Chapter 915

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“Moreover, we’re in the palace, so we must be protected by Heaven. Evil spirits can not approach this place, let alone come in. I came into the palace with my brother in the daytime. How can you mistake me for a dead person? Your Highness, you should think carefully before speaking.”

Her words were very aggressive, but the Crown Prince couldn’t do anything to her.

He thought Lin Mengya was not as sharp-tongued in the past.

But in fact, although she always considered the overall situation on the surface, her way of doing things was ruthless.

And she had no scruples right now.

Moreover, although her appearance had not changed much, her bearing has become bolder and more generous than ordinary noble ladies after she had been out for some time.

Moreover, because of the Seven Poisons Holy Grass, there was a hint of seductive charm in her eyes.

The Crown Prince had recognized her, and he was overwhelmed by a huge wave of shock now.

“Humph! I see. Tianyu, you’ve committed the crime of deceiving the Emperor. No matter how hard you try to lie, I am sure she is your wife who caused the previous tumult! You can’t deceive me! Guards, arrest them!”

He was indeed an idiot!

Lin Mengya couldn’t help but scold the Crown Prince in her heart because she had never fought such a fool before.

The Emperor and the Empress must have also known who she was now. Why hadn’t they made it public?

In fact, the truth was not very important to the rulers.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many fishing dealings in the royal family.

However, the Crown Prince had made it known to all after recognizing her.

If so, they could not blame her for what would happen next, right?

Before the Emperor and the Empress could scold the Crown Prince, Lin Mengya suddenly took off a phoenix-shaped hairpin from her hair.

The long hairpin was made of gold, and the end of it was sharp, but she immediately pressed it against her delicate neck.

There was a look of grief and indignation on her face when she looked around coldly.

“The emperor of the Nation of Lintian sent me and my brother here out of good intention. He wanted Dajin and Lintian to be united by marriage so that the two countries could remain peaceful for a long time. However, your crown prince insulted me again and again. Are you looking down upon Lintian? Although I am a woman, I know that a noble person should prefer death to humiliation. Since your crown prince said so, it means the next ruler of Dajin despises Lintian. Therefore, I might as well commit suicide to prevent my country from being disgraced. Even if you can hide our dead bodies in the palace, the truth will come to light sooner or later. Millions of troops of Lintian will seek justice for me and my brother!”

Her tone was very righteous, and the hairpin in her hand was really pressed against her neck, so she looked like a martyr now.

The Emperor had long been infuriated by the Crown Prince, who was a good-for-nothing.

After she had made such a scene, his normal face had become terribly gloomy.

But Lin Mengya knew well that the Emperor was mainly angry with the Crown Prince.

“Bastard! Stay away from Princess Rongan!”

The Emporer slammed his hand heavily on the table. Since he had recovered, he seldom got so angry.

The Crown Prince couldn’t help shivering with fear, but his vicious eyes were still staring at Lin Mengya.

“Princess Rongan, it’s just a slip of the tongue of the Crown Prince. Although Dajin is rich and powerful, we don’t want to start a war anymore. The Crown Prince offended you because he did not think carefully before speaking. Please don’t take this matter to heart.

The Emperor’s words were unreasonable.

But since he had called Lin Mengya Princess Rongan, it meant he had already recognized her new identity.

In fact, when he had seen that the princess who had come to get married was Lin Mengya, a trace of joy had flashed across his heart.

After all, she had grown up in Dajin and was in love with his son.

Moreover, the Emperor of the Nation of Lintian had made it clear that Princess Rongan would have the final say on the terms of the contract.

Since they were all acquaintances, the Emporer of Dajin thought she must have some affection for the country where she had grown up.

If she was responsible to negotiate with Dajin on the contract, he thought she would not harm Dajin’s interests although she would not be completely partial to them.

However, his wishful thinking was wrong. Lin Mengya seemed to be docile and gentle on the surface and always took the overall situation into account.

But the premise was that she regarded the people as her allies.

But the Emporer had taken away her title as the legal wife of Prince Yu for no reason and caused her to separate from her family.

His wife had poisoned Lin Mengya’s mother and sent her sister to the Lin family to harm Lin Mengya.

Now, his son had jumped out to make trouble for her in public.

Even if Lin Mengya were very broad-minded, she would not forgive these people.

Moreover, she was not broad-minded at all. Only Long Tianyu knew she would seek revenge for the smallest grievance.

So, he immediately held back the smile in his eyes and tried hard to hide his nervousness.

What a wicked girl! He knew that she was acting, but he couldn’t help tensing up and even almost rushed over to snatch the hairpin from her hand just now.

