Chapter 3247: In A Hundred Years, Even A Beauty Gets Old

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Chapter 3247: In A Hundred Years, Even A Beauty Gets Old

Huang Datou returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side with spring in his steps amidst Chu Zhangming’s and the others’ screams.

“Uncle, I defeated them!” Huang Datou exclaimed excitedly. He had never thought that one day he would be able to turn the tables and smack Chu Zhangming and his group instead!

Huang Xiaolong smiled. “If defeating a few Ninth Level Qi Refining Realms makes you so happy, then wouldn’t you be flying to the moon when you defeat an Enlightenment Realm?”

Huang Datou was stupefied. Then, he waved his hands and head in a frightened expression. “Uncle, don’t joke.”

Not to mention Enlightenment Realm experts, even a Nascent Soul Realm expert was a top existence in his eyes. Just a fart from a Nascent Soul Realm expert could blast him to death.

Huang Xiaolong smiled in silence.

After the improvements he had made in Huang Datou’s physical body, it was only a matter of time when Huang Datou would defeat an Enlightenment expert, and even defeating Tribulation Realm experts was something granted.

Wang Meilan was over the moon that her grandson won the battle, but she was worried at the same time. Thus, she said, “Xiaolong, Chu Zhangming’s grandfather is a grand elder of Chu Family. After having their legs broken, I’m afraid the Chu Family won’t let this matter rest without doing anything.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled faintly upon hearing that. “Mother, don’t worry, nothing will happen with me around. Not to mention just a Chu Family’s grand elder, but even if the entire Chu Family comes, they wouldn’t have the guts to touch a hair on any of you. They don’t have that ability!”

This was Huang Xiaolong’s guarantee.

He would never allow others to bully his parents and his family on Earth!

Chu Zhangming suddenly laughed with a distorted expression. “Punk, I’ll let you be arrogant for now, but wait till my father and the others arrive. You’ll shit yourself!”

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong responded tepidly, “I’ll be waiting then!”

Before turning away, Huang Xiaolong’s finger flicked, and a pile of spiritual hog beast’s filth flew up from the ground, and splattered across Chu Zhangming and the other three disciples’ faces, eyes, mouths, and nostrils, making Chu Zhangming and the others feel as if they had gone to hell and back.

On the second floor, Huang Xiaolong, Wang Meilan, and Huang Datou managed to get a satisfactory whole wild boar, and other ingredients, and then returned to the house.

The wild boar they bought was cheap because it was not a spiritual beast. Wang Meilan even got back tens of gold coins in return after paying with one low-grade spirit stone.

Though spirit stones had become the common currency on Earth, in ordinary wet markets and markets, copper, silver, and gold coins were also commonly used, and each denominator’s exchange rate was one to a hundred. One silver coin was equivalent to one hundred copper coins, one gold coin was equivalent to a hundred silver coins, and one piece of low-grade spirit stone was equivalent to one hundred gold coins.

Therefore, Wang Meilan merely spent less than a hundred gold coins overall.

On the way back to the house, Wang Meilan looked at Huang Xiaolong from time to time as if she had something to say.

“Mom, what is it? Just say it,” seeing this, Huang Xiaolong asked frankly.

“Xiaolong, do you still remember Zhang Yuhan?” Wang Meilan asked reluctantly.

The name seemed to stroke Huang Xiaolong’s heartstrings.

That girl, how could he forget her?

They were so in love. Her every smile and laugh seemed to flash before his eyes.

“How is she now?” Huang Xiaolong pretended nonchalance as he asked.

“She’s teaching at the Eastern University now,” Wang Meilan answered, and suddenly added another sentence, “She’s still single!”

What?! Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

“She, she didn’t marry? For so many years, she has been…?” Huang Xiaolong’s mind was buzzing.

Wang Meilan nodded, “She has not married. After you went missing suddenly, many young masters from prominent families were interested in her, and her family also arranged a marriage for her, but she threatened them with her life! In the end, her family ran out of ideas, and as her age increased, they let her be. Later on, after advancing to Golden Core Realm, she joined the Eastern University’s teaching staff!”

