Chapter 912

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Chapter 912 Princess Rongan

They soon arrived in the Capital City. Since they were honored guests from the Nation of Lintian, they naturally got a grand welcome.

Lin Mengya was sitting in the carriage, so only her beautiful shadow could be seen through the shaking window.

The streets were crowded with civilians who came to watch the fun, and everyone was curious about what the princess from a foreign country looked like.

But before they could the princess, their attention was attracted by the young duke who was riding on the horse in front.

On a black steed, the young duke was handsome and dashing, and his face was so pretty that he looked androgynous. And his every movement was so charming that he fascinated countless women.

Although he was good-looking, no one would think he was frivolous.

His extremely cold temperament and extremely charming appearance were combined well.

Many women were obsessed with the foreign young duke. Seeing his good-looking appearance and wealth, the people all thought the princess who came here to get married to a prince must be unworldly beautiful.

In the carriage, Lin Mengya sat upright.

Wearing a light veil on her peerlessly beautiful face, she didn’t care about the discussions around her.

She was wondering how surprised Long Tianyu would be when seeing her.

She had never told him about this, wanting to give him a little surprise.

She knew he did not want her to show up in public before the matter was settled.

Because it could save trouble.

But she knew clearly that it was the most critical moment now.

If she was not by his side, he would have no help in many things.

Therefore, even if she had to take the risk, she must stay with him.

The carriage passed through the streets of the Capital City and reached the street close to the palace openly this time.

To hold a grand welcome ceremony, the Emperor had ordered his sons to greet the envoys from the Nation of Lintian on his behalf.

Long Tianyu was wearing a bright yellow court robe and an eight-treasure golden dragon crown on his head.

Even when he was among a group of excellent royal family members, he still looked exceptionally outstanding.

So, he was the most eye-catching prince present.

The Crown Prince was extremely unhappy. The gap between him and Long Tianyu was getting smaller and smaller.

Except for the title of Crown Prince, both his reputation and influence were on par with Long Tianyu’s.

Therefore, the Crown Prince wanted to surpass Long Tianyu in every aspect, but he hadn’t expected that the latter didn’t care about his provocations at all.

He was furious, but there was nothing he could do.

So, he could not hold back his anger anymore when working with him again.

“Long Tianyu, you’re amazing. You married Feng Zidie soon after your first wife died. Why? Are you interested in the princess of Lintian now?”

The Crown Prince sneered coldly and squinted his eyes.

The surrounding princes all knew these two were fighting for the throne.

Long Qinghan had long taken Long Tianyu’s side, but the others were all sitting on the fence now.

Therefore, seeing the Crown Prince provoke Long Tianyu, they did not dare to say anything.

“Your Highness, what you said is unreasonable. Essentially, the daughter of the Feng family doesn’t have a marriage contract and has never made a vow at the wedding. She showed disrespect to Princess Linlang, which is equal to showing disrespect to the royal family. How can you blame Tianyu for this? What’s more, it’s true that the princess of the Nation of Lintian is here to get married to a prince, but the king of the Nation of Lintian has made it clear in the letter that the princess will only marry the man she likes. Your Highness, instead of finding fault with Tianyu, you’d better think about how to pretend to be a gentleman and make the princess of Lintian fall for you at first sight.”

Long Qinghan had always pretended to be a playboy, so both the Crown Prince and the Empress had not paid much attention to him before.

But he had unexpectedly taken over the imperial army in the Capital City half a year ago.

Moreover, he managed the army well. Now, he was in charge of all the passes inside and near the city.

He had also quietly won some new emerging officials over, who had no strong backers and relied entirely on themselves.

In this way, half of the officials had taken Long Tianyu’s side.

As for the Crown Prince’s allies, they were all from old aristocratic families.

But they all did not dare to act rashly after the Emperor had made some secret move.

Therefore, even though the Crown Prince hated Long Tianyu and Long Qinghan to the core, he had to endure it.

He glared at Long Qinghan with a vicious look in his eyes, only to see the latter was smiling extremely gracefully, so he could only snort coldly and turn his head away.

Long Qinghan did not care but whispered into Long Tianyu’s ear, “I think you’d better not go forward later. If Lin Mengya knows…”

Long Tianyu glanced at him coldly. He was not in the mood to do such a thing at all.

But last night, Zuo Qiuchen’s spy had sent him a letter in which he had asked him to take care of these two people who could be regarded as his cousins.

Otherwise, Long Tianyu would have long refused the work and gone to Sanjue Hall to meet his wife.

