Chapter 3246: I Learned This Trick From My Uncle

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Chapter 3246: I Learned This Trick From My Uncle

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the pile of filth. It was a pile of discarded spiritual hog beasts’ internal organs and other parts. More often than not, many people would request the vendor to clean up the spiritual hog beasts they bought on the spot instead of doing it themselves, and all these unwanted parts were piled high in a corner, as tall as a person.

Flies swarmed around it as spiritual hog beasts’ intestines, blood, and feces were mixed together.

“Brat, don’t waste time and get inside quickly!” Another Chu Family’s disciple sneered mockingly as a sharp dagger appeared in his hand while he threatened, “Dally anymore and I’ll slash your face right here and now!”

“You!” Huang Datou was outraged.

“You guys are too much!” Wang Meilan too was outraged by these youngsters’ behavior.

Huang Datou had never told her he was being bullied all these years, and this was the first time she heard that Huang Datou was often bullied by these Chu Family’s disciples, and she was extremely angry.

“Brother Zhangming, this pretty aunty is not bad!” The Chu Family’s disciple holding a dagger brightened when he finally noticed Wang Meilan.

Only then did Chu Zhangming and the other two youngsters notice Wang Meilan’s appearance, and their eyes lit up.

Wang Meilan was plainly dressed, so the four of them didn’t pay much attention to her. Although Wang Meilan appeared to be in her forties. Her skin was smooth and ruddy after Huang Xiaolong improved her physical attributes, and she exuded a charm that young women in their twenties did not possess. She looked mature and elegant.

Huang Xiaolong’s face was full of frost seeing the lecherous expressions on the Chu Family disciples’ faces, and he ordered Huang Datou, “Break their legs, and throw them into the pile of filth!”

Huang Datou was startled and did not react for a second.

“Uncle, you mean… me?” He had gotten too used to being bullied by Chu Zhangming and others. Moreover, his strength was worse than the four of them. Hence, he had never dreamt that he could break Chu Zhangming’s legs!

“Of course it’s you!” Huang Xiaolong nearly rolled his eyes looking at Huang Datou’s silly expression.

At a glance, he had seen through Chu Zhangming and the others’ cultivation, and they were merely Ninth Level Qi Refining Realm. With Huang Datou’s current Xiantian Realm, he alone was more than enough to deal with them.

Chu Zhangming and the others turned and looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Break our legs and throw us into the pile of filth?” He chuckled sarcastically and pointed at Huang Datou. “Who, him?”

The Chu Family’s disciple holding a dagger strode angrily towards Huang Xiaolong, and slashed at Huang Xiaolong with it, “Punk, obviously, you prefer me to draw on your face with my dagger!”

Huang Datou was anxious when he saw the Chu Family’s disciple trying to injure Huang Xiaolong, and slapped him with his palms. A strong wind roused, sending the disciple and his dagger flying.

Huang Datou was flabbergasted, staring dumbly at his own hands, but ecstasy soon took over his shock. Only then did he remember that he had advanced to Xiantian Realm.

“He is channeling true qi out of his body?!” The other three Chu Family’s disciples were shocked and looked at Huang Datou in disbelief.

But they had seen Huang Datou a month ago, and Huang Datou was clearly at late-Sixth Level Qi Refinement. Then, how come he advanced to Xiantian Realm during this time?!

The disciple Huang Datou sent flying got up from the floor, and spat out a mouthful of blood and glared at Huang Datou in shock and rage.

“Go break their legs!” Huang Xiaolong reminded Huang Datou as he was immersed in ecstasy, “Remember, legs, both of them, not one leg!”

Huang Datou hesitated for a split second, then strode towards Chu Zhangming’s group of four.

Chu Zhangming and the others ashened slightly.

“Huang Datou, you dare!” The disciple, who was sent flying, roared at Huang Datou. He pointed the sharp dagger in his hand at Huang Datou. “Touch a hair on us again if you have the guts!”