“But from the last I’ve heard of her, she has already stepped into Nascent Soul Realm, and was promoted to the Eastern University’s dean!” Wang Meilan sighed with melancholy. “You should go see her. Honestly, she has been waiting for you all this time. Others might not know the reason, but it’s clear to me and your father.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in silence, feeling complicated emotions.

He had really not expected Zhang Yuhan to have not marry anyone. Had Zhang Yuhan married in her prime, she probably would have had a great-granddaughter by now.

Even a beauty will grow old in a hundred years.

Huang Datou’s eyes widened in shock as he listened in to his grandmother and eldest uncle’s conversation. My uncle and the Eastern University’s Dean Zhang Yuhan were actually…?

“Uncle, you and Lady Zhang Yuhan…?” Huang Datou couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

Seeing Huang Datou’s reaction, Huang Xiaolong asked in a playful tone, “Zhang Yuhan is very famous, is she?”

Huang Datou nodded his head heavily, looking extremely serious as he said, “Very famous! Lady Zhang Yuhan is a grade-nine spiritual vein, and she has comprehended the Eastern University’s Emperor Qing Secret Scripture that no has been able to decode. More importantly, she once defeated two same level Nascent Soul Realm beasts at the same time!”

Huang Datou went on to list all of Zhang Yuhan’s feats.

The Eastern University was the top education institution within the Huaxia Alliance, and as the Eastern University’s dean, Lady Zhang Yuhan was famous throughout Huaxia given her strength and talent.

After listening to his nephew’s ‘unbiased’ account of Zhang Yuhan’s feats, Huang Xiaolong looked at Wang Meilan. “Mom, did Zhang Yunhan come to visit you in these years?”

With Zhang Yuhan’s status and identity, if she had been willing to extend a helping hand, his parents’ and family’s lives wouldn’t have fallen to that degree.

Wang Meilan understood what her son was thinking, thus explained, “The first few decades after your disappearance, Zhang Yuhan came to visit us often. Later on, after she advanced to Nascent Soul Realm, and got promoted to become the Eastern University Dean, she has been very busy, and she stopped coming. Moreover, every time she visits us, she would inevitably be reminded of you, making her sad and cry. We were worried her emotions would affect her, and told her to stop coming!”

Huang Xiaolong succumbed to silence once more.

“Xiaolong, you can’t put the blame on Yuhan for this matter!” Wang Meilan persuaded.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, and sighed inwardly. Honestly, did he have any qualifications to blame Zhang Yuhan? He had been missing for a hundred years, and she has been single the entire time. He was the one who had turned his back on her.

He had married in another world and had more than one wife.

Back at the house, Huang Xiaolong saw the two black eyes on his younger brother Huang Chenfei’s face. He looked stunned while Huang Chengfei explained with a bitter expression, “Father was itching to spar and wouldn’t let me go. Moreover, the old man’s quite persistent in using the Dragon Digging Pearl move, and he stubbornly aimed for my eyes!”

Both Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou broke into laughter.

Wang Meilan laughed as she shot a glare at Huang Jiyuan. “Very good, you’re so capable now. In that case, you go and spar with Xiaolong. Let us watch you both.”

Huang Jiyuan nearly jumped back in fright by his dear wife’s words, and was quick to make an excuse, “Xiaolong has just returned, so he must be tired. So it’s better we don’t. What if it affects our father and son’s relationship!”

Huang Chenfei complained audibly under his berath, “You’re not afraid it would affect our father and son’s relationship?”

Huang Jiyuan gave Huang Chenfei a sharp glare, drawing laughter from the others.

That night, the family erected a bonfire in the yard, and roasted a whole wild boar. Huang Xiaolong personally took over the job of roasting the wild boar. The others sat in a circle, talking and laughing. It was a cozy family gathering.