In fact, if Qinghu hadn’t disturbed them last time, he wouldn’t have…

“Huh? Tianyu, look at the young duke! Isn’t he a guard of yours?

Although Long Qinghan always liked fooling around, he was very steady when it came to such big matters.

However, when he saw the young duke riding on the horse clearly, he couldn’t help poking Long Tianyu a dozen times in a row.

Long Tianyu lowered his head and roared. But when he saw the figure on the tall horse, he was also stunned.

Why… How could it be Qinghu?

Apart from Long Tianyu and Long Qinghan, even the Crown Prince had never seen Qinghu before.

Every time he had gone into the palace with Lin Mengya, he had either disguised himself or hidden in the dark.

Therefore, the other people only thought that the young duke of the Nation of Lintian was too pretty.

At the thought of the fact that the Nation of Lintian abounded with beauties, the other princes could not help getting excited with passion burning in their eyes.

Since the princess’s elder brother was so good-looking, she must be a stunner.

Qinghu inadvertently glanced at the two people who were transfixed.

But he held back his smile, got off the horse, and pretended to be noble.

The Crown Prince immediately went up to him politely and hospitably, trying his best to give this foreign guest a good impression.

The Empress had made it clear to him that the princess of the Nation of Lintian could not marry him or Long Tianyu.

But he did not want to obey her order now.

If the princess wanted to marry him, it would be hard for his mother to refuse.

Therefore, he immediately made up his mind to flatter the duke in order to hook up with… No, he just wanted to let the princess fall in love with him at first sight after seeing his graceful demeanor.

“Honored guests, you must be tired after the long journey.”

Qinghu had always disliked this useless Crown Prince. And since hearing that he had disgusting designs on Lin Mengya, Qinghu had hated him to the core.

But he couldn’t show his disgust openly now.

Therefore, he could only have small talk with the Crown Prince casually.

While he was dealing with the Crown Prince, he unconsciously looked at Long Tianyu.

And he snickered in his heart. No matter how smart Long Tianyu was, he had not expected his wife would become a princess from a foreign country who came here to get married to a prince.

Now, there was going to be a good show.

Sitting in the carriage, Lin Mengya listened to Qinghu and the Crown Prince’s casual greetings.

Even though the curtains had been closed, she could still feel Long Tianyu’s burning gaze.

He was inspecting her and probing but was also shocked because he could not believe it.

Wearing the veil, she beamed with joy.

Her husband was always calm as if he would not lose his composure even when the sky was falling. But he was indeed transfixed now.

Hearing Qinghu still talking perfunctorily with the Crown Prince, Lin Mengya could not help but let out a dry cough.

She knew that Qinghu was deliberately playing him. But how could he do such an interesting thing without her?

“I almost forgot about my younger sister. Please don’t laugh at us. My sister is spoiled at home, so she is not as well-behaved as the ladies of noble families here. If she unintentionally offends you in the future, please forgive her.”

As the rumors had it, the young duke doted on his younger sister very much.

The other princes at the gate of the palace all stretched their necks, waiting to see what Princess Rongan looked like.

When the young duke personally went to the carriage to help his sister out, a delicate and smooth-skinned hand reached out of the curtain.

This hand looked peerlessly exquisite.

Later, when the pale purple figure slowly appeared, everyone thought she was very beautiful as if a fairy had come into the secular world.

The elegant purple palace dress made her skin look fairer. The waist was slightly tightened, revealing her graceful curve.

However, she was wearing a veil with large pearls on both sides, so her face was tightly covered.

But her eyes were so charming as if they were able to suck away people’s souls.

However, they were also clear without any impurities.

Her black hair was set into a pretty bun, on which there was a jade lotus flower.

No woman in the Capital City was more charming than her.

With her waist swaying gracefully, she lightly walked up to the princes like a cloud.

“Your Highness, nice to meet you.”

Her voice was gentle and pleasing. There was no coquettishness in it and made people feel as if they had heard a fairy’s voice.

Long Tianyu was very shocked as if he had been struck by lightning. So, he stood there in a daze and stared at her without blinking.

Sure enough, it was her! It was really her!

He subconsciously wanted to ask her about it, but Qinghu stopped him with a smile.

“You must be Prince Yu, right? You’re indeed a handsome young man with extraordinary bearing.”

Qinghu tugged at Long Tianyu’s sleeve and did not give him any chance to talk to Lin Mengya.

Therefore, Long Tianyu could only watch his wife go into the palace under the guidance of the Crown Prince and the other princes with evil intentions.

So, he flew into a rage.