Chu Zhangming sneered, “Huang Datou, you better roll over here and get on your knees, apologize to us or you’ll regret this! If we tell Huang Bo a word of what happened today, he’ll have a thousand ways to torture you!”

At the mention of Huang Bo, Huang Datou’s eyes turned red, and before any of the four Chu Family’s disciples reacted, Huang Datou had arrived in front of him with his fist swinging out, hitting Chu Zhangming squarely on the face. Caught off guard, Chu Zhangming staggered from the force, and crashed against the wall.

When Chu Zhangming fell to the ground, his mouth and nose were bloodied.

The other three disciples exclaimed anxiously as they hastened to Chu Zhangming’s side.

Chu Zhangming got up with their help. His face was twisted with rage. As the grandson of Chu Family’s grand elder, he had been doted on from childhood. When had he been so miserable? But today, he was beaten by the weak and insignificant kid they were used to stepping on!

“Huang Datou, you, you’re seeking death!” Chu Zhangming bellowed at the top of his lungs, “Chop him into pieces for me!”

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The other three Chu Family’s disciples took out their swords and lunged towards Huang Datou in attack.

Facing three murderous-looking Chu Family’s disciples with sharp weapons, attacking at the same time, Huang Datou subconsciously retreated, and noticing this, the three Chu Family’s disciples became emboldened.

However, Huang Datou had advanced to Xiantian Realm, and after Huang Xiaolong had improved his physique, his defenses, explosive power, and agility were twice as high as the same-level cultivators. The three Chu Family’s disciples were merely Ninth Level Qi Refinement, so how could they possibly hold any advantage when attacking Huang Datou?

There seemed to be wind under Huang Datou’s feet, and the three Chu Family’s disciples couldn’t even touch the corner of Huang Datou’s clothes.

But Wang Meilan was anxious and worried, watching Huang Datou being besieged by three people. She wanted to help but was stopped by Huang Xiaolong. “Mom, we just need to watch from the side. Datou is capable of dealing with the four of them alone.”

Huang Xiaolong had discovered that Huang Datou’s temperament was a little cowardly because of constant bullying he suffered, in order for Huang Datou to regain his confidence, Huang Datou should be given the chance to defeat those who had bullied him in the past. This was something Huang Datou must experience or he would live in the shadows of those people forever.

After some clumsy movements, Huang Datou soon calmed down and found his rhythm. He started to retaliate. Channeling his true qi outside his body, Huang Datou’s palm hit the disciples’ wrist, making the disciple drop the blade. Then, he landed a punch on his chest, sending the disciple reeling back.

Then, Huang Datou’s fist slammed onto the second disciple’s back as he spun around, slamming that disciple to the floor face down.

And the last of the three, Huang Datou’s fist connected with the disciple’s face with a hard jab.

After he finished dealing with the three disciples, Huang Datou strode towards Chu Zhangming, and finally, there was panic on Chu Zhangming’s face as he backed away. “You, Huang Datou, how dare you?!”

Huang Datou sneered. “Just watch!”

With that said, he slammed his fist onto Chu Zhangming’s mouth, knocking off a few of Chu Zhangming’s teeth and shouted, “This move, I learned from my uncle!”

A drop of sweat trickled down the side of Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

But he had indeed knocked off a few of Huang Bo’s teeth previously.

Chu Zhangming looked at his bloody teeth scattered on the floor, as anger, humiliation, and killing intent boiled in his chest as he pointed a trembling finger at Huang Datou. “Huang Datou, I will make you regret this soon enough… Regret everything you did today!”

A brutal light gleamed in Huang Datou’s eyes as he stomped his foot on Chu Zhangming’s leg. Chu Zhangming let out a blood-curdling scream when one of his legs was broken by Huang Datou. With the same method, Huang Datou broke Chu Zhangming’s other leg, as well as the other three disciples’ legs before throwing the four of them into the pile of animal filth, regardless of their screams and bellows or threats.

Looking at the four people thrown into the pile of filth with his own hands, Huang Datou had never felt so liberated in his life.