third floor while explaining, “Generally, spiritual beast meat and spiritual fruits are located on the third and fourth floors.”

“Mom, two pieces of low-grade spirit stones are enough to buy a whole spiritual hog beast?” Huang Xiaolong asked casually.

Fleeting embarrassment flickered across Wang Meilan’s face. It looked like her son had already seen through their situation that their entire family’s wealth was several pieces of low-grade spirit stones. Taking out two pieces of low-grade spirit stones for a meal during this time was already a luxury.

“We’ll choose a smaller one, it should be enough,” Wang Meilan fumbled with an excuse.

Two pieces of low-grade spirit stones was indeed enough to get a smaller-sized spiritual hog beast, but what if there wasn’t a smaller one available? Generally, smaller-sized spiritual hog beasts were very popular, and they sold out fast.

A while later, Wang Meilan, Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Datou came to the section selling spiritual hog beast meat.

But after asking more than twenty stalls, none of them had any small-sized spiritual hog beast left, and Wang Meilan looked even more embarrassed. In the end, she said to Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, how about we…?”

Spiritual hog beasts were generally sold in whole, and very rarely the vendors were willing to sell by weight or pieces.

“It’s alright, Mom. We can buy ordinary ingredients,” Huang Xiaolong said to Wang Meilan. “Truthfully, I miss the taste of wild boar we used to have in the past. We can come buy a spiritual hog beast tomorrow!”

It was time to exchange the dozen golden cores in his Sun Moon Furnace at the bank. He didn’t need money, but his parents did. In fact, they needed money very much! Otherwise, they wouldn’t even be able to eat soon!

Just as Wang Meilan, Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Datou were about to go back down to the second floor, four disciples came towards them from another side.

When Huang Datou saw the four young men, his expression tensed, and subconsciously he tried to hide himself behind Huang Xiaolong. It was quite obvious he was trying to avoid the four of them.

“Yo, isn’t this Huang Datou? Looks like you’ve got rich, Huang Datou that you can afford to buy a spiritual hog beast on the third floor?” The young man in the middle walked straight up to Huang Datou, and taunted sarcastically.

The skinny young man amongst them was staring hatefully at Huang Datou. “Huang Datou, you’ve become very capable now, have you? You dare to hide from us. Get over here now, or believe it or not, I’m going to beat you so bad that you’ll be uglier than a spiritual hog beast!”

The remaining two young men exploded into laughter.

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It was obvious these people were very used to bullying Huang Datou.

“Who are they?” Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent gaze swept over the four young men as he asked Huang Datou.

Huang Datou finally remembered that his eldest uncle was a ‘Nascent Soul Realm’ expert, and his courage immediately got bigger as he answered, “Uncle, they are Chu Family’s disciples!”

He pointed at the young man in the middle and said, “He’s called Chu Zhangming, his grandfather is a grand elder in the family!”

The Chu Family was also part of Earth’s current cultivation families, but they were not headquartered in Donglin Province. They came from the southward neighboring province called Nanhe Province.

But big cultivation families like Huang Family and Chu Family dabbled in many industries throughout the Huaxia Alliance’s territories, hence many family’s disciples were sent to various provinces and cities to take care of these industries. So, it was nothing strange to see Chu Family’s disciples in Donglin province.

“Uncle?” Upon hearing Huang Datou call Huang Xiaolong his eldest uncle, the four young men were surprised and began scrutinizing Huang Xiaolong. Looking at Huang Xiaolong’s dashing appearance, their reactions were similar to Huang Bo’s.

There is someone so good-looking on Earth!

Even at that time, there were stars that shot to fame based on their good looks, but after comparing them to Huang Xiaolong, those famous stars were akin to an ugly boar.

Ignoring the four stupefied gazes, Huang Xiaolong continued asking Huang Dayou, “They habitually bully you?”

“They do, Uncle. Every time I encounter them, they make a joke out of me, and then beat me up with at least two punches from each of them before letting me go!” Huang Datou glared resentfully at Chu Zhangming’s group as he added, “They’re very close to Huang Bo!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Chu Zhangming faced Huang Xiaolong with a haughty expression, “Brat, you are Huang Datou’s uncle? Looking at your face puts me in a foul mood.” He looked towards a pile of filth not far away and ordered, “Go dunk your face in that pile of filth for a minute, and I’ll let you leave, or all of us will make a slash across your face!”