Chapter 916

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Chapter 916 Orientation of Public Opinion

Princess Rongan’s appearance wasn’t extravagant, but it was enough to leave a deep impression on others.

The various forces were well aware of this matter, but how they reacted was their own business.

Long Tianyu was in a hurry. He didn’t care about the etiquette between men and women. He quickly ran to the bed with his wife in his arms.

He was running to the bed in the Ningqing Hall.

“You may leave. The princess is fine.”

As soon as Long Tianyu arrived at the Ningqing Hall, he couldn’t wait to chase the ones around away.

The imperial physician, who had followed him here, was full of grievances. “These noble people always torture small potatoes like us.”

But how could he dare to say these words out loud?

In an instant, only Long Tianyu and Lin Mengya were left in the room. Lin Mengya opened her eyes and smiled at her husband.

“Tell me, what the hell is going on?”

Long Tianyu put her on the bed, pulled a stool over, and sat upright.

Lin Mengya bit her lower lip and smiled even more cutely.

“Don’t you already know? Besides, you’re my husband and the most intelligent man in the world. There’s no way you couldn’t see this through.”

Long Tianyu couldn’t get angry even if he wanted to. Especially when Lin Mengya pretended to be obedient and docile, which made him unable to get angry.

Looking at her charming tender face, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“Do you know that you could’ve avoided getting involved in this? If you want to regain your identity, you can wait until peace is restored. There’s no rush with this.”

She covered Long Tianyu’s mouth with her hand. She knew that the man was not blaming her but just worried about her.

“I can’t wait. I can’t bear to see you fight with those people every day while I can only hide in the dark and worry about you. Long Tianyu, listen to me. When you fight with others, I will be the sword in your hand and the armor that keeps you from danger. That’s why I’m here.”

How could Long Tianyu stand such a gentle tone?

At that moment, his heart softened. He just wanted to hold her in his arms and take good care of her.

“Okay. I will protect you.”

Long Tianyu held Lin Mengya in his strong arms. Feeling the long-lost softness again, he only felt that he had gained what he cared about.

He didn’t want to exchange any of that for even his country.

“Well, I believe in you. Since I’ve shown up this time, the Crown Prince won’t let me go easily. He hates me to the guts. Both the Empress and he want to get rid of me. I can’t leave the palace for the time being. I’m afraid that you have to prepare for certain things.”

Leaning into Long Tianyu’s arms, she didn’t want them to be separated for a moment.

However, Long Tianyu was carrying a heavy burden. How could he make the first move if he didn’t make the necessary preparations earlier?

“You mean…”

Long Tianyu raised his eyebrows. On his handsome face, there was a hint of understanding hidden in his elegant smile.

“That’s right. It’s what you think it is. If I do it, I’ll get to them hard. I won’t give up until they are hurt!”

There was a ruthless look on Lin Mengya’s face.

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It was such a big scheme, but in her eyes, it was as simple as putting on clothes and cooking.

Long Tianyu subconsciously wanted to prevent her from participating, but in the blink of an eye, Lin Mengya put on a pitiful look.

She looked at him pitifully with her big, black, and bright eyes.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t bring himself to say no.

“Then, you must ensure your own safety, do you understand?”

After a long while, Long Tianyu finally compromised and agreed.

Right then, Lin Mengya nodded repeatedly and gave him a kiss.


Long Tianyu, who had been unable to control his emotions, held her head.

With a little force in his palm, he captured her delicate cherry lips.

No matter how much they rubbed against each other or how much they clung to each other, it could not fully represent his longing for her.

Just as the two of them were in a state of deliriousness and tearing at each other, someone knocked on the door at the wrong time.

“Cough, cough, you two should mind your behaviors. You’re not in a right and legal marriage. Prince Yu, I heard that when you married my cousin last time, you were an indecent person. What’s happening? Do you want to force yourself on my sister by tricking her into it now?”

In an instant, Lin Mengya quickly got into the quilt.

She only showed her messy head and looked at Long Tianyu shyly and timidly.

Although they had already slept with each other before, it was one thing to do it while the door was closed, but it was another thing to be overheard while doing it.

“She is my wife. No one can change that.”

His words were high-sounding, but the changes in his body made what he said somewhat lacking in momentum.

Qinghu, who was cold standing outside the door, only burst their bubble, so that both of them could calm down. He did not make things difficult for them.

However, Long Tianyu could only turn around and leave after standing there for a long time.

“Be careful.”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Lin Mengya couldn’t help but remind him.

Long Tianyu had never been willing to part with her. After giving her a reluctant look, he could not delay any longer.

Every time he was with her, he didn’t want to be separated again.

“Wait for me.”

These words sounded so loud and clear that they made Lin Mengya have mixed feelings inside.

