Chapter 919

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Chapter 919 The Banquet for the Emperor

To Lin Mengya, the Imperial Noble Consort was the only one she could treat sincerely in this deep palace.

It was not only because the Imperial Noble Consort was her lover’s mother.

It was also because the Imperial Noble Consort was the only one who would really care about her.

When she heard that Long Tianyu was going to marry the daughter of the Feng family, the Imperial Noble Consort did not agree.

After a big fight with her son, she was so angry that she almost fainted.

As for how they solved the problem later, it was a secret between the mother and son.

“The Imperial Noble Consort is about to arrive. Your Highness, please go out and welcome her.”

Last night, the Imperial Noble Consort sent someone to inform them that she was coming to visit today.

Lin Mengya didn’t dare to neglect her. She asked someone to dress her up and made some fragrant tea according to the habit of the Imperial Noble Consort when she was in the prince’s mansion.

It was not until a moment later that the soft sedan of the Imperial Noble Consort appeared at the gate of the Ningqing Hall.

At this time, Lin Mengya had already taken her maids and servants to welcome the consort.

“Greetings, Your Grace.”

She bowed elegantly. Even though she was wearing a cloak made of fire fox fur, her face was still flushed from the cold.

In the white snow, she looked exceptionally delicate and fragile.

The Imperial Noble Consort in the sedan nodded slightly, but there was a faint excitement in her beautiful eyes.

Lin Mengya immediately welcomed her in. After they exchanged a few polite words, the irrelevant people were driven out.

In addition to the two of them, there were only her trusted maids in the room.

With the help of Baisu, Lin Mengya immediately knelt and paid her respects to Imperial Noble Consort.

“Child, what are you doing? It’s cold on the ground. You should look out for your body.”

There were no outsiders around, and the Imperial Noble Consort finally showed a smile.

Lin Mengya insisted on kneeling and served a bowl of hot tea to the Imperial Noble Consort before sitting down.

“My lack of filial piety has caused Your Grace to worry.”

Her words made the Imperial Noble Consort’s eyes turn red.

“Good girl, I know you have a good heart. I’m aged and can’t do many things. Young people like you need to do big things. I can’t help much, as long as I don’t drag you down.”

The Imperial Noble Consort looked at her daughter-in-law lovingly. When she married into the royal family, she knew that there would be no sincere feelings between the family members.

However, this child was not only a family for Yu’er but also a good girl who was sensible and cherished her relationships.

The feelings between the Imperial Noble Consort and His Majesty had long disappeared.

Therefore, as long as these two children needed help, she would definitely support them.

“Your Grace, you don’t need to say that. If it weren’t for you, Prince Yu and I wouldn’t be able to get what we wanted. In fact, I’ve wanted to go to your palace to pay my respects. But I’m not Lin Mengya anymore. I’m now Princess Rongan of the Nation of Lintian.”

There was a hint of helplessness in Lin Mengya’s tone. She had been an ordinary girl and didn’t want to be a princess.

Since she now had this new identity, she was destined to be Princess Rongan of the Nation of Lintian. She would no longer be the eldest daughter of Marquis Zhennan’s Lin family.

Although the change of identity would bring her a lot of benefits, she was not willing to live in the name of others for the rest of her life.

“Alas, I’m aware of that. Don’t worry. No one knows about it except Jinyue and me.”

Jinyue was very excited when she saw Lin Mengya again after more than a few months.

Now she and Lin Mengya were both on the decline. They looked at each other, and they knew each other’s feelings without saying anything.

“With Aunt Jinyue by your side, the prince and I have nothing to worry about. Mother, I’ll make a long story short. You also know that it is about to be restless in the palace. This time, the prince and I need your help.”

Holding the hand of the Imperial Noble Consort, Lin Mengya lowered her voice and looked very serious.

Imperial Noble Consort didn’t dare to neglect her. Although she was generous and tolerant, it didn’t mean that she didn’t have the ability to fight in the imperial harem.

On the contrary, the many years of palace life had already trained her sense of politics to be extremely sensitive.

“Just tell me what you need. I don’t dare to say anything else, but at least in the Imperial Palace, no one can hide the truth from the masses.”

At present, the Imperial Noble Consort had the ability to say that.

Lin Mengya knew that with the help of the Imperial Noble Consort, everything would be much easier for her.

“Then, please invite His Majesty to Ningqing Hall in three days. I’ve prepared a feast for you. I hope you can accompany him. At least, you can’t let His Majesty leave this palace before sunset.”

The Imperial Noble Consort was stunned.

Although she didn’t know what this girl was up to, it was not a special thing to invite His Majesty to a meal.

She nodded and chatted with Lin Mengya. After discussing some details, she left reluctantly.

“With the Imperial Noble Consort here, His Majesty will definitely come over.”

Baisu sounded relaxed, but Lin Mengya still frowned.

Three days later, there would be a fierce battle.

The Emperor of Dajin finally felt that something was wrong. First, he only heard some hearsay. On the other hand, the country was indeed stable. His sons had been obedient these days and did not make any trouble.

