Chapter 917

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Chapter 917 The Emperor’s Visit

At this time, the good girl, Princess Rongan, was hiding in her room and working on the following plan with Qinghu.

“I didn’t expect that you would really take advantage of the Crown Prince’s vague rumors.”

Qinghu touched the princess’s delicate and tender forehead. On the surface, the lowly official didn’t seem to be from any faction, but he was actually one of Long Tianyu’s best friends.

Since Long Tianyu got together with Lin Mengya, he gradually accepted her thoughts.

Among his forces, there were both great scholars and merchants.

As for the Crown Prince, he thought that he was the orthodox and noble man in the world. How could he care about a lowly official?

Therefore, in this round, the Crown Prince lost in the battle of public opinion bias.

“Since he dares to lay the groundwork for me, why don’t I dare to take it? The man is looking for you, isn’t he? What did he say?”

Lin Mengya did not like the Imperial Palace at all, because it always made her feel very depressed.

It was like entering a dangerous place by mistake, and she had to tense up every moment.

Fortunately, the people serving her were all masters, and Baisu was also secretly brought in by disguise.

She was protected by Qinghu and Baisu, so no one could hurt her.

“He was just trying to find out our purpose, but I stopped him. I told him both openly and secretly that you’re the one in charge, not me. Guess what he would do?”

Qinghu blinked his eyes. Although he was born into a humble family, he had some tricks up his sleeve. He was no worse than the men of the Long family.

The Emperor of Dajin must be finding a way to deal with this incident.

No matter how patient he was, he had no choice but to come to her.

It was because she was seriously ill, and his son was the one who angered her so much that she fell ill.

“Your Highness, His Majesty’s eunuch is here.”

A slightly hoarse voice came from outside the door. Lin Mengya could tell immediately that it was Baisu’s voice.

After exchanging knowing looks with Qinghu, Lin Mengya quickly lay down on the bed.

In fact, she didn’t look very good. Lying there, it seemed that she had a serious illness.

Who would have known that she was faking it?

“It’s Eunuch Wang. Invite him in now.”

Ningqing Hall, where Lin Mengya lived, was not small. It was not a problem that Qinghu was standing outside and talking to the girl inside.

Eunuch Wang was an old man by the Emperor’s side. Other than serving the Emperor, most people would not be able to trouble him.

Now that he had been sent to them here, the Emperor must have given them enough face.

Regarding these petty favors, Lin Mengya knew better than anyone what the Emperor of Dajin was capable of.

Therefore, she hated him even more.

“Greetings to the Duke and Her Highness. His Majesty knows that Her Highness is ill, so he specially asked me to send you some good medicine to help nourish her health. I wonder if Her Highness is better now?”

Eunuch Wang had a respectful smile on his face. He had been in the Imperial Palace for so many years, and he had already mastered certain means.

He knew that the young Duke in front of him wasn’t someone to be trifled with and that the princess inside was even more difficult to deal with. As soon as he came up, his face was full of smiles.

“Many thanks to His Majesty. Thank you, Eunuch Wang. It’s just that my sister has been spoiled since she was a child and has a bad temper. Now that she can’t get out of bed, I’m worried about her.”

Qinghu didn’t change his expression. Others might be kept in the dark. Who among them didn’t know that Zuo Yunxi was Lin Mengya?

“It’s a pity that I can’t say that out loud.”

“But our Crown Prince is not such a restless person. Alas, it’s probably because Her Highness and the dead princess consort look so similar. I was shocked, not to mention others. But Her Highness is a precious lady after all, how can she suffer such a grievance? Your Highness, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but please allow me to say it. No matter how angry you are, your body is precious and you shouldn’t mess with your health.”

Eunuch Wang’s words clearly showed that he cared about Lin Mengya’s health and comforted her.

But he didn’t say who was in the wrong. He just asked her to take good care of herself.

The people in the palace were very sophisticated.

“Thank you for your concern, Eunuch Wang. I’ve been having this disease since I was born. When I get angry, my heart aches and I can’t recover in a while.”

Inside the room, there was a delicate voice with a hint of weakness.

Judging from the tone of the princess’s voice, Eunuch Wang found that she didn’t seem to be so angry that there was no room for negotiation.

Immediately, he smiled extremely respectfully and spoke into the hall.

“Your Highness, you’re a precious lady. How can it be delayed? It’s just that His Majesty cares about you and wants to see you. Alas, you don’t know that since your cousin was alive, His Majesty has loved Prince Yu and his wife the most. Well, I shouldn’t have mentioned this and brought the pain up.”

Outside the hall, Eunuch Wang was talking smooth words. Inside the house, Lin Mengya sneered.

“Is His Majesty trying to calm me down by Eunuch Wang’s words?

“Dream on!”

“Cough, cough. Actually, I wanted to pay my respects to His Majesty. Unfortunately, I’ve always been in poor health. I’m afraid that I would offend him if I go to him.”

“They want me to go to him? “No way.”

Eunuch Wang was about to say something when he was interrupted by Qinghu.