He must not let her get hurt anymore.

“Your Majesty, do you mean that I misunderstand the Crown Prince? Do you think I am making trouble out of nothing now?”

The Emporer had thought that this matter would be smoothed over, but Lin Mengya unexpectedly refused to let it go.

She had come to find fault with them today, so she would never let go of such a good opportunity.

Hearing her question, even the Emperor could not help frowning.

Essentially, he had always made nothing of Lin Mengya.

He used to think she was a capable and obedient daughter-in-law, but he had not expected her to act like a shrew today, wondering why she did not show any respect to him at all.

The Emporer couldn’t help looking at her so-called elder brother, only to see Marquis Fuyuan leisurely drinking wine behind her.

However, there was a hint of viciousness in his cold pretty eyes.

The look in his eyes was very fierce as if they could kill people.

“Marquis Fuyuan, what do you think?”

The Emperor asked the question because he could only rest his hope on Marquis Fuyuan in such a situation.

After all, Marquis Fuyuan was a man. The Emporer believed he would not let his sister continue acting willfully because he must be afraid things would be messed up.

But he didn’t know Qinghu at all.

Even if Qinghu went to hell, he would dare to make fun of the demons.

So, he was fearless now.

“My sister is right. Since Dajin is so insincere, we will not allow you to humiliate us. Although I am not as determined as her, ordinary people can’t stop me if I want to behead someone. If a man of the Nation of Lintian sits back when his sister was insulted, he will not be worthy of living in this world!”

Qinghu echoed with Lin Mengya, leaving the Crown Prince no way to exonerate himself.

In order to show his dignity, the Emperor had spoken too harshly just now. After all, he still regarded Lin Mengya as his daughter-in-law.

But it was too late to retract his own words.

The atmosphere became was thick with tension. Tonight, not only the royal family but also many senior officials and their family members had come.

They thought the Crown Prince’s words were indeed too rude. After all, she was a noble and pampered princess.

But when she had come to a foreign country to get married, she had been slandered by the Crown Prince for no reason.

If it spread out, the Nation of Lintian would think Dajin was disrespectful to them.

After all, Lintian had not only sent a princess and a duke here but also ceded 12 counties to show their sincerity.

Moreover, they had taken the initiative to send the princess over, which proved their genuineness.

But Dajin was still putting up airs in such a case.

The officials were afraid the Nation of Lintian might completely change its attitude overnight as the princess had said.

Moreover, the strength of the Nation of Lintian was not much weaker than that of Dajin.

Things had come to a deadlock, and it was difficult to ease the situation.

If the Crown Prince were smart, he would have apologized to the princess. If so, the problem would have long been solved.

But he was arrogant, so he would never be willing to admit his mistake.

While everyone was worried, Prince Yu stood up.

He bowed to apologize first and then said to Lin Mengya,

“Please don’t be angry, Your Highness. Dajin has already kept Lintian’s sincerity in mind, and my father will never betray Lintian. Please forgive the Crown Prince for my sake. If you’re still angry, I can take your punishment on his behalf. It is OK even if you want to beat or scold me.”

Prince Yu, who was fearless, had apologized. Moreover, his attitude was sincere, his tone was honest, and even his smile was gentle.

All the ladies who luckily attended the palace banquet would tell others how he had stepped forward and swallowed his pride to help others.

And in their narratives, Long Tianyu was always a great man who knew when to eat humble pie and when to hold his head high for the sake of his country.

Seeing him taking the initiative to take up the matter in person, Qinghu could not help snorting in his heart.

Long Tianyu had done many more embarrassing things for Lin Mengya.

Now, he had just apologized to his wife in public.

Damn it! Why could Long Tianyu take over all the good things in the world?

Lin Mengya blinked at Long Tianyu and moved the golden hairpin a little farther away from her neck.

Then, Long Tianyu gave her a doting smile and walked up to her gracefully.

“Wow!” Prince Yu held Princess Rongan’s hand!

“Wow!” Prince Yu and Princess Rongsn were looking at each other! Obviously, they had fallen in love at first sight!

“Wow!” Princess Rongan fainted in Prince Yu’s arms!

“Wow!” All the other men and women in the hall felt too embarrassed to watch this!

Lin Mengya secretly pinched Long Tianyu’s waist.

It was just a show. But he was unwilling to let go of any chance to show affection in public!

She didn’t want to pretend to faint now! It was Long Tianyu that had shouted in a deep voice, “Princess, are you all right? Imperial physicians! Imperial physicians! Princess Rongan fainted!”

In order to cooperate with him, Lin Mengya could only pretend to faint helplessly.