Furthermore, one day ago, Duke Fuyuan presented the map of the twelve counties that would be used as Princess Rongan’s dowry.

Opening up a new territory was every emperor’s long-cherished wish.

But the Emperor of Dajin accepted 12 counties without any weapons. It seemed that all the benefits of this peace negotiation had been taken by the Dajin.

Although he had some doubts in his heart, the seal of the Emperor of Lintian was in the book of peace talks.

All of this had indeed happened.

However, he was aware of the internal turmoil in the Nation of Lintian.

Now they were in such a hurry to succeed. Perhaps it was because they hoped that the Jin State would not send troops in recent years.

However, the more anxious the Emperor of Lintian was, the more the Emperor of Dajin felt that the Nation of Lintian was now weak and left with not much power.

If he sent troops at this time, perhaps the Nation of Lintian would be included in the Jin State’s territory.

At this moment, the Emperor of Dajin was full of pride. He was even still dreaming about what was impossible.

What he didn’t know was that not far away from him, the woman whom he regarded as a pawn had already set him up.

The Emperor of Dajin was in a good mood, so he did not doubt Lin Mengya’s invitation.

Coupled with the presence of the Imperial Noble Consort, the Emperor of Dajin only treated it as an ordinary family feast.

The guests and the host were all happy. In addition, Lin Mengya said a lot of things about the Nation of Lintian. The Emperor of Dajin also wanted to know more about Lintian from Lin Mengya.

Although both parties had their own intentions, the scene was incomparably harmonious.

“You indeed know a lot, Your Majesty. My father used to say that you’re the top hero in Dajin. Now it seems that it’s true.”

Lin Mengya, who was pouring wine for the Emperor of Dajin, said that with a gentle smile.

However, the Emperor frowned. Since he saw her again, she had never admitted her identity, either in public or in secret.

“What does she mean with that?”

“I didn’t expect that even Duke Fuyuan of the Nation of Lintian would know your reputation. It’s a wonderful thing.”

“He’s playing dumb!” Lin Mengya cursed him in her heart.

But on the surface, everything was as usual as if she had just said that casually.

However, the Emperor of Dajin felt a little uneasy. Among the two women in front of him, one was his beloved concubine who had been in love with him for many years, and the other was his daughter-in-law.

“They would never do any harm to me, not to mention that there are many masters hiding around me.

“Why would I have this sense of crisis?”

“Your Majesty, why don’t you try the tea I made? It’s made of fresh snow and it’s especially clear. Her Grace tasted it a few days ago, and she couldn’t stop praising it.”

After all the dishes were taken away, Lin Mengya brought up a cup of tea in person.

Imperial Noble Consort immediately praised the tea as if the Emperor of Dajin would miss something good just because he didn’t drink it.

By the time Lin Mengya ordered the servants to serve the fruits and pastries, it was already completely dark.

“It’s getting dark, and I’m tired. My love, go with me.”

Under the light, the Imperial Noble Consort, who had carefully made up, appeared more and more beautiful.

Although she was no longer young, her mature and charming temperament was still attractive to the Emperor of Dajin.

Speaking of which, he had not summoned her to serve him for a long time.

They had been husband and wife for many years, and he knew what his beloved concubine was good at.

He could not help but feel a little tenderness in his heart. At this moment, it was as if a cat was scratching his heart.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Imperial Noble Consort also understood the emperor’s hint. She lowered her head and looked shy, which made Lin Mengya feel embarrassed.

She and Baisu looked out of the window at the same time.

“This kind of awkward feeling is really… “Awkward.”

“See you, Your Majesty, Your Grace.”

The sky was already dark, and she had achieved her goal.

Standing respectfully at the door, she saw off the Emperor of Dajin and the Imperial Noble Consort. The Imperial Noble Consort nodded slightly. In the candlelight, her jade earring flickered.

Lin Mengya inadvertently raised her head and let out a cry of surprise.

“Your Grace, is one of your earrings missing?”

Imperial Noble Consort touched her ears subconsciously. Sure enough, only the earring on the left was left.

She turned around and said softly, “Your Majesty, please leave before me. I’ve lost something. I need to look for it.”

Just now, in the room, there was both hot wine and hot tea, which made the Emperor of Dajin aroused.

Now that the cold wind was blowing outside, he was much soberer.

“Go ahead. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find it. It’s just a little toy. I’ll reward you with another one.”

Tonight, he kept feeling that the Imperial Noble Consort was very gentle.

He was not stingy with women.

And this woman also gave birth to his favorite son.

If she was obedient, he would naturally be the most generous husband.

“That won’t do. You picked this pair of earrings for me when I celebrated my birthday last year. Besides, it may have been dropped in the main hall, so it won’t take much time for me to find it. Eunuch Wang, you should be careful when sending His Majesty back. You drank wine today, Your Majesty, and the snowy night is wet and slippery. You should be careful in case you would fall.

Imperial Noble Consort’s voice was gentle and charming. Her beautiful face and gentle smile reminded the Emperor of Dajin of the first time he saw her decades ago.