She felt bitter, worried, and sweet at the same time.

Watching the man leave, Lin Mengya felt as if she had lost a part of her heart.

Long Tianyu might feel even worse than her.

“It’s not like you can’t see each other anymore. Look at you, do you have to be so reluctant?”

Qinghu’s words sounded a little jealous, but he could only reveal the deep affection in his gentle fox-like eyes in a place where she could not see him.

Yes, he also loved Lin Mengya.

Even if they had different identities and encounters, he loved her.

However, as early as 20 years ago, he had lost the qualification to love her.

It was she who saved his soul and his body.

So he would only live for her in this life.

Now, he was her nominal brother.

He didn’t have to worry that it would damage her reputation, and he could treat her well without any hindrance.

Anyway, as her biological brother, he loved her younger sister. Even if he went too far, there wouldn’t be any problem.

As long as she could live safely by his side, everything would be fine.

He would not say anything about his love for her.

He would just treat her well and accompany her for a long time.

“It’s none of your business. Aren’t you afraid of having yourself cursed while you lurked and sneaked around?”

Lin Mengya glared at Qinghu and calmed down a lot.

Not only men had certain desires.

She was a normal woman, a woman who had the best husband in the world.

At that moment, she was actually more anxious than Long Tianyu.

But now, it was really not the time to have sex.

Qinghu put down the curtain and asked Lin Mengya to clean up the scene before she came out.

“Did you tell him about that incident?”

He leaned against the couch lazily. In front of Lin Mengya, he was like a boneless man.

Fortunately, Lin Mengya had gotten used to this look of his a long time ago. She also knew that he wanted everyone to think that he was just a playboy who only knew how to have fun.

Lin Mengya lowered her voice when she took off the hairpin on her head.

“He understands what I mean. And just now, I gave him everything you wrote.”

She quickly stuffed the thing into Long Tianyu’s arms while the two of them were still clinging together.

Fortunately, she did it before they started groping each other. Otherwise, how could she remember to do such a trivial thing?

“Okay then. Take care of yourself and recuperate. I’ll get rid of the people outside for you.”

There was a hint of coldness in Qinghu’s playful eyes.

“Someone dares to mess with my little girl. I’ll deal with him even if he’s the Emporer.”

Ever since the incident at the banquet, the rumor that Prince Yu had an affair with Princess Rongan had been spreading.

It was said that at the banquet, Princess Rongan was so shameless that she played her charm and hooked up with Prince Yu, who had just become a widower.

It was said that the two of them were so indecent that they hugged each other and rolled around in public.

In short, the rumors were odious with extremely unpleasant words.

As for these things, the people in the palace could only pretend not to know about them.

However, just as Prince Yu and Princess Rongan’s reputations were at their worst, another voice rang out.

It was said that according to a lowly official who had seen the princess and the prince at the banquet, the Crown Prince had taken a fancy to Princess Rongan’s beauty.

It was just that he didn’t succeed in propositioning her, so he humiliated Princess Rongan in public.

What kind of person was the princess? She was as pure as ice and as pure as jade, sacred and inviolable.

Therefore, the princess wanted to commit suicide on the spot to prove her innocence. Fortunately, Prince Yu stepped forward to resolve the awkward situation.

Otherwise, there would be a war between Dajin and Lintian again.

Therefore, when the princess fainted, it was Prince Yu who saved the beauty and sent her away.

In this way, Prince Yu was not a despicable person but a hero who stood out for his people.

The first rumor was just a rumor, and no one could prove where it came from. The source of the rumor was also unclear.

However, this lowly official was real. When the others knew the news and came to seek confirmation, he would not hesitate to explain it.

One came without reason, and the other came with evidence.

Therefore, public opinion turned to Long Tianyu after a few days.

Later, it was said that Prince Yu had stayed in his own mansion since he left the palace that day.

In addition to going to the Ministry of War, he just went home to rest every day.

The Crown Prince, on the other hand, kept going to the palace for no reason.

Some people even said that the figure of the Crown Prince could often be seen outside the princess’s door.

Now there was a conclusion of the truth.

If Prince Yu did have an affair with Princess Rongan, he would have gone to the palace long ago to fool around with her.

Moreover, the princess had fallen ill after the banquet.

It was said that she was so angry that she couldn’t even get up from the bed.

Therefore, some people, who thought highly of women’s virtues, guessed that it must be that the princess could not stand the humiliation and fell ill because of anger.

Their guessing made sense. She was an innocent girl and a princess. Even if the Crown Prince flirted with her, how could she agree?

Therefore, Princess Rongan was a good princess, and Prince Yu was also a good prince.

As for the Crown Prince? There were some things that couldn’t be said.