According to what Lin Mengya meant, he told the Emperor of Dajin that he had to come here in person if he wanted to see her.

This time, she wanted to tell the Emperor of Dajin that not everything in the world could go according to what he thought.

Eunuch Wang was asked to go back, and no one knew what he reported to his Master.

In the evening of the next day, there was a message from the Emperor of Dajin saying that he would come to visit her, a junior, the next day.

Lin Mengya was not surprised that he agreed so readily.

The Emperor of Dajin always thought that everything in the world was under his control, and he must have thought that she was trying to settle the scores of what had happened back then.

“Okay then. I’ll make the Emperor, who is so complacent, think that I’m just a woman who only has those trivial things in my mind.

“Anyway, he will definitely regret it one day.”

Regardless of whether the Emperor of Dajin came or not, Lin Mengya would have a firm and safe position in the palace.

After such an incident, autumn had already passed.

The early winter always made people feel exceptionally cold. Although the poison had been removed, her physique, which was afraid of cold, did not change much.

In the past, she would be doing okay in the Liuxin Courtyard. After all, the place had Land Dragons and heated brick beds.

There was also a warm spring outside the courtyard. Whether it was snowing and cold outside or not, her little courtyard was always as warm as spring all year round.

She didn’t know if it was because the Ningqing Hall was too empty that she always felt very cold there.

Fortunately, Qinghu had made proper preparations. Her bed was covered with high-quality wool cushions and warm blankets.

Even so, Lin Mengya missed the courtyard in Prince Yu’s Mansion even more.

At the very least, she had Long Tianyu to warm her up.

The man kept asking people to send letters to her, but he couldn’t meet her because of the plan. He was so extremely anxious about seeing her.

At the thought that Long Tianyu would also get himself into that dilemma, Lin Mengya always laughed heartlessly.

Women were always like this.

“His Majesty has arrived…”

Outside the door, the voices of the servants immediately made the smile on Lin Mengya’s face disappear.

Her face was still pale and she was wearing thick cotton-padded clothes, but she still looked weak.

With the help of several maids, she arrived at the door and saluted gracefully.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

She lowered her head and did not see the glimmer of light on the Emperor’s face.

However, the Emperor of Dajin still pretended to be a loving elder. Lin Mengya’s identity and status were worthy of his attention.

Moreover, she had feelings for his third son. As long as he could help them get together, Lin Mengya would be loyal to him in the future.

All the members of the Lin Family were like this.

“Get up now. You’re seriously ill. Why would you still perform these formalities? I’m here to see you, not to make your condition worse.”

The Emperor’s voice was gentle and his attitude was refined.

He acted like an elder who really loved his junior. Every word he said was kind.

Unfortunately, Lin Mengya had already recognized his selfish intentions.

Although her man was cold, he was a real gentleman.

In this regard, she could give her husband a full one hundred points.

“Many thanks, Your Majesty. Somebody serve tea to us.”

With the support of others, Lin Mengya was willing to pretend to be delicate.

With the Emperor around, no one could be on the same level as him.

But in order to put on an act, the Emperor of Dajin specially asked Lin Mengya to sit opposite him.

After repeatedly refusing, Lin Mengya apologized and elegantly sat on the other side of the heated brick bed.

There was a small square table between them with a chessboard placed on it.

There were black and white chess pieces on it. Obviously, it was the final stage of a game.

After saying a few more words of concern, the Emperor of Dajin couldn’t help but look at the chessboard in front of him.

The two sides were in a deadlock and were well-matched in strength.

However, what he was more interested in was that the black side was at a disadvantage. At the same time, it was also faintly trying to break out of the encirclement.

Although the white side had taken many black chess pieces, it was not strong enough to hold on.

In short, it was a game of chess whose outcome had not been decided yet.

The Emperor frowned slightly, but it didn’t take long for him to relax.

“I didn’t expect you to be so good at chess.”

Lin Mengya looked down at the chess game and smiled gently.

“Usually, I have no other entertainment other than reading books and playing chess. When I was at home, my brothers and masters thought I was annoying and refused to play chess with me. They were just playing chess, but they were so serious about winning or losing. They were really petty.”

Her words caused a trace of arrogance to flash across the space between the Emperor’s eyebrows.

The Emperor’s chess skill was superb. Although he was not invincible in the world, he was among the top masters.

How could Lin Mengya not know that she was deliberately provoking him with her words?

“Is that so? It just so happens that I haven’t met my match for a long time. How about we have a few rounds?”

Lin Mengya shook her head in fear.

She said with a smile, “I just take it as ordinary entertainment. How can I compare with a national player? My chess skills are only taught by my cousins and uncles. I can’t compete with great masters. Your Majesty, please don’t make fun of me.”

Her words made the Emperor of Dajin want to have a few rounds with her even more.

It was as if defeating her was equivalent to defeating the two emperors of the Nation of Lintian.

Lin Mengya had no choice but to ask her servants to make tea and burn incense outside while she played chess with the Emperor of Dajin.